Today 5th June 2018 is the Tenth birth anniversary of this blog. On this day in 2009 this blog was launched, and since then, albeit slowly, this blog has been progressing and continuing with the support of all who have been associated and visited this blog time to time.

This year the World Environment Day theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’!!

And this year our own country India is the host for celebration of this day World-wide.

Few years back I had penned a poem as a ‘self-narrative’ by a ‘polybag (Panni)’.

The poem was in Hindi and for today’s presentation I have got its translation into English done by my daughter Ashwini.

Keeping my write up simple and limited to this much only and once again Thanking all, I present this translation, as a post for today’s occasion here;


I am a ‘polybag’ wandering places,
Wandering just like the other members of my species are,
Spreading throughout and travelling into the unknown,
Getting ignored with no hopes of getting cared and cured
Yet I keep wishing, for someone to pick me up in their loving arms,
I wish someone would take me to my rightful ‘disposal’, the place where I belong.
I wonder where my siblings are,
Maybe they’re wretched just like me,
Maybe they too have a gruesome story to tell
Like PVC had to tell this other day;
“Oh! the ignorant Humans!
Why aren’t you saving yourselves from me?
Don’t you care about your future?
The future of you and your progeny…”
I wish you would have kept us away from your surroundings
Instead of letting I and my specie get all messed up with each other.
I myself have been through a lot,
Be it getting trapped in cluster of spikes
Or being wrapped up around the branch of a tree!
I’ve floated in the drains, muffled over cans and ducts
Just to become the culprit of everything filthy!
I am that tramp, who keeps wandering constantly,
Rotting through rivers and pools,
Ending up spreading pollution everywhere,
You ask me where I’ll be found,
I am Omnipresent I say!
Flying, crashing through nowhere
Hoping for some day ‘someone’ will come,
And take me to my ‘appropriate disposal’
Please embrace me, love me, care me
Help me to reach – ‘my final destination’
Take me where I belong and save your Habitat,
Save your mother, Oh human,
Save your nature, Save ‘mother earth’

सुहाना सफर …. Suhaanaa Safar

This is poem is dedicated to the magical blog ‘atul’s bollywood song a day – with full lyrics’

Congratulating Atul ji and his team on reaching 10,000 songs on Jun 19, 2013 – and wishing a very happy musical journey ahead …

गाडी आयी गाडी आयी
अतुल जी कि गाडी आयी
सात सुरों का सागर लायी
मन में उमंगें हज़ार लायी

इसका इंजन समय का पहिया
डिब्बे सारे बदलती घड़ियाँ
इन डिब्बों में कई कहानियां
यादों कि कई जिंदगानियाँ

सुख दुःख के खजाने से
गहरी समय कि धारा से
किस्से अनगिनत कलाकारों के
मनोरंजन,त्याग और तपस्या के

तेरे मेरे कितने सपने
बचपन के वो दिन सुहाने
जवानी के वो दिन दीवाने
गाएँ मिलकर जो तराने

अपना स्टेशन आये तो उतरना
देख मुसाफिर भूल न जाना
फिर इस गाडी में आना
प्यार हमारा साथ ले जाना

Gaadi aayi gaadi aayi
Atul ji ki gaadi aayi
Saat suron ka saagar laayi
Man mein umangen hazaar laayi

Iska Engine samay ka pahiyaa
Dibbe saare badalti ghadiyaan
In dibbon mein kayi kahaaniyaan
Yaadon ki kayi zindagaaniyaan

Sukh dukh ke khazaane se
Gehri samay ki dhaara se
Kisse angeenat kalaakaaron ke
Manoranjan, tyaag aur tapasyaa ke

Tere mere kitne sapne
Bachpan ke wo din suhaane
Jawaani ke wo din deewaane
Gaayen milkar jo takraane

Apna station aaye to utarna
Dekh musaafir bhool na jaana
Phir  is gaadi mein aana
Pyaar hamaara saath le jaana


