Aah! Those days….. Memories forever

(This post is by Jeegar Modi)

Where are those days, the happiness, the joy, the sorrow, the good times and the bad times, they are stored as beautiful memories of our life.
At times it becomes just dark memories as the time passes, where there is lack of light to see them.
Those spark of light that just flashes for a moment and goes back and does not return for a long time. And those moments which don’t return again forever throughout the life time.

It is because of the busy life, people are busy making money and busy looking of temporary happiness which does not create conceit memories of our life. We look out for happiness in bigger things, than looking out for happiness in small little things which is always around us.
To achieve those bigger things of life people go mad with their life forgetting the importance of humanity. It is hard to live in such an environment.
It is also hard to forget those people in our life who have given us beautiful memories to keep it with us safely. Some memories are forgotten after a period of time, but some stay with us forever.
Those forever memories can be recalled during the hard times of life, when life is full of darkness and sorrow. Those peoples may be alive or dead but they are always alive in our memories.

At times we may have bad memories in our life which helps us to understand our difficulties and to change our self accordingly. They teach us what life is, they show us our strengths and weaknesses. They even help us to realize our mistakes and they also help us to correct it.
They transform us to a new being. But not everyone does it in such a way because they don’t make efforts to correct it or they don’t reason it out. Once they do it life takes a turn towards happiness and goodness. They transform you to a good being.
This makes you different from others. Some kill their good memories due to hate rate. But some keep them alive no matter whatever happens.

Memories of our own mistakes make us laugh at our own self, some memories makes us cry due to the previous people who where there whenever we needed them but now they are no more. They just live in our memories and our heart.
Their teachings always flashes when we make a mistake or when we are about to make a mistake, their laughter or smile flashes whenever we are sad or sorrow. We feel their presence whenever we feel lonely. These are memories which keep us alive…