‘Jan Gan’ ke ‘Man Ki Baat’ – Deeply Disappointed or Hopes Alive?

The NDA government at the Centre has completed a year in office.

During the previous UPA government’s term from 2009 to 2014, in 2009 while assuming the power in its second term after 1999 the earlier Congress government, had promised a lot to achieve in their first ‘100 days’, and which we all know what they achieved, leave alone the first ‘100 days’, but even during the whole term of five years.

So, when the Country went to poll in April-May 2014, the urge for an ‘overall change’ in the public brings in the new BJP government at the Centre.

When BJP come to power a media house conducted a ‘survey’ asking the people their ‘hopes from the Modi government’ (wherein I also get a chance to share my views with them)

It was on 23rd of May, that I contact them and send a mail, wherein I refer them two posts on my blog and I write to them as below;

‘Till I forward my list of hopes one by one, I would like to share these links from ‘Samajshilpi’ blog of poems and articles related to Namo

Bharat Namo Namaah:
Namo Bharat:

And later on, on 26th May I had specifically sent this message then;

‘We hope the new government totally accountable towards the public and will establish law and order in the society. It should establish the ‘rule of the law’, should instill faith in the public, should rebuild INDIA as a ‘living soul’ and would promptly react to the problems of ‘common man’…”

Apart from the above when the agency called to me on 26.05.2014 (I hope I am correct) I told them that what I wish to see after this government’s taking over was an ‘overall change in the attitude’ of the government machinery towards people and this government will ensure to awake the ‘soul of the nation’ taking all into one thread and helping in to build an “atmosphere of peace and harmony” among the people of India.

So, if we have to assess the improvements under the new government at the center, we can do this only by tracking with our hopes and aspirations from the new government or the disappointments from the earlier UPA rule or the reasons for which people vote for ‘change’.
On 28.04.2011 I had written this article ‘Deeply disappointed’ wherein I had mentioned my thoughts about the various issues and the sentiments about the social issues that we ‘the people of India’ are concerned with.
It was the time, when the movement led by Anna Hazare was in full swing and the country embarked upon a new beginning …
I am reproducing the same article below again and wish that the readers share their views and comments about how they view these issues and there dealing with by the new government – the ‘Namo’ government.
While the media took on the ‘Performance’ of the new government within the last one year I think it is better to assess where the ‘common man’ stand today after ‘four years’, and not after ‘one year’, since the ‘issues’ concerning with the general public matters much more, irrespective of who came to power.
And I am sorry to say that, inspite, of the ‘hope’ and the ‘hype’ for development and ‘acche din’, there are still many core issues that this government needs to tackle with..

I hope that the ‘list of disappointments’ given in the below article rightly expresses our ‘Hopes from the Namo Government’ and the ‘grave areas’ where this government still needs to put in ‘serious and sincere efforts’…
अविनाश (Scrapwala) ની રચના April 28, 2011
(‘Deeply disappointed ’…सा)

