Thoughts: Darkness…

I am living from moment to moment
Not even day to day

It feels like darkness will never go away
It’s so cold, I cannot feel the sun

Once there was a point of my existence
But not my race is run

I can last of course I always do
Someday I expect to win

I am sure someday this is going to end
There is going to be a way to end it

To cease to feel the pain
I am afraid to live, I am afraid to die
I cannot make a choice

Friends tell me to do something for myself
But fear has stilled my voice

I suppose I will have to continue,
In this dark and joyless life

Until I get strong enough
To choose the darkness or the knife
To feel the pain and run the race
And not to give up
I don’t want to die
When I haven’t ever lived

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