Five Paws

Today I would like to share with you all a little story of me and my family finding happiness in Four little paws!
My family had shifted from our old house to a new one in August 2020. I myself am not a person who accepts change easily. I was reluctant for even going to a new place. But the circumstances were such that we had to relocate. After denying the new changes and crying over old memories we finally left our old home and shifted to a new one in the same city.
The day we arrived at our new home; I found a new friend. The new friend I had made is a doggo. She used to visit our house daily and sleep near the front door on our doormat. I guess, that doormat was her own little cozy bed. Me, mom-dad and my elder sister, we all were initially a little scared of the new doggo but as the time passed, we all became good friends. I named her Biscuit!
It was 2nd November 2020. Biscuit became a mommy and delivered four little puppies at our home. It was like a festival that day. I remember how my mom made a traditional Indian sweet dish for Biscuit and our neighbors were visiting to see these little cuties. We as a family had seen first time in our life four little newborn puppies and we were happier than ever before.
I named the puppies Burrito, Nugget, Caramel and Coco.
In my childhood, I always avoided going near dogs. For me Dogs just used to be a bunch of big scary animals that were somehow out to get me. There were two separate incidents when a dog came running at me and I tripped and fell down. I even used to get nightmares where dogs were chasing me and I wasn’t able to run fast even though I tried my best.
It was not until my graduation that I overcame the fear of dogs or cats. But becoming foster parents to these Four paws was something I could have had never imagined.
A lot has changed since 2nd November, 2020. All the four puppies are now almost 3 months old and have grown beautifully! They respond to their names and fight with each other on and off for food (obviously). Biscuit has stopped visiting the house frequently because her pups never let her sit in peace. She instead now sleeps in the parking lot of our society.
Here are some points I would really like to share with you all:

  • Dogs/ pets are the perfect friends you will ever find in your life!
  • You will experience another level of love and happiness towards another living being that you may not have had experienced before.
  • When a little doggo walks towards you with hope of being patted, it’s the best feeling in this world!
  • My family, even though being afraid of dogs, has now become a dog-lover family. In fact, my mom and dad are the ones who give breakfast to the puppies early in the morning.
  • Being with them reduces stress, anxiety, depression and increases the levels of your happiness hormones.
  • Not all changes are bad. ‘Changes’ might be scary initially, but you never know what beautiful blessing is awaiting you on the other side.
  • You can find your own happiness in anything you want, if you are willing to be happy.
    I guess, after all that denying for getting relocated, it was best thing that ever happened to us. We truly found abundant happiness, adventure and whole of lot of life with this family of five-doggo. Love a pet/ animal. Care for him/her and you will be astonished to see how healthy it is for yourself.
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