When our respected Prime Minister expressed his ‘deep disappointment’ over Anna Hazare’s fasting, it left me hurt, and the many disappointments that I feel time to time and in our daily routine which gets backtracked with time, started hammering me.
These are the ‘disappointments’ that I carry and for that matter most of my fellow countrymen also carry, but we do not let our respected PM know (?) all these.
Now, taking this opportunity I would like to let our PM knows how much disappointed we are; I feel disappointed because still after 62 years of independence many of us are still deprived of basic amenities, many do not get food and die of starvation, ‘shelter’ for all is still a ‘dream’, many villages are still without ‘electricity and ‘power-cuts’ & ‘load-shedding’ continue to remind us that ‘development’(?) is still a ‘distant dream’. Even we do not have ‘pucca’ road at many places and wherever they are the condition is not good and the roads are not repaired and maintained properly.
Atrocities on children have increased, children lost are not traced back, Rape and Ransom killings have become a social menace, cricketers are paid more than the jawans who lost their lives while fighting at border and in house with Maoists, naxalites and mafias.
We are absolutely helpless on the increasing Crimes, Rape, Ransom killings, Ragging and to add this the 4th evil R of our society –Reservation issues- which freely allows to loot the national property and all innocent suffers on account of road blockages-train blockages etc and moreover nation looses revenue on account of non-functioning of our day to day businesses.
When so many do not get food for even one time our MPs are served with subsidized food. Billion of rupees are wasted due to non-functioning of the Parliament. I feel very disappointed when maximum farmers commit suicide from the state which the Agriculture Minister belongs to.
Serious issues are easily politicized to reduce their gravity and public attention is diverted by creating fraction among society and their various groups.
I feel agonized when I cannot call back the non-performing and corrupt MPs and replace them with a new one.
When traffic restrictions during Ministers and Prime Minister’s visit left someone die because of not getting medical treatment or reach hospital within time, what should we feel like?
Our jawans are lost to frequently fighting infiltration in Kashmir whereas the likes of Afzal Guru and Kasab enjoy our hospitality in jails. Attack on parliament left many jawans killed and similarly we lost officers like Karkare in terrorist’s attacks but the ‘culprits’ and ‘masterminds ‘ are still alive. Martyr’s families are treated badly; even their widows are treated badly and terrorized by antisocial elements.
Where the common man is struggling to make both ends meet together Corrupted politicians and goons are really enjoying the party. Corruption is scaling newer heights and increased to such an extent that honest officers are burnt alive and harassed to the level that they commit suicide.
And to summarize at last- appointment of corrupt CVC, Sex scandals, sex-for-marks scandals, never ending scams, Inflation, price –rise, killing of RTI activists, aborting girl child, honor killings, Jessica –Mattoo murder, Nithari case, Aarushi case, railway accidents-unmanned railway crossings-crimes in trains, the innumerous murders and rapes reported and not reported, the central agencies and human rights cry for the criminals died in en-counter in Gujarat but sleeps when murders, rapes, burnt alive incidents took place in UP. Environmental issues are also politicized and used to discriminate between states. You as a ‘CEO’ of this country have to own this and responsible for all.
And last but not the least my respected Sir, a person like you instead of supporting Hazare’s movement
and welcoming his step was ‘disappointed’… and this is enough to disappoint all of us.
At least the public has not cheated you; they have given you a second term, But for the FOUR days of Anna’s fast we feel cheated by the ruling party and that too a party like ‘congress’ which took four days time to agree to Hazare’s demand.
(I have deliberately delayed the publishing of this post, so that the disappointments are not faded with time. I hope that the list will reduce with time instead of growing further).

Contd …

From ‘Secular’ with Love

Dear World Encyclopedia,

Most painfully I would like to request you to ‘ban’ my use by ‘all Politicians’ in India with immediate effect.

This is the only country where my true meaning and dignity have been reduced to a ‘mockery’ the Politicians in India.

‘Secularism’ in India means ‘equal treatment of all religions by the State’.

However in real practice people are using it for their own political benefit mostly, and to divide and rule the common man in this country.
Vested interests are misleading uneducated, poor and helpless people to satisfy their own political ambitions.
These vested political interests do not want development in their country and fear that if people get educated and developed, they will not be able to divide them over communal and religious lines.
These vested interests and power hungry groups have reduced me to a ‘controversial topic’. For years now I am feeling hurt and tortured in this country. The suffocation has become unbearable for me now.

I feel very proud, when years ago, in 1976 I was included in the ‘Preamble’ of the ‘Constitution of India’ by the 42nd amendment in the constitution.

But sad to say that, thereafter, I have been misused largely by the ‘Politicians’ there, though People of this country have maintained the spirit and have always make me proud.

For the young people of India I would request them to give me a understanding at Secularism in India.

People can learn more about me at Secularism

Those who wish to understand me better can visit Secular – Definition at Free dictionary

I know that the young generation in India is eager to understand my meaning in Hindi also. Here it is at Hinkhoj

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

ख़ामोशी कब तक …

समस्याएं कितनी हैं
कहना चाहता हूँ,
इंसानियत किस हद तक गिरी हैं
बताना चाहता हूँ,

अपने चारों ओर देखो तो –
रोज़मर्रा के झगडे कितने हैं,
हिंसा कितनी बढ़ी हैं,
अपहरण, लूट और डकैती
हर रोज का नियम हैं,
‘भ्रष्टाचार’ अब ‘शिष्टाचार’ ही नहीं,
हमारा ‘चरित्र’ बन गया हैं,
‘बलात्कार’ अब हमको ‘झिंझोड़ता’ नहीं हैं,
वो तो बस एक ‘खबर’ होती हैं,