कहते हैं कि ‘उम्मीद’ पे दुनिया कायम हैं,
इसलिए है उम्मीद तुझसे ही मेरी, कि जैसे है,
सृष्टि को नियम से,
नियम को परिश्रम से,
तपिश को ठंडक से,
रेगिस्तान को हरियाली से,
क्षुधा को खुराक की,
तृषा को जल से ,
लहर को किनारेसे,
निराशा को है आशा से,
धरती को सूरज से,
अग्नि को वायु से,
इंसान को इंसानियत से,
आत्मा को परमात्मा से,
और रिश्तों को ‘विश्वास’ की है उम्मीद !
यह रिश्ता टूट न जाये कभी,
बंधी रहे डोर पंचतत्व की इस जीवन से,
चलता रहे कारवां जिंदगी का यूँही,
यही सोचकर,
फिर ‘उम्मीद’ के ‘बादल’ घिर आये है,
और छायी है ‘घटा’ ‘विश्वास’ की,
लुटा दे हम पर तेरी ‘दया’ का ‘सागर’,
……… बरस जा अब तो !

(This poem was earlier posted on  and somehow it missed here, so re-blogged today with a hope that all these prayers reach to the God and he showers his blessing on us – on all of us)

Deewaaron Ka Jungle – 2 – Nana Patekar

(Deewaaron ka Jungle-II)

Deewaaron ka Jungle-1

बहुत घुटन है कोई सूरते बयाँ निकले
अगर सदा न उठे, कम से कम फूगां निकले
–    साहिर लुधियानवी

As a human being we cannot remain isolated to what is happening in our surroundings and day to day life. Sometimes we are hurt, we are pained, we struggle, we fight back in our own individual way but we alone cannot make all right as we would like it to be.
We are confined to our comfort zone. And it is very difficult for us to come out of it.
Ultimately we are compelled to confine ourselves to our own priorities, we have our own personal problems and in our own way we are attached to it. Even if somehow we want to do something for a social cause we are unable to do so and we could not carry our fight for others for longer.

We cry, we weep, we keep wailing for some time and then back to square one we are back to the only cause of our ‘do joon ki roti’.

And then there is this ‘chhodo yaar, ae sab to chalta hi rahega, apne baap ka kya jaata hai’

But believe me, though not much may have gone of our Fathers but everything of our children is at ‘stake’.

Take for instance the ‘Nithari’ killings of innocent children years before… what has happened?
The ‘Satan of Patans’, the continuous rape in PTC college of Patan in Gujarat?
It is more heinous act than terrorism.
It is only who lost their near and dear ones those suffer.

And the others will continue to suffer some other day because we have all accepted it now as a routine and the ‘bench-mark’ has been set and achieving to ‘new heights’ of ‘heinousness’- thanks to the people of this country – because for rest of them it is all ‘sab chalta hai’, ‘chhod na yaar’, ‘apne baap ka kya jaata hai, ‘bhool ja ..’ , and happily the ‘republic’ goes on, moving further, marching to ‘mars’ and going down with ‘humanity, values, ethics, moral, civic sense, social commitment, social responsibility, and moral and social responsibility’;
(Yesterday there was news about a Son of Leader (of the party in power) in UP, beating a Ladies Officer on duty- where are the ‘woman rights activists’ or ‘human rights activists’ and so called NGOs?)

Deewaaron ke is jungle mein
Bhatak rahe insaan
Apne apne uljhe daaman
Jhatak rahe insaan
Apni vipadaa chhod ke aaye
Kaun kisi ke kaam

Here I would like to share with all what the great film personality Nana Patekar had said about in a interview with IBN Lokmat editor Mr.Nikhil Wagle few months back.
This discussion held then is very much in line with our topic of this article and hence I feel it is essential to share it with all of you (those it has been almost ten months now when this interview was held)

On 3rd march there was an interview of Nana Patekar on ‘IBN- Lokmat’ where the editor of the news channel Mr. Nikhil Wagle discussed about his latest film – the attacks of 26/11-and the prevailing socio-political situation in the country. I missed some earlier part of this discussion, but thanks to YT, it is available on it. Nana talks about many current socio-political issues in this talk and very less about his new film. As we know about Nana he is socially active and do many things ensuring that there is no ‘publicity’ about it.
Nana is worried about the current scenario, the way life has changed, that he watched through his journey of life from his childhood days to now.

