From ‘Secular’ with Love

Dear World Encyclopedia,

Most painfully I would like to request you to ‘ban’ my use by ‘all Politicians’ in India with immediate effect.

This is the only country where my true meaning and dignity have been reduced to a ‘mockery’ the Politicians in India.

‘Secularism’ in India means ‘equal treatment of all religions by the State’.

However in real practice people are using it for their own political benefit mostly, and to divide and rule the common man in this country.
Vested interests are misleading uneducated, poor and helpless people to satisfy their own political ambitions.
These vested political interests do not want development in their country and fear that if people get educated and developed, they will not be able to divide them over communal and religious lines.
These vested interests and power hungry groups have reduced me to a ‘controversial topic’. For years now I am feeling hurt and tortured in this country. The suffocation has become unbearable for me now.

I feel very proud, when years ago, in 1976 I was included in the ‘Preamble’ of the ‘Constitution of India’ by the 42nd amendment in the constitution.

But sad to say that, thereafter, I have been misused largely by the ‘Politicians’ there, though People of this country have maintained the spirit and have always make me proud.

For the young people of India I would request them to give me a understanding at Secularism in India.

People can learn more about me at Secularism

Those who wish to understand me better can visit Secular – Definition at Free dictionary

I know that the young generation in India is eager to understand my meaning in Hindi also. Here it is at Hinkhoj

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,