‘Aapnu Mundra – Aapnu Kachchh’

-by Scrapwala

(The Road to Development)

Travel from Mundra to Adipur-Anjar-Bhuj-Gandhidham has become very troublesome and tiresome nowadays. The condition of the roads has been in horrible condition and given the load of the traffic in this belt there is an urgent need to built good sustainable roads. The journey from Gandhidham to Mundra or Adipur to Mundra (via-Anjar) by GSRTC bus takes almost 2 hours for distance of approx 60/65 kms only and if there is a ‘tea-break’ in between the time is more than this.

Industrial development in this area has been in full swing and growing further, but this has not been supported by the infrastructural development and basic amenities for the people. People are flowing in Kutch, and during the last two-three years the numbers of migrants have grown fast. In Mundra only, many new constructions have come up and many new already in line. However, side by side there is an urgent need for developing the Infrastructure also.
Works for road repairing/ construction of new roads and construction of cause-ways has already been undertaken and going on at many locations. However to make all these sustainable is the main issue. Given the heavy traffic on these routes planning also needs to be done to by-pass the heavy motor vehicles viz.Containers, Heavy Steel Pipes, MS Steel materials and others.
Frequent and Surprise checking by RTO needs to be done very very religiously so that over speeding and rash driven vehicles are controlled and monitored, Many persons have lost life during past few days in road accidents and it compels us to think that ‘if this is really the price we should pay for’ or ‘Is life so cheap in our country’.
Speeding and unauthorized transport and drunken drivers should be strictly booked to ensure discipline and safety.
Another major issue is of providing Better sewage treatment facilities, drinking water, and waste management. Providing basic amenities to all are the basic obligations of any Government.
Even a good start can be made by providing Garbage collection facilities like bins in every residential area/street/colony and by establishing garbage disposal centers and ensuring the waste disposal plan; otherwise also pollution is increasing due to continuous industrial development in this region. Hence a long-term Environment protection plan is immediately required.
The big inflow of people has been in favour of anti-social elements and criminals who have make their shelter in Kutch. People from other states who are on the run and having criminal records in their home states have entered in construction and other job activities. The administration of Kutch needs to check and increase vigilance to get such peoples held up. ‘Kutch na aagewano’ ane khas karine Mara ‘Mundra na ‘ aagewano , let all come together and prepare a full-proof plan, because if we do not get alert today and take necessary steps we shall be only responsible to see the damage helplessly. We need to get our acts together in symphony in time now.

We all should strive for sustainable development taking into account the growing population load in this area. That needs very careful ‘town planning’ and other infrastructure also.
The political atmosphere though stable has recently been hampered by counter allegations for corruption and also group clashes among the parties. This is a bad sign for this peaceful region. All political parties should stand above their personal interests and jointly work for harmony and peace so that real overall development is achieved.