Less a Body, More a Soul

There is this hurricane
Inside your mind and soul,
Which you can’t deal with
And which you can’t explain…

A feeling runs through
Like blood in your veins
Telling – you will never be whole
And you will have to feel the pain…

Some facts are worth denying
Some lies are meant to be gulped
It will make you choke
For like once in a while
But will prevent – the reality
From getting blurred …

You lose your bits
Along the path
It’s true that you will never be whole…

But the ‘end you’
At the end of the journey –
Will be less a body and more a Soul …


‘किरमिच’ … ( ‘Canvas of Life’ )

समय कि कूंची चली है
यादों के दृश्य बिखरे है
जिंदगी के ‘किरमिच’ पर
आज कई रंग उभरे है

रंगीन कुछ
कुछ काले,
कुछ निखरे
कुछ धुन्धलाये
लेकिन सब ऐसे, जैसे
दिल खोल के जी आये

कई जज़्बात इनमे बोल रहे है
रिश्तों कि कहानियां कह रहे है
उम्र के पड़ाव इनमे झलक रहे है
हर दौर का हिसाब मांग रहे है

मेरे तब का मैं
और मेरे अब का मैं
दोनों आमने सामने है
सवाल भी मैं
और जवाब भी मैं
फिर भी उलझनें बाकी है

लगता है एक उम्र गुज़र गयी
कभी लगता है कि
अभी तो जिंदगी शुरू हुई,

या फिर कट चुकी है आधी
और बाकी है आधी,
टंगी हुई दीवार पर

Aah! Those days….. Memories forever

(This post is by Jeegar Modi)

Where are those days, the happiness, the joy, the sorrow, the good times and the bad times, they are stored as beautiful memories of our life.
At times it becomes just dark memories as the time passes, where there is lack of light to see them.
Those spark of light that just flashes for a moment and goes back and does not return for a long time. And those moments which don’t return again forever throughout the life time.

It is because of the busy life, people are busy making money and busy looking of temporary happiness which does not create conceit memories of our life. We look out for happiness in bigger things, than looking out for happiness in small little things which is always around us.
To achieve those bigger things of life people go mad with their life forgetting the importance of humanity. It is hard to live in such an environment.
It is also hard to forget those people in our life who have given us beautiful memories to keep it with us safely. Some memories are forgotten after a period of time, but some stay with us forever.
Those forever memories can be recalled during the hard times of life, when life is full of darkness and sorrow. Those peoples may be alive or dead but they are always alive in our memories.

At times we may have bad memories in our life which helps us to understand our difficulties and to change our self accordingly. They teach us what life is, they show us our strengths and weaknesses. They even help us to realize our mistakes and they also help us to correct it.
They transform us to a new being. But not everyone does it in such a way because they don’t make efforts to correct it or they don’t reason it out. Once they do it life takes a turn towards happiness and goodness. They transform you to a good being.
This makes you different from others. Some kill their good memories due to hate rate. But some keep them alive no matter whatever happens.

Memories of our own mistakes make us laugh at our own self, some memories makes us cry due to the previous people who where there whenever we needed them but now they are no more. They just live in our memories and our heart.
Their teachings always flashes when we make a mistake or when we are about to make a mistake, their laughter or smile flashes whenever we are sad or sorrow. We feel their presence whenever we feel lonely. These are memories which keep us alive…

सुहाना सफर …. Suhaanaa Safar

This is poem is dedicated to the magical blog ‘atul’s bollywood song a day – with full lyrics’

Congratulating Atul ji and his team on reaching 10,000 songs on Jun 19, 2013 – atulsongaday.me and wishing a very happy musical journey ahead …

गाडी आयी गाडी आयी
अतुल जी कि गाडी आयी
सात सुरों का सागर लायी
मन में उमंगें हज़ार लायी

इसका इंजन समय का पहिया
डिब्बे सारे बदलती घड़ियाँ
इन डिब्बों में कई कहानियां
यादों कि कई जिंदगानियाँ

सुख दुःख के खजाने से
गहरी समय कि धारा से
किस्से अनगिनत कलाकारों के
मनोरंजन,त्याग और तपस्या के

तेरे मेरे कितने सपने
बचपन के वो दिन सुहाने
जवानी के वो दिन दीवाने
गाएँ मिलकर जो तराने

अपना स्टेशन आये तो उतरना
देख मुसाफिर भूल न जाना
फिर इस गाडी में आना
प्यार हमारा साथ ले जाना

Gaadi aayi gaadi aayi
Atul ji ki gaadi aayi
Saat suron ka saagar laayi
Man mein umangen hazaar laayi

Iska Engine samay ka pahiyaa
Dibbe saare badalti ghadiyaan
In dibbon mein kayi kahaaniyaan
Yaadon ki kayi zindagaaniyaan

Sukh dukh ke khazaane se
Gehri samay ki dhaara se
Kisse angeenat kalaakaaron ke
Manoranjan, tyaag aur tapasyaa ke

Tere mere kitne sapne
Bachpan ke wo din suhaane
Jawaani ke wo din deewaane
Gaayen milkar jo takraane

Apna station aaye to utarna
Dekh musaafir bhool na jaana
Phir  is gaadi mein aana
Pyaar hamaara saath le jaana

‘A long way to go…..’

