Dil fida karte hain, Qurbaan jigar karte hain…

‘Dil fida Karte Hain
Qurbaan Jigar Karten Hain
Paas Jo Kuchh Bhi Hai
Mata Ki Nazar Karte Hain

दिल फ़िदा करते हैं
कुर्बान जिगर करते हैं
पास जो कुछ भी हैं
माता कि नज़र करते हैं’

“Even if I have to face death a thousand times for the sake of my Motherland, I shall not be sorry. Oh Lord! Grant me a hundred births in ‘Bharat’. But grant me this, too, that each time I may give up my life in the service of the Mother land.’

These inspiring words come from none other than the great revolutionary and laureate Shri.Ramprasad ‘Bismil’.

Today is the 87th martyrdom day of Pandit Shri.Ramprasad Bismil. He was hanged to death in Gorakhpur Jail on 19th Dec 1927.

He was only 30 years old then.

He was born to Shri.Muralidhar and Smt.Moolmati at Shahjahanpur (U.P) on 11th June 1897.
He learnt Hindi and Urdu and also joined English medium school in spite of his Father’s disapproval. He also learned Sanskrit and Bengali.
In his School days he comes in contact with the ‘Arya Samaj’. Simultaneously he was also doing writing poetry and was very talented in writing poetry. He made Hindi translations of some Bengali books also. Some of this writings include ‘The Bolshevik Programme’, ‘A Sally of the Mind’, ‘Swadeshi Rang’, and ‘Catherine’.
All of his poems have the intense patriotic feeling.

Sukh jaaye na kahin

Paudha ye aazadi ka

Khoon se apne ise

Isliye tar karten hain

सुख जाए न कहीं
पौधा ये आज़ादी का
खून से अपने इसे
इसलिए तर करते हैं

He and his associates raised a revolutionary organisation to fight against the British Imperialism in India. To strengthen this organisation they require funds, for which they took up to loot government treasury which resulted in the famous Kakori Train Conspiracy. This jolted the British Empire and soon the Britishers were successful in arresting the key members of the Hindustan Republican Army except Chandra Shekhar Azad who remain un-caught till his end.
Ramprasad, Ashfaqullah, Roshan Singh and Rajendra Lahiri were awarded death sentence after court trial.
They were kept in Gorakhpur Jail, where Ramprasad wrote his autobiography and completed it just before three days of his hanging.

He was confident that the sacrifice by him and his friends would not go in vain and there will be many more to follow;

मरते ‘बिस्मिल’ ‘रोशन’ ‘लहरी’ ‘अशफाक’ अत्याचार से ।
होंगे पैदा सैंकड़ों इनके रुधिर की धार से ॥

His last words addressed to fellow countrymen are also very much important and relevant forever;
“देशवासियों से यही अन्तिम विनय है कि जो कुछ करें, सब मिलकर करें और सब देश की भलाई के लिए करें । इसी से सबका भला होगा ।
“My last request to all countrymen is that whatever they do, do collectively and in the interest of the Nation. This will be beneficial for all”

‘Koi maata ki ummeedon pe

Na daale paani

Zindagi bhar ko hamen

Bhej de kaale paani

कोई माता कि उम्मीदों पे
न डाले पानी
जिंदगी भर कों हमें
भेज दे काले पानी

Ham bhi aaram uthha sakte thhe

Ghar par reh kar

Hamko bhi paala thha

Maa Baap ne dukh seh seh kar

हम भी आराम उठा सकते थे
घर पर रह कर
हमको भी पाला था
माँ बाप ने दुःख सह सह कर …

Years have passed by since these revolutionaries sacrifice their life for our freedom.
Today we breathe in this free air of an Independent country and our freedom has completed 67 years now. Lot of changes have taken place in our status as a Country.
Lot of scientific and technological advances have taken place since the colonial rule.
The globalisation and other international compulsions have affected our political as well as social life. Media and Social media, other than the entertainment industry are playing huge role in capturing the minds of the young generation. It is essential that this young generation go in detail of the lives of those people who suffered a lot and lot only for our happiness and a free life.

‘Dar o deewaar pe

Hasrat se nazar karten hain

Khush raho ahle watan

Ham to safar karten hain

दर ओ दीवार पे
हसरत से नज़र करते हैं
खुश रहो अहले वतन
हम तो सफर करते हैं
खुश रहो अहले वतन
हम तो सफर करते हैं ‘

Though our Priorities as a Nation have changed, the basic problems related with development and overall social development still remains to be a distant dream.

At this juncture it is essential for us to reconcile our goals and objectives as a nation, and took a stand collectively to lead this country to fulfil the dreams of our founding fathers and these great revolutionaries who made the highest sacrifices to see ourselves free. And more importantly all we have to do is in the ‘National Interest’ and not for satisfying the personal goals of some people.

I could only glance through few pages of the digital version of his autobiography and would like to mention few key points which can be a source of inspiration all of us;
– Ramprasad’s family suffered a lot when he was a child, and later on the young Ram Prasad also suffered a lot as he grow and fight with the British Empire still against all odds he continue his struggle and made this highest sacrifice for the nation.
– He has mentioned in his autobiography about how he overcome his bad habits and the several distractions coming in his way. Also how he took up ‘bramhacharya’ (celibacy) and practices it.
– He has highest regards for his Mother who according to him teach him, inspire him and made him what we know him today.
– He has mentioned his gratitude for all his ‘Gurujans’ and all who helped him and motivate him for good and all those who influenced his life for betterment.
– In his biography consisting of five blocks and the respective chapters therein he has given the details of his life from his childhood to landing in jail. Three days before his hanging he had completed the autobiography and given to his Mother and his friend Shiv Verma in the lunch box which they had brought for him.

A digital wiki version of the printed book of his autobiography in Hindi, prepared by Shri.Dayanand Deswal, is available on the domain as Ram Prasad Bismil Ki Aatma Katha
Info on wiki is available at – Ram Prasad Bismil

A documentary published by I & B Ministry – ‘A Tribute to Ram Prasad Bismil’ is also available on YT and uploaded just 06 months back.

There is also a wiki page which gives details of his notable works (books and poems) named as Author Ram Prasad Bismil
The introductory para from this page is given below;
“An Indian poet, laureate and revolutionary, who was executed in 1927 by the then British Empire.
Ram Prasad Bismil (11 June 1897 – 19 December 1927) was an Indian revolutionary who participated in the Mainpuri (1918) and Kakori (1925) conspiracy cases against British Empire. He was also a patriotic poet who wrote with the pen names of Ram, Agyat and Bismil in Urdu and Hindi but became popular with the name ‘Bismil’. Ram Prasad Bismil was one of the founder members of the Indian revolutionary organisation Hindustan Republican Association. Bhagat Singh praised him as a great poet-writer of Urdu and Hindi. Several inspiring patriotic poems including the famous poem Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna is popularly attributed to him.”

Our Tributes to this GREAT PATRIOT and FIERCE revolutionary of INDIA..!!!