Thought for the day ….

आज के सुविचार …  (या कु-विचार)

Earlier times …. ( सालों पहले …)

“घोडा घास से यारी करे तो खाये क्या?”

He who will not kill hogs would have to go hungry…

Modern times now …

इंसान इंसान से दोस्ती करे तो लूटे किसे?
मारे किसे?
धोखा किसे दें?

Google translation of above 

If a person befriends a person, then who will be robbed?
Whom should he kill?
Whom he will cheat?

Think over it

जनसंख्या विस्फोट

आज विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस पर जन्मे समाजशिल्पी को ढेर सारी शुभकामनायें…
पर्यावरण प्रदुषण और उससे जुडी सारी समस्याओं का मुख्य कारण जनसँख्यामें हुई वृद्धि है. आज हमने अपने जीवन को सुखी बनाने के लिए भौतिक सुविधा के साधन जुटा रखे है. पर इसमें हमने प्रकृति के नैसर्गिक तंत्र को खतरा पहुँचाया है. मनुष्य की आबादी बढ़ने के साथ साथ प्राकृतिक संसाधनों की कमी बढती जा रही है. आज हम प्रकृति के कितने करीब है ये याद दिलाने के लिए कुछ प्रश्न लिखे है:

कब यह सब महसूस किया था साथी जीवन में तुमने?
प्यार प्रकृति का पाकर कब जीवन धन्य किया तुमने?

सुबह सवेरे मुर्गे की कब बांग सुनी थी? बचपन में?
चहकती चिड़िया को सुनकर कब महक उठे थे मधुबन में?
बना ही रहता बड़ी देर तक मुह में कड़वापन सारा,
ऐसे बता कब होंठ तले दातुन दबाया था तुमने?

तृप्त हुआ कब चक्की के आटे की वह रोटी खाकर?
या फिर घर के पिछवाड़े की ताज़ी सब्जियाँ बनवाकर?
आज जो कुछ खाया उसको बोते, उगते, बढते देखा?
या फसलों को काटके ले जाते कब देखा था तुमने?

कब देखा था आसमान उस रात निराला – तारों भरा?
या देखा ढलते सूरज को? लहलहाता घास हरा?
चाँद चौदवीं का वह देख के साथ लिए और पहला प्यार
पार चलें इस दुनिया के कब ऐसा सोचा था तुमने?

छैल छबीले यारों के संग उड़ता होली का वह रंग,
या हो दीवाली की खुशियों में जब पुरे परिवारका संग,
कभी अष्टमी, ईद कभी तो, सारे मनाये मिलजुल कर,
कौन सा धर्म है, क्या है जाति, कब ऐसा पूछा तुमने?

आज प्रदुषण फैलाता है, और शांति का भंग करे,
औद्योगिक कचरे फैलाकर, वनसंपति का नाश करे,
और अस्तित्व के संघर्ष में तु नैतिकता को भूल चूका,
जनसंख्या विस्फोट का क्या होगा अंजाम सोचा तुमने?

आज पर्यावरण दिन पर इस जनविस्फोट के प्रदुषण की भौतिक सुविधाओं को तुष्ट के बजाए आबादी को नियंत्रित करने का संकल्प करें और आने वाली पीढ़ी को पर्यावरण की छाया का सुख प्रदान करें.

Thoughts: Darkness…

I am living from moment to moment
Not even day to day

It feels like darkness will never go away
It’s so cold, I cannot feel the sun

Once there was a point of my existence
But not my race is run

I can last of course I always do
Someday I expect to win

I am sure someday this is going to end
There is going to be a way to end it

To cease to feel the pain
I am afraid to live, I am afraid to die
I cannot make a choice

Friends tell me to do something for myself
But fear has stilled my voice

I suppose I will have to continue,
In this dark and joyless life

Until I get strong enough
To choose the darkness or the knife
To feel the pain and run the race
And not to give up
I don’t want to die
When I haven’t ever lived

Farmer Suicides in Gujarat – Facts


Recently, Arvind Kejriwal (AAP) claimed that 5,874 farmers committed suicide in Gujarat in last 10 years. Whereas, the Gujarat government claims that only 1 farmer suicide in Gujarat was due to crop failure. The other suicides were not related to crop failures, and they were due other reasons such as family issues. The farmers do not show a greater tendency to commit suicide than the general population, particularly in Gujarat.  Let’s have a detailed look.