अभी कानून कितना लचर हैं,
समाज कितना अनुशासनहिन् हैं,
‘सरकार’ कितनी ‘लोला-पोला’ हैं,
आम आदमी क्यों पीस रहा हैं,
‘राजनीती’ कितनी ‘स्वार्थी’ हैं,

प्रकृति क्यों नाराज़ हैं,
‘दोहन’ की क्या कोई ‘सीमा’ हैं?
भगवान क्यों ‘रूठे’ हुए हैं?
देश के ‘नौनिहाल’
क्यों हैं ‘बेबस’ और ‘बदहाल’,

पीडाओं को बयान करना चाहता हूँ,
मैं शब्दों को ढूंढ रहा हूँ,

इमानदारी ने पूछा,
इंसानियत ने आवाज़ लगाई,
ज़मीर ने पुकारा,
दोस्तों ने कहा
कलम क्यों खामोश हैं,
कुछ बोलते नहीं,
आवाज़ क्यों नहीं उठाते,
क्यों बर्दाश्त कर रहे हो सब,
क्या ‘अलफ़ाज़’ नहीं मिल रहे,
क्यों लिखते नहीं?

ख़ामोशी मेरी भी
तड़प रही है,
मैं शब्दों को ढूंढ रहा हूँ,

ताकि अपनी भावनाओं को,
जन जन तक पहुंचा सकूँ,
या फिर अपने सवालों का
जवाब मांग सकूँ
वे जिनके पास हैं –
सत्ता और साज़-ओ-सामान –
इन समस्याओं को सुलझाने के,
या करूँ यलगार के –
जाग जाएँ मुल्क के रहनुमा अब,
‘ख़ामोशी’ का ‘लावा’ उबल रहा है….

INDIA IS MY COUNTRY – Thoughts – 2

(This is the first Guest Post to appear on this blog. This post is by Shri.Raja Swaminathan.
Actually this is a compilation of ‘tweets’ made by Shri.Raja Swaminathan on a particular day.
As I follow him on tweeter, on that particular day, when I go through his ‘tweets’, I find them very close to my thought process and other than this they talk about those important issues that needs to be focused and discussed collectively by all Indians today.
He talked about something very important that our country is missing today. Our society is missing today.
Not only had he talked about social, ethical, moral, values but also on economic issues and public-private partnership in the development of this country.
I sincerely want this to reach as many people as it can and start a thought provoking process to bring a collective change and a collective action among ourselves.
With his permission, I am sharing with you all his passionate thoughts on what we are missing and what we need to do.)

Every time I think about it, every time my respect for our founding fathers only increases.
The odds they faced! And how they managed!
– Communal tensions, very high rate of poverty, 500+ princely states…the West did not even expect India to survive as a country in 1947-48.
– Of what use is all this education if it still doesn’t make man respect man? Rather, our education seems to accentuate divides in society!
– Education is supposed to increase enlightenment. Take people out of darkness. Presumably darkness is cause of hate.
– Some of our hate-mongers are highly educated. And even respected. When I see Subramaniam Swamy spouting hatred regularly, I have to wonder!
– It’s everybody for himself now. Maybe times have become SO competitive – and greed so universal – that this was a natural consequence.
– When did EVERYTHING in life boil down to money, money and money alone? I don’t recall it being like this 30 yrs ago. Maybe I didn’t notice.
– My dad used to tell me “In matters of learning, look at people who have more than you. Aspire to be like them”. +
Today we have millions of more educated people. So much more technology. Life has become easier in many ways. But still SOMETHING’s missing.
– Though there was mass illiteracy (very few were highly educated), there were some strong values. Like “work is worship”. People worked hard.-
There was a junoon, there was a sense of purpose…even the songs reflected that. Hum laaye hain toofan se kashti nikaal ke…’

