Good Morning!

Today I’ll be sharing with you all my morning routine. It is something I’ve just decided to follow for a while now and it really helps me in getting things done. I hope this technique helps you in some or the other way.
To have a good morning routine plan, you need to start getting into the momentum of the plan a night before the next day starts. What I do is, I try to keep my mind as calm as it can be before going to the bed. For achieving this task, I make sure to meditate for at least 10-15 min before going to bed.
Meditation helps me in removing all the toxic or unwanted thoughts of the day. It also helps me in getting mindful about my body and having a peaceful, less chaotic heart-set before going to the bed. Following a little meditation, I try to read a book for another 20 mins or reading till I fall asleep.
For getting into my ‘peace zone’, I avoid using any social media or digital gadgets one hour in advance before my bed time. Keeping the technology aside helps me connect a little more to myself and often leads to getting clarity on different aspects of my life. I read mostly motivational/ spiritual/ self-help books. Introspecting has now become the favorite hobby of mine and it indeed is peaceful to ‘just be yourself’ a little more each day.
In his book ‘The 5AM club’, Robin Sharma beautifully explains how having an energetic morning routine can nourish your soul and keep you empowered for the rest of day. I have started following his 20/20/20 pocket formula but with a little customization of my own.
My morning starts around 6:00 AM with an alarm. I try to avoid my mobile phone as much as possible in the early 20 min after waking up. This provides me with the space needed to get my brain function at its full potential without distributing my core energy to news/ social media.
The next 20 mins of my early morning I spend with my journal along with a peaceful music playing in the background, where I quickly note down my accomplishments from the day before and make a list of tasks to be completed throughout the day. You can try writing your accomplishments at the end of the day too, but this practice helps me more when I execute it early morning. It helps me stay motivated for the rest of the day with a sense of fulfillment and increased levels of confidence.
The final 20-30 mins of my morning are contributed to morning walks and integrating a new habit. Habits are really an important part of our system. If paid proper attention, you’ll be able to incorporate a healthy habit in your daily life instead of unwanted habits which eventually lead to fatigue.
Following this is a 30-45 min workout and then I finally move on to my self-assigned tasks.
Breaking down my morning routine into these smaller parts has resulted in helping me get most of the things done before 10 AM. These smaller parts contribute towards keeping my brain healthy along with my heart-set and soul-set. Also, working out early gives the adequate attention to my body and its wellbeing, which rules out the ‘worrying about health and stagnant lifestyle’ part.
It indeed is miraculous how one small change in the morning routine can lead to a better and more productive day throughout. Afterall, if our day today is better, it will become a better month and eventually a better year!
You can definitely follow the same morning routine plan if it helps, or else you can customize one of your own. You can meditate in the morning or even workout in the evening, whatever works the best for you.
I hope this practice helps you in some or the other way towards having a better ‘living’. Let’s be more positive, hydrated and content, starting today!

Subtle Art of letting go

Our human brain is programmed to go through at least 6,000 thoughts in a single day or more than that. Most of our thoughts are reoccurring. What happens here is, when we keep getting these reoccurring thoughts, we get accustomed to dragging these thoughts together for longer durations. We don’t realize if they are good or bad, we just keep carrying the baggage all along.
In a recent episode of Rick and Morty (A cartoon series on Netflix- season 4- episode 4), the writer introduced a character of a cat who could talk. Anyone who encountered the cat kept asking it how it was able to talk and all it said was, “It doesn’t matter how. Maybe it’s time you stopped asking questions and started having fun”.
The viewers and fans of the show couldn’t understand till the end of the episode, why the cat could talk and what was its importance in the show. Many viewers even started coming up with theories about what the cat’s origin maybe or how it was able to talk. The show creators later revealed that, the cat was just introduced in to the episode ‘for fun’. There was no hidden motive behind it. The creators even stated that, ‘not everything needs analyzation and overthinking’. That was basically what the cat was trying to convey, ‘to just stop asking questions and start having fun’.
“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering” – Piglet, Pooh’s little instruction book, inspired by A.A. Milne.
It’s in the little moments, the silent ones and in the ones where you can just ‘be’.
We are living in a tech dominant century where competition is everything. We keep running around our daily lives like little hamsters on a running wheel while we always have the option to just stop and enjoy. To just live in the moment.
We always have the choice, to step out of the wheel, to pause and breathe.
Just listen to that music you always love listening to, take a walk or just lay down. Whatever that makes you happy. Do it. Your heart always knows what really makes it happy and it will guide you if you are willing to listen to it. Learn that subtle art of letting toxic thoughts and people go.
(Write the below quote in your journal / paper if you want to and put it up on your board / refrigerator. Little things like these are helping me a lot in motivating towards giving less energy to toxic thoughts; hopefully it will help you too.)
“Today I am making the decision to let go of the things that don’t make me happy. I am letting go, happily.”- Winne the Pooh
Yes, it indeed is ‘easy’ to just be happy.