No. of farmers in Gujarat

There are 54.47 lakh cultivators and 68 lakh agricultural workers in Gujarat (2011 census). Hence,

Total no. As % of total population
Cultivators in Gujarat 5.447 million 9.0%
Cultivators + Agricultural laborers in Gujarat 5.447 + 6.8 million 20.3%

Farmer suicide statistics (as per Govt records)

NCRB classifies the suicides by employment categories. For Gujarat, the NCRB states that 564 people in the agricultural employment category committed suicide in 2012. 5,302 committed suicide during 2003-2012 (10-year period). 5,872 committed suicide during 2002-2012 (11-year period). Source: 1 2

Farmer suicides vs. non-farmer suicides



State Farmer suicides as a % of total suicides
Maharashtra 23.50%
Andhra Pradesh 18.10%
Uttar Pradesh 16.80%
Karnataka 14.70%
Kerala 12.70%
Madhya Pradesh 12.00%
Assam 10.50%
Sikkim 10.50%
Haryana 9.80%
Jharkhand 9.00%
Bihar 9.00%
Arunachal Pradesh
Gujarat 7.90%


Despite being 9% of the total population of Gujarat, the farmers constitute only 7.9% of those who have committed suicide. This is assuming that NCRB has not counted farm laborers under the employment category “farming”. If that’s the case, the condition is even better: despite being 20% of the population, those involved in agriculture in Gujarat form only 7.9% of the people who committed suicide.

Thus, there is a good possibility that the Gujarat government’s claim is right.

Note: Some AAP supporters will try to use above data to claim that everyone, not just farmers, in Gujarat is committing suicide. For such people, here is a list of states/UTs with the highest suicide rates (suicide/population) in India (Source: NCRB)


State/UT Suicide rate (2012)
Puducherry 36.8
Sikkim 29.1
Tamil Nadu
Kerala 24.3
Andaman & Nicobar 23.6
Tripura 23
Chhattisgarh 22.9
Karnataka 21.2
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 17.6
Mizoram 17
Andhra Pradesh 16.6
West Bengal 16.5
Goa 15.8
Maharashtra 14
Madhya Pradesh 13.3
Daman & Diu 12.6
Odisha 12.2
Gujarat 11.8

This was posted on Reddit (could not find the exact link)

Beauty of Death


Death is something peaceful, it is something where there is no sorrow; there is nothing to worry, break ups, fights, arguments, loneliness, depression, frustration, stress and all the other dark things in life…

The truth is when you know that death is closer to, either you are completely destroyed from inside or you start living a life for yourself.

It really teaches you the importance of our life when it is closer to you. For some people it is very hard when they just started living a life for themselves and they come to know that the death is closer to them. Sometimes we fell how a life can be so unfair to us when we loose someone who is closer to us.
Good people die soon even though if they have not done anything bad with anyone, how hard it must be for them we can’t even imagine of it.

People are afraid of death.

I believe there is nothing on the other side of death to fear, than of the real world. I am grateful for the gifts of intelligence, love, wonder and laughter. My life time memories are what I brought from the trip. I don’t expect to die any time soon.
But it could happen even at this movement while I am writing.

I had a friend in my school days, he was too good, but yes he died!
Death had hugged him and took him away from us. He was a good person, a helpful, kind, humble, caring and a loveable friend of mine.

Death is natural and no one can predict it nor can anyone stop it.

Friends, people are afraid of death, yet it is life which is more painful.

“A death is not the extinguishing of a light, but putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come.”
“Faith” is natural. All depends on what is believed in. I have no desire to live forever. Dying is easy- it is the living that scares me to death. And this is true; life makes us think about it when we are completely shattered or completely disturbed. We all have problems in our life. We need a break whenever even a small problem becomes critical for us and we are under pressure.
I have helped many people in life till now but yet I am not able to help myself in the darkest hours of my life, it becomes very difficult for me to dissolve these things in life. These are all the things which lead my thoughts towards death…
There was a time when I could not share my difficulties with anyone but now the things are different, I have someone where I can share my feelings but unfortunately it is a non living thing it’s a ‘Diary’. It does not have a heart or a brain. There is never a feedback, but yes it makes me feel good. I have seen such people in life who die before they actually die. They are completely shattered and destroyed from inside.
Some succeed and become strong and some people wait for the death to come and hug them, most of us give up!