– They might have had personal differences, maybe egos too. But the idea – and needs – of ‘INDIA’ were bigger than all their own differences.
– Yet the founding fathers believed in India, built the nation, through all the crises. They’d sacrificed a lot personally to see a free India.
– My Dad used to say “In matters of money, look at people who have less than you. Be thankful for what you have, there are many worse off”.
– When did aspiration for money become the most coveted-for-aspiration in life? Define our “aspirational” society…How did this happen?
– Not suggesting that everything was great in the past. Of course, it wasn’t. Many things are much better now. But the obsession with money…
The obsession to have more and more…in a country short of land, with millions homeless, buy more and more land/flats…
– Our crisis of land/water shortage is only getting exacerbated with rising population. There will be more profiteering. Ppl see only $$$$$
– What sort of society are we then moving towards? How many more beggars will we create? This time begging for water…
– And we continue to fight over petty things like who said what to whom when. Fights between the haves. The have-nots don’t have time to fight.
– The have-nots are eking out a daily existence, working day and night. Just to survive. How unequal has our society become!
The biggest loss in any society, in my opinion, is a loss of basic human values. If this doesn’t exist, the society is doomed.
We need to restore these basic values in society. It’s not a zero-sum game. We can be economically vibrant AND have values in society.
– Very true. There’s no trust anymore. In anybody, in any institution…they’ve all sadly been seen to have feet of clay.

There are still people with integrity out there. Fighting hard not to fall prey to the system. But the system gets more and more consuming.
– I don’t want to get into this capitalism vs socialism debate but I cannot accept that we cannot “grow” without destroying our environment.
– I tend to think our definition – and measure – of “growth” itself is suspect.
– We’ve defined it in a consumption society. The more you consume, the more gets produced to meet the demand. Ergo, more “wealth”. +
Have we put a price on our forests, on our rivers, on our ecosystem that sustains us every day with the air we breathe?
– We haven’t- because they are all priceless! Ironically because they ARE priceless, we don’t value them. Not if we cannot “monetize” them!
– The argument for a consumerist society (the buzzword is “aspirational”) is that it creates jobs through more production to feed consumption.
– I have my own doubts on the input:output ratio (what with increasing mechanization) but for the moment let me accept this argument in part.
– Shouldn’t a more holistic approach then take a look at ALL resources (incl environmental resources) to see how best to meet aspirations?
– Even the aspirations are mischievously mis-represented to cater to industry groups and their lobbies.
– People don’t all want cars. That’s an aspiration created by the car industry. They want convenient and quick travel options.
– In our cities, if we had top-class connectivity (incl last mile), would we have SO many cars on our roads? I don’t think so.
– In a developing country, investment in public infrastructure is usually very high in the country’s list of economic priorities.
– In India, after failing miserably for decades, we’ve now conveniently passed on responsibility to the magical PPP model.
– As if public-private partnership will suddenly deliver all the public infrastructure that decades of neglect didn’t.
– In a country like India, where governance and transparency are already endangered species of good practice, PPP is a cruel joke.
– In theory, PPP is fine. Get the best of govt resources and private-sector skills/practices to develop infrastructure jointly.Yes, in theory.
– But in practice, it is more likely to bring out the worst of both. Govt will blame pvt sector, pvt sector will blame govt.
– So I am rather cautious about PPP in the Indian context.Not the concept, as its implementation in India. And I haven’t even talked cronyism.
– As long as the fundamentals (I mean the govt machinery with checks/balances) are not in place, I wouldn’t bring in private sector into eqn.
– Which begs the question: If the fundamentals ARE in place, the govt should be able to execute public infra projects on its own, right?
– After all, many of the major public infra projects in the 1950s/60s were all govt projects. Like Bhakra-Nangal Dam.
– Is it competence? Is it that the public sector does not now attract the required talent to execute these infra projects?
– Is it purely a redefinition of government? Defining its boundaries more narrowly, to exclude such projects?
What is it, I’d like to know. How is it that the govt could execute so many infra projects in the 1950s. And today struggles to lay roads?

We need to realise first and foremost that this is PUBLIC infrastructure. So the buck stops with the government.
– If it chooses to partner with private parties, that’s its choice. But it cannot abdicate responsibility quoting PPP or whatever.
– Look at the mess with gas pricing with Reliance.Look at the coal block allocations mess.Surely the govt shd’ve first thought it through?
– I don’t blame the pvt sector. It will try to maximise profits at every opportunity. It is the govt which needs to define the framework.
With so many competent people in govt, why was the framework so loose? So open to misuse? I can only speculate that vested interests ruled.
So it’s not (only) competence. It’s integrity. Once the economy was “opened up”, the country was put up for sale – without checks/balances.
See, we end up exactly where we started. That word.  INTEGRITY.  Maybe that’s what our founding fathers had more of. Making all the difference.
Integrity. A word somewhat difficult to describe. But you notice it – because it makes ALL the difference.

