रीमझीम रीमझीम बरसते बादल
सारे बच्चे हो जाते पागल |
डालते है जो बौछार बूंदोकी
लगता है नरम गोले फूलोंकी |
पावन हो जाती है धरती
तेज हो जाती है खुशीयोंकी बत्ती |
कितना सुंदर है ये खुशीयों का आँचल
रीमझीम रीमझीम बरसते बादल ||

कितनी चीजें

इस दुनियामें चीजें हैं कितनी
कितने पल हैं जो कल थे |
आ गये जिन्हे आना था और चले गये जिन्हे था जाना
आते जाते रास्तो पे चलना है कितनी दूर |
चलते चलते शायद मिल जाये कोइ हीरा या कोहीनूर
जानो ना तुम चीजो को कि है तुम्हारे पास कितनी,
ये है किस्मत का खेल जो है रहे वो उतनी ||


The moon, the stars, the dark at night,
The Sun, the clouds, the spark of day light

The orange, the pink the yellowish in the evening,
The blue, the black at night of the lightening,

These are the beautiful shades of the nature,
All of these are the God’s creations,

So, Be like the stars of the sky at night and
Spark like a Sun in the light of – Day light. 

Sustain with Nature

on Environment day… 5th June, 2009

I believe in permanent change which can be achieved
through people’s minds, and mind power

Let our minds be ‘ignited’
as the ‘lightening thunder’ and ‘pure’ as a ‘morning dew’,

Let ourselves be disciplined
as the ‘day-night cycle’,

Let our attitude be positive as the
‘river flows’ , let our acts ‘shine’ as the ’bright sun’,

Let us build our ‘character’
as ‘clean’ as we would like the ‘environment’ to be,

Let we Become ‘sincere’, ‘religious ’,‘impartial’, ‘judicious’ and
‘bountiful’ and ‘equal’ to all  as the ‘NATURE’ is,

Let us be ‘ natural’ as the ‘Nature’

Let We remain behind like the ‘soothing breeze’ and
‘our Memories’ be cherished as the ‘fragrance of flowers’… Forever…
…and No ‘green house effect’ ever ‘Suppress’
our commitments towards the ‘environment’- We live in,

Let we raise a ‘global warning’ for ‘change’ before the
‘climate-Change’ threatens our ‘survival’.

‘polluted minds’ create ‘contaminated character’ and ‘hazardous culture’
and increase the ‘societal garbage’
which percolates to generations and ‘Generations’
pay the price through ‘chronic situations’


Let the ‘pure’ minds come together to ‘preserve the Nature’