Level up

In 2017 I had decided to buy a Graphic tablet, so that I could create my little Ahiru digitally. It was just a dream back then, a stubborn & naive dream to ‘create’. I would like to mention here that 2017 was the only year when I had finally given my self-created cartoon character the name ‘Ahiru’.
(Note: A Graphic tablet/ pen-tab is an input device, used by graphic designers and illustrators to design or create artworks digitally. Needs to be plugged into the laptop/pc with USB)
I remember asking my dad stubbornly, that I wanted him to buy me a graphic tablet. I used to keep coming up with new reasons everyday stating why I really needed the Tablet and how it would really help me in accomplishing my dreams. At that time the graphic tablet I was demanding was priced around 10k and I was not even a graphic designing student. I was in 2nd year of my B.Sc. Genetics and I was so full of dreams and enthusiasm, enough to make me want to run away on a totally different path than that of my current education field. Finally, after few days of pleading and acting cranky in the house, my family agreed to buy me the tablet.
The day my first graphic tablet arrived I cried, not because I was overwhelmed with joy. I cried because I had zero experience and knowledge for being able to operate a tablet. Forget about the whole Ahiru character, I was not even able to write my own name with it. I cried for the whole day and felt like I had made a big mistake by making my dad buy it for me. I avoided using this Pen-tab for few days but later on I finally decided to channelize my stubbornness towards learning it.
Today, after 3 years of being in this game of my own, I am finally able to create artworks digitally. Not only that, I am a verified artist on two different startup platforms: ‘FranklyWearing’ and ‘FandomRealm’, and the owner of my own startup AADOODLES with my little Ahiru Shop on ‘Instamojo’.
All along this journey I learnt one thing, ‘I challenged myself’!
I challenged myself to learn more, to learn something on my own by visualizing a teacher in everyone I met and every new opportunity I came across.
Today, I have challenged myself with yet another difficulty level in this game of my own. I still have sparkling dreams in my eyes which seem rather impossible at the moment. But, buying a graphic tablet and learning it also used to be one of the ‘impossibilities’ back then.
Remember, no matter how tough the situation seems to be, no matter how many people around you try to hold you back; If you believe in something, it is going to come along your way one way or the other. Don’t give up on yourself and don’t quit this game of your own. A difficulty level is nothing but something that came along your way to make you a better person, to make you a better player.
“It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small, and the fear that once controlled me can’t get to me at all” – Idina Menzel
Remember to take a step back and appreciate your achievements, no matter how small they might be. You are your own motivator and you ‘Can’ be the creator of your own journey. All you have to do is keep Levelling up!

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  1. Awesome!! Well written and inspiring! I loved how you took the challenge to find a teacher in everyone you met. Has definitely motivated me to do the same.

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