According to my opinion death is something very beautiful, it gives you freedom from all the responsibilities, worries, stress and all the other kind of problems in our life. Death is something where there is complete silence, peace and it makes you sleep forever. The most important thing is that there is only peace, things are completely different over there and you are free like a bird. There are no conflicts, curses, jealousy, and selfishness only beautiful peace.

In short it is peaceful world, that’s why to me death is as beautiful…

Unpredictable Life

This article is written by JEEGAR MODI a new contributor to this blog.
I welcome him on this blog, and hope that he will regularly contribute to this blog in future too.

Life is all about doing things for one another, caring for each other and standing beside’s each other during the darkest hours of life…
Life is a tricky thing it gives you lots of ups and downs, it teaches you the good and the bad, it gives you pleasure, success, failures, knowledge and learning new things everyday in life… it gives us everything in different ways.

Failures makes you weaker, depressing, breaks your heart, kills you internally and sometimes we get so tired that we give up our life due to the difficulties that we face due to these failures.
Actually it is not the failure that kills you. It is the society that kills you. That feeling of being ‘neglected’, those criticisms, that laughter on you and finally getting treated like an ‘outsider’.
And that loneliness feeling between your own groups no matter even if there are ten people around you, you give up every little thing that you have around you just to make yourself feel better.
And at last we just give up our life to run away from these stupid things, what is the use of giving our life…?
Why do we do so…?
Why do we punish our self for these things?
Maybe it is very hard to survive with these situations that you face but I would like to suggest that it is always better to survive these situations which teach you a lot of new and different things.
But I always ask a question to myself that will this life be always like this – with only problems and problems?

Even though you don’t hurt anyone, you just try to make people happy always; you always want to see your friends and your family happy.
You give up every little thing to them just to make them happy, to see them smiling, we sacrifice everything to see a smile on their face.
Is it really necessary?
Is life so unfair that you die helping them, you die making them happy, you die to see a smile in face and in return you’re just treated like an outsider.
Just because you have failed in your life they treat you like this. Just, because you are carrying that tag of failure.
Is failure so bad…?
Is it so bad that it kills you internally and there is no one to stand besides you?
Is it so bad…?
I have experienced this personally and seen these things close enough to know how bad it is.
But is there anyone out there who really can stand for such people?
Today there is a different situation in my life and I am standing first in my class, I am famous in my college and I ‘am having a great time now, but still worried what if I fail in something again?
What if my friends start treating me again the same way I was treated in my school days? Will they do something like that…? I am even today worried about that… I know the feelings of those people like me but I assure them one thing I will always be there for such people. I respect such people because they at least tried to do something, I had also experienced one thing that when people like me try to do something different or something new we always get de-motivated by others. But what I suggest is that don’t give up, just ignore them, and keep trying harder and harder to achieve what you want.
I still remember that night when I was about to give up my life, as I was fed up of this life, I don’t know I had been such a fool that day to do so. But I could not do it because I suddenly I got the thought of my Dad whom I am very much attached with.
The only thing he had taught me is that never to give up in life and his advice saved me that day.
Friends no matter what happens just don’t give up your precious life. Life is very precious.
Many beautiful things come our way which we realize later, actually after shedding this thought of destroying our life.
Today my life is different from before. I agree that hard times will keep coming but just don’t lose your hope.
Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself that you can do what you want to be.
I have experienced both the Failure and the success. The only thing success makes you greedy, selfish.
It brings that feeling like of being above the people and something of a different planet, but I am sure all this will not come in me because I have learned how it is to be when you failed and tagged as a ‘failure’.
Friends, at last I would request you not to lose ‘hope’, ‘Hope’ is everything. It is ‘Life’.

If there are too many problems in your life then just say yourself that let the problems come I will face them with courage. I am sure you will definitely succeed one day.
One day you will shine as bright as a star, your life will be as colorful as a rainbow.
So, just don’t give up, be strong and most important thing learn to become a good human being. Keep smiling – life is beautiful… Life is too short for crying and worrying so always learn to smile in any situation… All the best… 

INDIA IS MY COUNTRY – Thoughts – 2

(This is the first Guest Post to appear on this blog. This post is by Shri.Raja Swaminathan.
Actually this is a compilation of ‘tweets’ made by Shri.Raja Swaminathan on a particular day.
As I follow him on tweeter, on that particular day, when I go through his ‘tweets’, I find them very close to my thought process and other than this they talk about those important issues that needs to be focused and discussed collectively by all Indians today.
He talked about something very important that our country is missing today. Our society is missing today.
Not only had he talked about social, ethical, moral, values but also on economic issues and public-private partnership in the development of this country.
I sincerely want this to reach as many people as it can and start a thought provoking process to bring a collective change and a collective action among ourselves.
With his permission, I am sharing with you all his passionate thoughts on what we are missing and what we need to do.)