‘Hamne ek dusre ke prati vishwas kho diya hain’

About the vulnerability of life nowadays he says ‘one cannot ensure that the person who left his house in the morning will be back in evening (as it is) to home or not?’
Nana also speaks on the deteriorating social values in our society.
But he is optimistic that the new generation will be able to shake up the current system and bring a change.
Something needs to be done. If I do not express I get suffocated. Cinema is the medium.

As mentioned above while watching this on 3rd March I had missed some earlier part, but very soon I find it on YT and please note what note it start –
Nana is walking in his farms followed by the editor and his crew, and the editor and what Nana said – ‘mumbai mein kuchh nahin hain, sirf ‘deewaarein’ hain! It’s suffocating in Mumbai behind the ‘four walls’.
(Deewaaron ka Jungle-II) …

Deewaaron Ka Jungle – 1

(Deewaaron ka Jungle-1)

All of us read news or watch them on TV. And as we read or hear the happenings in our society and around us, we are shaken, heartbroken at some times, depressed, dejected and helpless…

I am again reproducing text of some news for the incidents that we all know have taken place around us, and on the same land where we ‘the people of India’ live in and moving forward, waiting for some more ‘ghastly’ to happen …

New Delhi, Jan 8 (IANS) at an age when most children cherish their books, clothes and toys, a 12-year old girl is silently suffering the pain of a brutal gang-rape which has forced her to undergo 19 surgeries till now. The victim is now waiting for her 20th surgery at the premier AIIMS here.
Gang-raped by six men in Sikar in Rajasthan more than a year ago, the girl has undergone both mental and physical trauma and has been waging a silent battle against all odds since the time the men left her on the roadside to die after brutally raping her.
When this IANS correspondent met the victim in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), she was lying on the hospital bed with her face covered with the sheet, while her sister and 65-year-old widowed mother sat near her – hoping that the next round of medical treatment will help her regain her health.

Bhubaneswar, Jan 6 (IANS) A teenaged girl who was sexually molested by a boy of her age while returning after a bath in a nullah (drain) in Odisha’s Jajpur district committed suicide by hanging herself at home, police said Monday.
The 17-year-old girl was reportedly molested by Rajan Bhoi..
Ashamed and apprehensive of the response from other villagers, the girl hanged herself to death from the ceiling of her home, police said.

Few days back a 16 year old is gang raped and burnt to death as the ‘nation’ ‘silently’ watched on…
It has been in news recently that around 50 children have died in the relief camp housing at Muzzafarnagar (U.P) and the deaths still continue whereas the government is engaged in partying, touring and celebrating ‘mahotsavs’!
How can we tolerate this?
And how long are we going to tolerate this nonsense?
Some time back three persons were killed while saving a girl from eve-teasers, among the three one was the girl’s father and two were her Uncle. (Well, naturally as it happens in our country, the goons escape safely).
Coming to the daily news of Molestations and Rape and even Rape and Murder, now it has become a daily routine and reduced to mere a ‘news’.
Following are some more excerpts of incidents that took place around us recently;
# a truck of onion triples down, its driver injured and crying for help, peoples gather there but only to pick up the onions leaving the ‘human being’ screaming for help and ultimately resulting in his death when he is taken for treatment.

# in a shocking case of public apathy, a man lay on the road crying for help inside a tunnel next to the bodies of his wife and infant daughter with nobody stopping by for around 40 minutes after a speeding truck hit his motorcycle.
Police said the injured husband kept crying for help for around 40 minutes but the motorists ignored their cries and every vehicle passed by without stopping delaying prompt medical treatment.
CCTV footages showed that the woman’s husband and his four-year-old son beseeched passers-by for help for almost 10 minutes. However, no one stopped to help them, police said.
No one stepped out for help as the man holding his son sat in the middle of the road while his wife and daughter lay in an unconscious state and without knowing their fate.
#3 two women were tonsured and garlanded with shoes in a Jharkhand village after they resisted a molestation attempt, police said Thursday. According to police, four youths forcibly entered their house and misbehaved with them. When they resisted, they were tonsured and garlanded with shoes.

