दूर आसमान में बादल
मुझको मतवाला बनाता बादल
कभी दिलवाला, कभी अलबेला बादल,
‘मन मोर’ को नचाता,
कभी मदहोश कर देता बादल,

कभी अटखेलियाँ करता बादल,
कभी अकेले ही घटाओंसे लड़ता बादल,
झरोखें से मुझको देखता बादल,
कभी मेरा पीछा करता बादल,
मेरे साथ दौड़ता – खेतों खेतों लहराता बादल,
कभी साथ मेरे चलता बादल,

कितने सारे सपनों का बादल,
किसी के सोलह सिंगार का बादल,
मेरे पहले प्यार का बादल,
यादों में ले जाता बादल,

बचपन सा नन्हासा बादल,
उमड़ घुमड़ करता बादल,
आशाएं जगाता
नित नया बादल,
जीवन का विश्वास बादल,
राह नयी दिखलाता बादल,
मोक्ष हमको दिलाता बादल,
नयी सृजन का कारण बादल

Happy 5 th Birthday …

Thanks to my friend Pamir Harvey whose similar activity for his blog inspired me that I should also take care of my own blog, while I do other activity and contributions to other blogs.

So here is wishing my dear blog ‘SAMAJ SHILPI’ (‘the Social Architect’) a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.

It was through a conscious thought process that the date ‘5 th June’ was selected to launch this lovely creative blog.
As today 5 th also happens to be the ‘World Environment day’ every year.

To bring ‘environmental awareness’ is one of the core objective of this blog.

On this occasion today I wish to thank my founding members’ friends Ashish Tilak, Bharat Bhatt and my younger daughter Ashwini for their constant support and encouragement to me.
While Ashwini has also been the major contributor for her posts since she was studying in Std VII th, and to some extent could not devote much time due to her board exams since last year. (Though in between she contribute some posts)
As her exams are over I hope her posts would be coming regularly now.

Back to ‘Samajshilpi’,
He will continue to fight for the ‘right’ and to bring ‘positive change’ in the society.

Many things happen regularly around us that shake up our conscience and the current socio-political scenario had posed many serious threats for all the human beings who love peace and believe in ‘live and let live’. Crime against women and children are continuing as if there is no fear of ‘law’ for those who commit these crimes and carry on anti social activities. Corruption has damaged the total social fabric and everything seems to be ‘fixed’ in favor of the ‘wrong’.

“We continue to tolerate the ‘wrong’ at the cost of the ‘right’, (that is what my favorite writer/poet Gulzar saab express recently speaking on the occasion of the release of the 3 rd edition of his ‘dyodhi’. )

Samajshilpi, is closely watching them all, observing them & feeling them all. He do feel ‘sad’ and ‘helpless’ at times, but then the hope for the ‘positive change’ keeps him ‘optimistic’ and motivates to carry his role further ….

Wishing all readers and well wishers of this blog very happy ‘Environment day’ today, I leave all of your with the following thought provoking ‘tweet’ shared recently by my another good friend Raja Swaminathan –

“The day people respect facts more than opinion, we will become a more objective society, and the media could help by leading”


(A beautiful message received by me via SMS)

People always pray to have a boy,
not a girl,
Blessings of elders are for male,
not for the female,
BUT in need of ‘wealth’, people pray to maa ‘LAXMI’,
For success in ‘education’, people pray to maa ‘SARASWATI’,
for removal of tension, people pray to maa ‘AMBAJI’
and to escape from devil, people pray to maa ‘KALI’.

Now, tell me why do people hesitate to have a FEMALE in FAMILY,
while those whom they pray during troubles are FEMALES?


If you don’t forward this message nothing will happen to you,
your life will be as normal as it is now,
you won’t get any curse if you delete this message.
But forwarding it will surely spread the beautiful message of saving the ‘girl child’.

So forward/spread this message to all of your friends and the people of this country only if you feel like contributing to the cause for saving the little princesses………………………