Every time I think about it, every time my respect for our founding fathers only increases.
The odds they faced! And how they managed!
– Communal tensions, very high rate of poverty, 500+ princely states…the West did not even expect India to survive as a country in 1947-48.
– Of what use is all this education if it still doesn’t make man respect man? Rather, our education seems to accentuate divides in society!
– Education is supposed to increase enlightenment. Take people out of darkness. Presumably darkness is cause of hate.
– Some of our hate-mongers are highly educated. And even respected. When I see Subramaniam Swamy spouting hatred regularly, I have to wonder!
– It’s everybody for himself now. Maybe times have become SO competitive – and greed so universal – that this was a natural consequence.
– When did EVERYTHING in life boil down to money, money and money alone? I don’t recall it being like this 30 yrs ago. Maybe I didn’t notice.
– My dad used to tell me “In matters of learning, look at people who have more than you. Aspire to be like them”. +
Today we have millions of more educated people. So much more technology. Life has become easier in many ways. But still SOMETHING’s missing.
– Though there was mass illiteracy (very few were highly educated), there were some strong values. Like “work is worship”. People worked hard.-
There was a junoon, there was a sense of purpose…even the songs reflected that. Hum laaye hain toofan se kashti nikaal ke…’

– They might have had personal differences, maybe egos too. But the idea – and needs – of ‘INDIA’ were bigger than all their own differences.
– Yet the founding fathers believed in India, built the nation, through all the crises. They’d sacrificed a lot personally to see a free India.
– My Dad used to say “In matters of money, look at people who have less than you. Be thankful for what you have, there are many worse off”.
– When did aspiration for money become the most coveted-for-aspiration in life? Define our “aspirational” society…How did this happen?
– Not suggesting that everything was great in the past. Of course, it wasn’t. Many things are much better now. But the obsession with money…
The obsession to have more and more…in a country short of land, with millions homeless, buy more and more land/flats…
– Our crisis of land/water shortage is only getting exacerbated with rising population. There will be more profiteering. Ppl see only $$$$$
– What sort of society are we then moving towards? How many more beggars will we create? This time begging for water…
– And we continue to fight over petty things like who said what to whom when. Fights between the haves. The have-nots don’t have time to fight.
– The have-nots are eking out a daily existence, working day and night. Just to survive. How unequal has our society become!
The biggest loss in any society, in my opinion, is a loss of basic human values. If this doesn’t exist, the society is doomed.
We need to restore these basic values in society. It’s not a zero-sum game. We can be economically vibrant AND have values in society.
– Very true. There’s no trust anymore. In anybody, in any institution…they’ve all sadly been seen to have feet of clay.