Police have registered a complaint against four people but no arrests have been made as yet.

# Bangalore: Senior citizen beaten to death by teenagers. … in Bangalore has died after he was allegedly assaulted by two men who were eve-teasing his niece.
# a senior citizen who opposed a group of eve teasers in Delhi’s harsh….
# Two boys in the prime of their youth killed for defending the honor of their women

Anger has erupted in Mumbai and across cyberspace over the killing of two young men after they tried to defend their female friends from a man who allegedly hassled the women on a night out.
They were allegedly stabbed to death by a group of men after they objected to the indecent behavior of one of the men toward their female friends.
“The problem of eve teasing in the country is getting out of hand. Women everywhere, at least once in their lifetime, have either been groped or pinched or had to bear lewd remarks from men,” she said in an interview.
Early last month, also in Mumbai, a girl was stabbed for resisting an assault.
Sarmishtra Neogy wrote on the page’s wall, “At 11pm in a crowded place how can these goons have so much of courage to openly commit such a crime? They were confident that the Police will anyways do nothing to them and they will get away with it…When can we roam around freely? And when will there be a stop to all the brutality?”
Sympathy tweets poured in for the victims as people demanded justice. Nikhil Chinapa, a DJ and MTV anchor, wrote:, “Why can’t our legal system fast-track these cases? Isn’t it in everyone’s best interest to conduct a swift trial?”

Music director Vishal Dadlani wrote, “Keenan and Reuben, killed for standing up to eve-teasers. What has our city, our home, become? WE, who live here, must stop this, NOW!!”

“Yuva Satta,” a youth organization that works for good governance and political reforms is planning a campaign for awareness about eve teasing and the laws related to it.
“We are irritated and angry, but we have to channelize the emotions into something constructive to tackle the bigger issue of eve teasing and the stigma attached to it,” Mr. Mascarenhas added.
“The incident is definitely shocking because we don’t hear so much of it in Mumbai,” she told India Real Time. “But it isn’t going to stop me and my girl friends to enjoy and lead our lives as we want to.”

#Acid was flung on Preeti, 25, by some unknown people as she got off the New Delhi-Mumbai Garib Rath Express at Bandra Terminus May 2 morning to begin work as a nurse at the army hospital here.
She was on a ventilator for the past two weeks as her right lung had collapsed and the left one was only partly functional.
According to doctors attending to Rathi, her survival chances were as slim as five percent, given the extent of internal injuries, damage to vital organs and bleeding following the attack.
Acid had entered her oesophagus, windpipe and trachea.
She was initially treated for burns and other complications at the Masina Hospital in Byculla and then shifted to Bombay Hospital, New Marine Lines, May 18 for advanced medicare.
Doctors prioritised efforts to keep her alive and attempted corrective surgery on her, but abandoned the operation at the last minute due to internal bleeding.
Amar Singh had petitioned Maharashtra Home Minister R.R. Patil and state Director General of Police Sanjeev Dayal last fortnight, asking that the probe into the attack be taken away from the Government Railway Police (GRP).
“We want it to be handed over to either the state Crime Investigation Department of Central Bureau of Investigation as the GRP are not investigating it properly,” Amar Singh claimed in his petition.
He alleged that the GRP had wrongfully arrested a youth and was yet to track down the real culprit.
For the last three weeks, Amar Singh, his wife, their son and two nephews maintained a constant vigil by Rathi’s bedside as she battled for life.

#Woman blinded in acid attack in Mumbai. HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times Mumbai, May 03, 2013. First Published: 00:23 IST(3/5/2013) | Last Updated: …

And finally;
A 23-year-old woman, who died of injuries following an acid attack in Mumbai, was cremated with state … IANS New Delhi, June 3, 2013 | UPDATED 21:08 IST
Jun 1, 2013 – Delhi girl who suffered acid attack dies in Mumbai hospital – Delhi resident Preeti Rathi, who was … Updated: Wed, 16 Oct 2013, 19:43 IST.