Celebrating 100th Post on Samajshilpi !

Congratulations to Samajshilpi! Congratulations to all associated with this blog!!

As we were approaching for the 100th post on Samajshilpi I was thinking of some special post and what would be the topic for this post.

However on a very perfect time I got this post from my daughter Ashwini and I am glad to post this as the 100th post on this blog, as she have been the other ‘main contributor’ on this blog.
Ashwini started writing when she was studying in VII Th, and with this blog she has also completed ‘Five’ years of ‘writing’.
The number of her posts gradually reduced due to her studies and in between her clearing out the board exam for X Th and now she has this another crucial year of XII th.

So, I cannot demand more from her, and over the years my tone has also changed from ‘is topic par likho or kuchh likhkar dena’ to ‘tumne kuchh likha kya?’ to ‘Kuchh likha ho to bataana’! (For keep continuing the posting new posts on the blog, as my posts were also reduced due to work priorities).

Though I have got at least 3 posts ready, there timing is to be matched with posts on my other networked blog.

I thank my friends Shri.Ashish Tilak and Shri.Bharat Bhatt for their continued support to me.
Also I thank Shri.Raja, Shri.Jigar Modi for their contribution and posts.

So, very happily presenting herewith this post and hope to see your comments and feedback thereof…

And thanking you all the readers, well wishers and supporters for appreciating this blog.
–    Avinash Scrapwala



‘ A Long Way To Go …’

Can’t figure out, what to say,
Can’t figure out to go which way,

The more I feel I’m through it all
Situation tend to be the same again,
The more I decide to be quite somehow
All my patience goes in vain!!

‘Why again me?’ is not what I’m asking
It’s not that I want to get rid anyway,
Blaming you-‘my life’, is not what I’ll do
But I’ll try to understand what you want to convey…

When it really feels I’ve unfolded the mystery
That’s the point where life takes a turn,
When I say to my life that I’ve learned what you taught me
That’s when life shows me I still have “so much to learn”!

Can’t figure out what to say
Because my feelings are what, I really don’t want to show,
Can’t figure out to go which way,
Because it is still ‘A very long way to go……’ !



From ‘Wishes’ to ‘Reality’ …

Not getting ‘words’ but
A lot to ‘speak’
Not getting ‘hurt’ still
A lot to ‘heal’
Have fear of being left ‘lonely’
But want to be ‘alone’
‘Known’ by many but
Wish to be ‘unknown’
‘Moving’ ahead every moment
But just wish to ‘stay’ forever
Wish to ‘cry’ but ‘smiling’ like
Nothing happened to me ever
Want to be ‘strong’ but
Deep ‘broken’ inside,
Want to ‘show’ feelings but
Can do nothing except to ‘hide’
Wish to be ‘real’ but
Still acting ‘fake’
Wish to ‘continue’ but
Still need a ‘break’….


दूर आसमान में बादल
मुझको मतवाला बनाता बादल
कभी दिलवाला, कभी अलबेला बादल,
‘मन मोर’ को नचाता,
कभी मदहोश कर देता बादल,

कभी अटखेलियाँ करता बादल,
कभी अकेले ही घटाओंसे लड़ता बादल,
झरोखें से मुझको देखता बादल,
कभी मेरा पीछा करता बादल,
मेरे साथ दौड़ता – खेतों खेतों लहराता बादल,
कभी साथ मेरे चलता बादल,

कितने सारे सपनों का बादल,
किसी के सोलह सिंगार का बादल,
मेरे पहले प्यार का बादल,
यादों में ले जाता बादल,

बचपन सा नन्हासा बादल,
उमड़ घुमड़ करता बादल,
आशाएं जगाता
नित नया बादल,
जीवन का विश्वास बादल,
राह नयी दिखलाता बादल,
मोक्ष हमको दिलाता बादल,
नयी सृजन का कारण बादल

Life is here …!!!

Not at all alone
Not at all Sad
Happy with my closed ones,
Near and Dear

Not at all worried,
Not any kind of fear
Feel with your Heart
The ‘Happiness’ is here

A blink in the eyes,
A wish to fly,
A belief of reaching,
The Heights Superior

Unfold the mystery,
Make a History
Live it each moment,
The ‘Life is Here’

A Smile on lips,
The comfort in care
Feel the pain in
A little drop of Tear

Spread your Affection,
Spread a wave of Care
Listen, your soul says,
The ‘Love’ is here

The Calmness in Wind,
The Tenderness of Leaves,
A beautiful Touch,
The Nature wears

Let there be Humanity,
Let the Life be full of Love,
Look the Nature says,
The ‘Heaven’ is Here’