There are still people with integrity out there. Fighting hard not to fall prey to the system. But the system gets more and more consuming.
– I don’t want to get into this capitalism vs socialism debate but I cannot accept that we cannot “grow” without destroying our environment.
– I tend to think our definition – and measure – of “growth” itself is suspect.
– We’ve defined it in a consumption society. The more you consume, the more gets produced to meet the demand. Ergo, more “wealth”. +
Have we put a price on our forests, on our rivers, on our ecosystem that sustains us every day with the air we breathe?
– We haven’t- because they are all priceless! Ironically because they ARE priceless, we don’t value them. Not if we cannot “monetize” them!
– The argument for a consumerist society (the buzzword is “aspirational”) is that it creates jobs through more production to feed consumption.
– I have my own doubts on the input:output ratio (what with increasing mechanization) but for the moment let me accept this argument in part.
– Shouldn’t a more holistic approach then take a look at ALL resources (incl environmental resources) to see how best to meet aspirations?
– Even the aspirations are mischievously mis-represented to cater to industry groups and their lobbies.
– People don’t all want cars. That’s an aspiration created by the car industry. They want convenient and quick travel options.
– In our cities, if we had top-class connectivity (incl last mile), would we have SO many cars on our roads? I don’t think so.
– In a developing country, investment in public infrastructure is usually very high in the country’s list of economic priorities.
– In India, after failing miserably for decades, we’ve now conveniently passed on responsibility to the magical PPP model.
– As if public-private partnership will suddenly deliver all the public infrastructure that decades of neglect didn’t.
– In a country like India, where governance and transparency are already endangered species of good practice, PPP is a cruel joke.
– In theory, PPP is fine. Get the best of govt resources and private-sector skills/practices to develop infrastructure jointly.Yes, in theory.
– But in practice, it is more likely to bring out the worst of both. Govt will blame pvt sector, pvt sector will blame govt.
– So I am rather cautious about PPP in the Indian context.Not the concept, as its implementation in India. And I haven’t even talked cronyism.
– As long as the fundamentals (I mean the govt machinery with checks/balances) are not in place, I wouldn’t bring in private sector into eqn.
– Which begs the question: If the fundamentals ARE in place, the govt should be able to execute public infra projects on its own, right?
– After all, many of the major public infra projects in the 1950s/60s were all govt projects. Like Bhakra-Nangal Dam.
– Is it competence? Is it that the public sector does not now attract the required talent to execute these infra projects?
– Is it purely a redefinition of government? Defining its boundaries more narrowly, to exclude such projects?
What is it, I’d like to know. How is it that the govt could execute so many infra projects in the 1950s. And today struggles to lay roads?

We need to realise first and foremost that this is PUBLIC infrastructure. So the buck stops with the government.
– If it chooses to partner with private parties, that’s its choice. But it cannot abdicate responsibility quoting PPP or whatever.
– Look at the mess with gas pricing with Reliance.Look at the coal block allocations mess.Surely the govt shd’ve first thought it through?
– I don’t blame the pvt sector. It will try to maximise profits at every opportunity. It is the govt which needs to define the framework.
With so many competent people in govt, why was the framework so loose? So open to misuse? I can only speculate that vested interests ruled.
So it’s not (only) competence. It’s integrity. Once the economy was “opened up”, the country was put up for sale – without checks/balances.
See, we end up exactly where we started. That word.  INTEGRITY.  Maybe that’s what our founding fathers had more of. Making all the difference.
Integrity. A word somewhat difficult to describe. But you notice it – because it makes ALL the difference.



Ever since I started this blog, I wish that I can share my experiences of workplace and relate them with respect to the situations and/or problems that we face in our daily social life.

For example, when I started dealing in Scrap materials and Hazardous waste at my work place, I use to think, does all garbage really gets disposed in the right way and right earnest as it needs to be?
What about the waste that we cannot recycle or which have no commercial value and hence not being sold?
What about the waste that is not collected and is left balance and the waste which is not biodegradable also?

Does all the effluent, even if they are treated and released in the water or to the land, are purely unharmful, or do they may be on small scale make damage to the natural resources?

Coming to the hazardous materials, I tend to relate them with peoples in our society, like there are ‘people’ of different kinds, some positive, some negative, some even hazardous who do antisocial activities, who are involved in crime etc etc
Now some hazardous waste are treated and recycled.
Yes! We do have jails for the criminals, but as for some hazardous wastes which could not be recycled are incinerated, I wish there could be such facilities for the peoples like those involved in the various Rape cases or other heinous crimes, so that there could be justice faster and more appropriate.

Well, I could keep on adding the thoughts as they have been going in my mind regularly which I will be sharing in this column.
Most of the companies now work with ISO certification – Quality Management System and some also follow other systems like ‘Safety Management System’ and ‘Environment Management System’.
I got an opportunity to work in this culture for the last 10 years so far and I got to learn many things and still learning and exploring further. So, I can also share my thoughts vis-à-vis various management systems and some of the terms that are buzzwords in our professional life.

As it happens with me every time I want to start a new thing, I try to make it start on a special day or a special occasion or considering my favorite numeric numbers.
That happen in this case also and this keep on shifting. In between there was some outstation tour on work front, due to which this was delayed.

But finally it take-off today, which happens to be the birthday of a very special person who is at the helm of affairs of state I have been staying for the last 09 years now- GUJARAT.

I will also be discussing my thoughts about him in the posts to follow.

And the very First Post to follow this one is a Guest Post from a very special person to me.