But, we do not know if the real culprit has been arrested and even arrested, will he get the punishment he deserved?

I shall repeat here the below lines mentioned by my friend Shri.Raja in his tweets;

“Today we have millions of more educated people. So much more technology. Life has become easier in many ways. But still SOMETHING’s missing.”

– A collective outrage is missing
– Caring for each other is missing
– A collective fight is missing
– Rising above petty political differences and rising above caste, creed and religion is missing
– The Nation’s soul is missing

Going by the current incidences of crime against women, crime against children, the overall increasing crimes in the society, the vulnerability of human life, the problems faced by common man, inflation, hunger, corruption, lack of basic amenities all make us to think – is this the country our freedom fighter heroes have dreamt of ?

The situation is grimmer than we actually see it.

It seems that the social values had started declining since long time back and today it has reached its peak
We have made developments only in terms of ‘insensitivity’ and ‘callousness’.

‘Haal na poochhe Dard na baante
Is jungle ke log
Apna apna sukh hain sabka
Apna apna sog
Deewaaron ka jungle jiska
Aabaadi hain naam’

(Deewaaron Ka Jungle-1)

Remembering Sahir Ludhianvi (The Bhajans he wrote for Hindi films)

We know Sahir Ludhianvi (08.03.1921 – 25.10.1980) as a poet, a romanticist, a rebellion, and a true humanist.

(I will not detail on his biography, poetry or filmography either, because there is a lot of information available on him in the domain and in the various books published on his poetry and lyrics that he penned for the Hindi films.)

Today on his death anniversary we remember him and pay our tributes to him.
First of all I express my heartiest thanks to Shri.Raja ji for his kind support and guidance to me in completion and presentation of this article.

‘Sahir Ludhianvi’ the name itself spells magic.

We know Sahir Ludhianvi as a poet of the highest quality, a romantic at heart, and a rebel.
What I learn through his poetry, and / or the many songs’ lyrics that he have contributed to the Hindi Films, I find him as a truly secular individual, a humanitarian, a true patriot, a ‘nature lover’, and an all time motivational philosopher. (Even after considering the various controversies that have been there about him).

Hence for me, he was much more than a poet, a romanticist, and a rebel.
For me he was a truly social, secular individual, a humanitarian, and a motivational philosopher.
He has been taking a ‘dig’ on the society and on the ‘hypocrisy’ prevalent in our society, on the pseudo-secularism, and the ‘system’ which gave importance to all other things over humanity.
His straight forward and hard hitting lyrics are very much relevant even today and very much important in context of the developments in our society and the social issues we face even after 67 years of our independence.

There were many aspects to Sahir’s poetry and writing. But, today, for the purposes of this article, I would like to dwell upon just one of them- The ‘Bhajans’ that he wrote.

Sahir has given us many memorable, or perhaps I should say ‘immortal’, bhajans which lead us to the world of the sublime, to introspect within ourselves, to be inspired and to be motivated in this journey of life. When one looks at these bhajans and the conviction in them, it becomes clear that they come straight from Sahir’s heart.

The Gramophone Co of India Ltd (HMV) had brought out in 1985 a beautiful compilation of ‘bhajans’ from this great poet.

Titled as ‘Bhajans from Films – Poet SAHIR LUDHIANVI’, this audio cassette (which I purchased on 28.11.1988 – I had this habit of marking my signature and date on the cassettes which I used to purchase regularly for my collection) this album has, in all, a total of ‘twelve’ gems.

I shall list out these songs with their links. All these ‘Bhajans’ have been discussed and available on our beloved Shri.Atul ji’s blog of which the respective links have been provided where one can listen these ‘Bhajans’ and/or watch the videos also.
Out of these twelve, so far ten have been discussed on Atul ji’s blog.

