How happy are you?

What is your definition of ‘Happiness’? Have you ever pondered on why your monkey mind keeps jumping from one ‘accomplishment tree’ to the other?
According to my observation Happiness is a ‘Variable’. A variable is something that will keep changing with the passage of time or other dependent factors. Your happiness can never be constant, it can be Consistent for a particular duration but never permanent. The things you want today, may not be required by you tomorrow and vice-versa. That’s the exact reason why your monkey mind is jumping from one accomplishment tree to the other.
It took me a long time to realize that what really made me happy has never been a constant. I used to find myself being unhappy or constantly complaining about the things that were not there or were missing from my life. We all have been big ‘complainers’ at some point in our journey, from complaining about the day not going according to your plan or complaining about the luxuries that you can’t afford. Unhappiness is often dragged in by this ‘complaining’ and ‘regretting’.
The view from where you are seeing your life, might not be the same for another person. People usually suggest a change in perspective or to consider somebody else’s point of view, when we are stuck under certain circumstances. It’s true, a change of perspective helps, and so does a different point of view. What may not be a happy lifestyle for you, might be a mere dream for another.
One person’s candy is often another one’s meal.
In a TEDx Talk by Barry Margerum – 2018, he said that, “Because we want everything to go the way we want when the world is a windy road, we get stressed out.”
Since childhood we have been told to be cautious, to be away from the uncertainties, to play safe and be safe. What happens in reality is, that there is no such thing as a ‘Predictable life’. There is a reason why we don’t get a manual on ‘how to live’ the day we are born. But we still can try to create our own manual for ‘being a happy soul in the midst of a windy road’.
“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.” – Charles Dickens.
People nowadays have started keeping a gratitude diary, and it indeed helps in lifting up the fog in front of our eyes that prevents us from seeing happiness in little moments. I myself have been maintaining a Gratitude diary for some time now and it really cheers me up to see that, ‘if noticed’ many little things happening around you each day can bring abundant happiness!
Make sure to train your eyes for seeing the good in uncertainties. Life will always be Unpredictable and you can’t keep blaming it for your failed expectations. If you really want to be happy, just try creating your own happiness by having a change in your perspective. No matter how hard it may seem, it will be worth it because you will be choosing your own happiness instead of just doing nothing and frowning over the unchangeable past.
Well, we all know that Happiness is truly a ‘Gift’, and I really hope that you are able to find your happiness in the “Present”.

How to do what you want to do

We have all seen those motivational videos, telling us that “We can achieve it, if we believe it”. We have even stayed motivated after watching these videos for a while or a day or maybe even a month. But the reality is, with passage of time the motivation also fades away and all that we are left with is another white flag waiting to be dropped down on the floor.
Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
• Planning a day, before going to bed.
• Scribbling in your journal what you want to achieve.
• Using post-its/ pins/ white boards to make a blue print of your future.
These are just few tactics which are usually used by many of us for overcoming the ‘sinking of our motivation ship’. What most of us fail to realize is, that even if we write things down and plan a lot ahead, we still will be faced with the uncertain challenges around us happening every single day. And most of these challenges are created by our ‘self-doubt and laziness’.
There is an insightful concept shared by Mr. Robin Sharma in his “The 5AM Club book”. He says that, if we want to get things actually done, then we need to strengthen our ‘Will power muscle’. Each time that you are faced with a lack of motivation to do something that you wanted to do; you just need to get past this feeling of postponing the task needed to be done. (Paraphrased)
A will power muscle, like all the other muscles in our body, needs to be trained. Only practicing it can make it stronger than it was the day before.
Say, you want to start waking up early in the morning. You set your alarm and slept cozy in your bed. The next morning, you turned off the alarm and went back to sleep because your hard-wired brain was habited to act like that. The whole day after that feels unsettling because you failed to achieve a task early in the morning, which you had promised yourself to be done. This results into lack of motivation for executing this same task again the next day. This lack of motivation and interest damages your willpower slowly. You start things but then don’t get them done completely all the way through. It keeps getting complicated, and we definitely don’t need a piled-up stack of ‘not done things’ at the end of the day.
So, the question is, how do you simplify this?
By ‘Rewarding yourself’ for each task done or set a motivation trap!
A motivation trap is something I arrange for myself to get my things done in time. We have all arranged motivation traps for us in our childhood. Most of us used to ‘Keep a chocolate aside for each chapter learned’, during examinations. Same concept applies on ‘putting your favorite food/object in front of your treadmill’, to complete that workout session.
These little rewards are highly helpful in keeping us motivated all along. Planning out your day along with planning to achieve what you have planned is important. What matters here is that you start your day with a little win, ‘waking up early, getting that first workout done as planned, completing your walk or even completing your meditation’.
This practice can actually help strengthen your will-power muscle and you get rewarded with extended motivation plus positivity. Also, the rise in self-confidence occurs naturally once you become committed to your tasks. It is said that ‘One healthy choice leads to another’. So, make a healthy choice today by strengthening your Will- Power muscle and getting things done.

कर यकीन!

Today 27 th March is the Birthday of our beloved Guru ji Shri.Rooshikumar Pandya Sir!
It has been almost three years now when i got to know about him and his life and also got an opportunity to meet him in person and interact with him.
My father has been a great fan of him ever since he got to know about him and listen to his various audio-visuals, the first being ‘ Do What you want , But Excel!’.
Watching my father watching the audio-visuals of Rooshi Sir, i do keenly listen to his teachings and thereafter i also watch all his DVD/VCDs published till date.
It is not easy to express in ‘words’ , how life has changed for all of us after coming in contact with Rooshi Sir. And yes, i shall never ever forget the day 20th Augugst 2011 when i got a chance to meet him in person for the first time at Vadodara.
I have tried to put up in the following poem what i have learned from his teachings and listening to his lectures.
With due respect and admiration for Shri.Rooshi Sir, i dedicate this poem to Shri.Rooshikumar Pandya Sir. Thanking him for being the source of inspiration for us and wishing him a Very Happy Birthday today!!!

खुद पर कर यकीन,
न शक कर यूं,
न सोच है कमी,
कोई तुझमे कहीं,

थक कर हार न जाना राह में कभी,
तू भी अपनी मंजिल पा सकता है,
मत भूल कि अभी भी,
एक रास्ता है बाकि,
जो ले जाएगा तुझे
अपनी मंजिल के करीब

जाना न कोई इस दुनिया को यहाँ,
कठिन जरुर है डगर,
पर मंजिल पाना,
नामुमकिन नहीं,
तू भी पहुंचेगा एक दिन वहाँ,
जो लगता हैं तुझे के मुमकिन नहीं,

आसमान से परे है,
तेरे ये ख्वाब,
जिनका कोई किनारा नहीं,
हिम्मत न हार लेकिन,
क्या हुआ जो तेरा कोई सहारा नहीं,

आयेंगे ऐसे मोड जहाँ,
न साथ तेरा देगा कोई,
पर मत छोड़ यकीन,
कि तू मंजिल पायेगा,
जीत तेरे सामने होगी
ऐसा दिन आएगा,

खुद से मिल और खुद को पहचान तू,
तेरे जिंदगी के इन प्यारे ख्वाबों को जान तू,

फिर न खोना,
तू खुद को कभी,
मत सोच है कमी,
तुझमे कहीं कोई ….