‘लाठीतंत्र’ और ‘मुआवजा’ – (‘Laathi Tantra’ Aur ‘Muaavja’)

जिसकी जहां चल रही है
वो वहीँ लाठी भांज रहा है
‘लाचार’ बेबस देख रहा है
‘अराजक’ राज कर रहा है

गुनाहगार सीनाजोर
छाती ठोक के जी रहा है
कायदा क़ानून ताक पर रख कर
धडल्ले से मौज कर रहा है

बेगुनाह बेक़सूर
सीने पर वार झेल रहा है
मौत पर उसकी,
मातम –
अंदर ही अंदर दम तोड़ रहा है,

रोटी के फेर में
आम जनता उलझ कर
दसों दिशाओं सर पटक रही है
मुट्ठीभर ‘सेवक’ मज़े लेकर
पकवान उड़ा रहे है,

यही लोकतंत्र है
यही समाजवाद है
यही विकास है
यही सुशासन, सुराज और सर्वोदय है

आम आदमी अपने जुगाड में
‘इंसानियत’ से ‘जुदा’ है
इसी पर तो ‘सियासत’ ‘फ़िदा’ है
अंदाज़ जुदा भले हो ‘सियासत’ का
एक ही इसका ‘सौदा’ है,

टुकड़े टुकड़े इंसान
अपनी ही फ़िक्र में उलझा है
कोई किसी के साथ नहीं है
और किसी का ‘हाथ’ किसी के साथ नहीं है
आशाओं के झूठे ‘कमल’
अपनी ही दलदल में हैं,
पास उसके जाएँ तो
‘धंसने’ का का खतरा है

स्वार्थ का गठ जोड़
है ‘मुट्ठीभर’
लेकिन भारी
‘जन सैलाब’ पर

खेल वही पुराने
जात-पात और
भेद-भाव् के,
पाँसे वही – मंदिर-मस्जिद
आरक्षण और
भाषा-प्रांत के

यही भारत है
यही सबसे बड़ा जन-तंत्र है
यहाँ आम आदमी कि जिंदगी
एक ‘हादसा’ है,
और उसकी तकदीर
एक ‘मुआवजा’ है…

तीसरा मोर्चा – ( एक बिखरी हुई कविता )

फिर ‘मोर्चे’ कि बात चली है,
फिर ‘मोर्चों’ का मौसम आया है,
आओ हम भी एक मोर्चा बनाएँ,
आओ एक ‘मोर्चे’ में शामिल हो जायें,
नाम चाहे कोई भी रख लो
पर भ्रष्टाचार से झोली भर लो,
मोर्चा तो एक बहाना हैं
जनता को लूटकर हमें तो बस
अपना काम बनाना हैं


एक तरफ है ‘मोर्चा’ अमीरी का – सत्ता का,
एक तरफ है ‘मोर्चा’ उद्दंड, दबंग और दहशत गर्दों का ,
राज इन्ही दो ‘मोर्चों’ का चलता है
सिर्फ कहने के लिए कोई बीचमे
बार बार ‘तीसरे’ मोर्चे कि बात उठाता है,
ताकि बना रहे ‘संभ्रम’ जनता में,
और चलती रहे ‘दलाली’ इन मौकापरस्तों कि,
कहलाता है यह दलबदलुओं का,
और ‘सौदागरों’ का मोर्चा,
होतें है इसमें शामिल जो रह न गए,
इधर के भी या उधर के भी,
चलते हैं दाँव जो इधर से भी और उधर से भी

लेकिन है एक मोर्चा ऐसा भी,
जो है सबसे बड़ा भी,
मगर न जाने है क्यों, रहता हैं,
निर्विकार, निष्क्रिय और लाचार ही,
जो बस सहता है,
हर तरह के अत्याचार,
देखता है होते हुए कई ज़ुल्मों को,
पर ओढ़ लेता है स्वांग अंधेपन का,
आखिर कहाँ दिखायेगा चेहरा अपनी
बरबस मजबूरी और नपुंसकता का ….

इन अलग अलग रंगों के मोर्चों में भाई,
खो गया है ‘मोर्चा’ ‘आम आदमी’ का ,
राजनीती कि बिसात पर देखो,
रौंदा गया है ‘मोर्चा’ ‘इंसानियत’ का !!!