Here they are (with the links):
1) Allah tero naam ishwar tero naam from ‘Hum Dono’
2) Prabhu tero naam jo dhyaaye phal paawe from ‘Hum Dono’
3) ‘Tora man darpan kahlaaye’ from ‘Kaajal’
4)  The extraordinary view from the loggia extends from buy Cialis Super Active Vancouver Canada Discount Prices Online Pharmacy Cheap buy Cialis Super Active 20 mg Online Cheap Canadian Pharmacy MedsВ  buy Valtrex pay pal without prescription the Vatican all the way to the Albano hills. The space has buy ‘Aan milo aan milo shyaam saanware’ from ‘Devdas’
5)  ‘Aaj sajan mohe ang lagaalo’ from ‘Pyaasa’
6)  ‘Kaam krodh aur lobh ka maara jagat na aaya raas Professional essay writers from ‘Bahurani’
7) ‘Ganga tera paani amrit’ from same film
8) ‘Tora manwa kyon ghabraye’ from ‘Sadhna’
9) ‘Man re too kahe na dhir dhare’ from ‘Chitralekha’
10) ‘Ishwar allah tere naam’ from ‘Naya Raasta’…
Another beautiful song (which is not in the compilation) is ‘teri hai zameen, teraa aasmaan’ from ‘The Burning Train-1980’ Teri hai zameen tera aasmaan tu badaa meharbaan
This is another lovely gem penned by Sahir.

The two songs from the album, (and that remain to be posted on Atul ji’s blog) are:
1)    Raam rahim Krishna kareem… sab ki hain ik hi taalim -Mehmaan (1974)
2)    O praani re … teri karam kahaani teri aatma bhi jaane – Chingaari (1971*).

*The film itself is said to have been released only in 1989.

I will discuss the first song at another time, but today I would like to discuss the song from Chingaari. (Incidentally, there was a film in 1955 with the same title in which there is ONE song whose lyrics have been penned by Sahir)

This song from Chingaari is a beautiful, philosophical, gem about our ‘Karma’.

Sahir is talking to man, saying that however much he tries to cover up his deeds, his soul (aatma) knows. And He (the Lord, Parmatma) knows. So it is futile to commit sin and then try to cover it up.

Sahir emphasizes that you reap what you sow. the world is the result of karma. And your ‘karma’ cannot be hidden from your soul. And from Him (the Lord, Parmatma)

Such a clear philosophical statement coming from a man, known primarily for his Urdu shaayri!

I will leave all of you with these beautiful lyrics of this song from Sahir Saab.

The song being discussed today is sung by Shri.Manna Dey, who has left us yesterday. We pray our tributes to him. He has been a legendary singer for all of us and through his songs and the vast treasure he has left behind for all of us, he has immortalized himself in our hearts forever. The emotions for him cannot be expressed in words. He is there and will be there forever in our journey of life and in the life of the generations to come forever as long as music will be there on this earth.

And, while on this subject, I would also like to take the opportunity to pray to the Almighty to shower his love and affection on all of us, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Teri karam kahaani teri aatmaa bhi jaane (as available in the soundtrack of this film)
O praani re
Praani re
Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane
Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane
Kahaan chhupegaa re praani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Kitney hi pardon mein
Paap kamaaye tu
Kitney hi jatnon se
Bhed chhupaaye tu
Kitney hi pardon mein
Paap kamaaye tu
Kitney hi jatnon se
Bhed chhupaaye tu
Bhaley burey ki kahaani
Praani re
Praani re
Bhaley burey ki kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Jag jisey kehtey hain
Karmon ki kheti hain
Jaisaa koyee boye use
Waisaa phal deti hain
Jag jisey kehtey hain
Karmon ki kheti hain
Jaisaa koyee boye use
Waisaa phal deti hain
Tune boyaa kyaa thaa praani
O o o
O o o
Tune boyaa kyaa thaa praani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Prabhu ke dwaare teraa
Aanaa hi bahot hain
Bol ke naa bol
Pachhtaanaa hi bahot hain
Prabhu ke dwaare teraa
Aanaa hi bahot hain
Bol ke naa bol
Pachhtaanaa hi bahot hain
Jo hain vipadaa sunani
Praani re
Praani re
Jo hain vipadaa sunani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Kaise kaise patit
Mahaan bane jagme
Kaise kaise paapi
Gunwaan bane jagme
Kaun wo manushya hain jo
Duniyaa mein aaya ho
Phir bhi kabhi naa koyee
Paap kamaaya ho
Jab bhi teri aankh khule
Tab hi saweraa hain
Kshamaa karein sabko wo
Bhagwaan teraa hain
Yugon yogon ki kahaani
Praani re
Praani re
Yugon yogon ki kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane

