Deewaaron Ka Jungle – 3 – Gulzar

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(Though the posts under this series ‘Deewaaron Ka Jungle’ are delayed posts, the issue discussed is still as much relevant to our society, social life and for ‘we the people of India’.
And it will be of utmost importance in the coming years too, till we rise as ‘one soul-one nation’.

So continuing with the balance posts in this series and sharing my thoughts with you…)

Moving to the 3rd part of this article, just to share – ‘when we watch these great peoples speaking about such social issues, listening to them is like an altogether different experience,

‘us ek ghante mein ham ek umr jee letein hain’,

‘Kitni gehraayee hoti hain unki baton, lagta hain poore jeewan ka anubhav samet liya hain un kuchh palon mein’.

And, when the person speaking, on such sensitive issue is none other than Gulzar Saab that is sure to happen. (Watching him and listening him … these lines repeatedly come to my mind – Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je peed parayee jaane re….

It has been exactly a year now… (And coming to full circle of this thought process I had gone through)..
9 th March 2013 Gulzar Saab was speaking on the occasion of release of the ‘third’ edition of his ‘Dyodhi’ (on ABP Majha)

As the basis of this series of articles is a poem from one of the greatest ‘social’ poet or rather the ‘Peoples Poet’ of our country Sahir Saab, I thought it more appropriate to combine it with thoughts of another great poet Gulzar Saab.

In this conversation he speaks on various issues affecting our social existence. When he was asked ‘how do you feel about the current issues in our society?’
(Link of this is available here)

Gulzar Saab on release of 3rd edition of ‘Dyodhi’

‘Geetkar ki baat ham alaahida rakhe, lekjn shaayar ko kaisa lagta hain aaj ka vaastav, jo iird gird uske mandra rahaa hain wo yatharth wo jo reality dekh rahaa hain shaayar usko kaisa lagta hain

Use chotein lag rahi hain,
Chotein lag rahi hain

Main yun kahoon,
Thode thodese ehsaas hain jaise

Kaagaz par girte hi phutee hain labz kayee, (maaf kijiyega, main kavita par aa gaya)
Kaagaz par girte hi phutate hain labz kayee
Kuchh dhuaan uthha, chingaariyaan kuchh, ek nazm ko phir se aag lagi,
Kaagaz par girte hi phutate hain labz kayee
Kuchh dhuaan uthha, chingaariyaan kuchh, ek nazm ko phir se aag lagi
Jalte shehar mein baithha shaayar isse zyada kare bhi kya, lafzon se aag nahin bujhti,
Nazmon se jakhm nahin bharte(ye, yoon mahsus karta hain kavi). Aapke chaaron taraf dekhte hue, to bebasi to hain, kabhi use bayaan kar letein hain jo ho raha hain…

Baat kahin khalti to hain andar jaake; par aap kya karenge;

Main cigarette to nahin peeta hoon, magar aanewaale se main itna pooch leta hoon ke maachis hain?
Main cigarette to nahin peeta magar aannewaale se bas itna poonchh leta hoon ke maachis hain?
Bahot kuchh hain jise main phoonk dena chaahta hoon,
Magar himmat nahin hoti…..meri himmat nahin hoti

How long can we remain isolated from the society? How long can we ignore the social circumstances?

What other Gulzar Saab said in this talk is summarized in the following points;

We need to be social conscious!
Cinema cannot bring revolution!!
It is a recorder and reminder!
On women issues he says;
We do not respect children and women in society.
We are callous!
We continue to tolerate the ‘wrong’ at the cost of ‘right’, we continue to tolerate!

बेबस को दोषी ठहराए
इस जंगल का न्याय
सच की लाश पे कोई न रोये
झूठ को सीस नवाए
पत्थर की इन दीवारों में
पत्थर हो गए राम
बाहर से चुप-चुप लगता हैं
अंदर हैं कोहराम
दीवारों का जंगल जिसका
आबादी हैं नाम

We do not revolt, and if at all it is only little crawling here and there, so the overall view seems to be ‘all is well’, collective revolt to shake up overall is necessary!

(Note: I had earlier read about Gulzar Saab’s ‘Dyodhi’, but this book was not available at the leading ‘online’ store.
Before concluding this post I thought it would be better if I get it and finally on searching I got the publishers website and get this book directly from them.

Now ‘Dyodhi’ is with me …)

(To …… Deewaaron ka Jungle – IV)