Teri karam kahaani
Teri aatmaa bhi jaane
Parmatmaa bhi jaane


(On this blog this is the first post related with Sahir Saab, and I am very happy for that and also I am sure that there will be many more in future…)





Ever since I started this blog, I wish that I can share my experiences of workplace and relate them with respect to the situations and/or problems that we face in our daily social life.

For example, when I started dealing in Scrap materials and Hazardous waste at my work place, I use to think, does all garbage really gets disposed in the right way and right earnest as it needs to be?
What about the waste that we cannot recycle or which have no commercial value and hence not being sold?
What about the waste that is not collected and is left balance and the waste which is not biodegradable also?

Does all the effluent, even if they are treated and released in the water or to the land, are purely unharmful, or do they may be on small scale make damage to the natural resources?

Coming to the hazardous materials, I tend to relate them with peoples in our society, like there are ‘people’ of different kinds, some positive, some negative, some even hazardous who do antisocial activities, who are involved in crime etc etc
Now some hazardous waste are treated and recycled.
Yes! We do have jails for the criminals, but as for some hazardous wastes which could not be recycled are incinerated, I wish there could be such facilities for the peoples like those involved in the various Rape cases or other heinous crimes, so that there could be justice faster and more appropriate.

Well, I could keep on adding the thoughts as they have been going in my mind regularly which I will be sharing in this column.
Most of the companies now work with ISO certification – Quality Management System and some also follow other systems like ‘Safety Management System’ and ‘Environment Management System’.
I got an opportunity to work in this culture for the last 10 years so far and I got to learn many things and still learning and exploring further. So, I can also share my thoughts vis-à-vis various management systems and some of the terms that are buzzwords in our professional life.

As it happens with me every time I want to start a new thing, I try to make it start on a special day or a special occasion or considering my favorite numeric numbers.
That happen in this case also and this keep on shifting. In between there was some outstation tour on work front, due to which this was delayed.

But finally it take-off today, which happens to be the birthday of a very special person who is at the helm of affairs of state I have been staying for the last 09 years now- GUJARAT.

I will also be discussing my thoughts about him in the posts to follow.

And the very First Post to follow this one is a Guest Post from a very special person to me.

Arey chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai…

Happy Birthday Gulzar Saab!!

Today is the birth day of our beloved and one of the most respected bollywood personalities Shri.Gulzaar Saab!
An image of ‘deep river, flowing silently, its water touching to the highest levels of its banks’ comes to mind whenever I think about him.
His poetry when I read it, and try to understand it and as I keep revisiting to those beautiful lyrics penned by him I think he is an ‘Ocean – full of emotions’.
He has over the years been there like this and that is what I feel as my relationship with him has grown over the years.
Normally we say that the relationship grows ‘older’ but here in this case ‘it has grown younger and ‘younger ‘as the years have passed by.

Recollecting all these memories here, I am noting the thoughts as they emerge in my mind now and the names of the movies and various albums that I referred to may not be in a chronological order.

Writing this post brings many things to my mind about Gulzar Saab; right from the days when I was in my pre-teens, there were songs from the film Aandhi, Kinara that I liked the most.
Those are the very first memories of him that comes to my mind then the film ‘Mere Apne’, ‘Anand’ then Mausam, Golmaal, Gharonda, Angoor,Masoom , Lekin.
Then as i grow up more to understand the meaning of his lyrics, learning about him reading the news associated with him, his getting awards at many Film fare awards functions, his various felicitations time to time comes to my mind.
I got to listen to his soft and mesmerizing voice first in the HMV’s album ‘Fursat ke raat din’.
This is my all time favorite collections.

I very much identify with him when he in his own way takes a dig at the state of affairs or politics in ‘haal chaal thhik thhak hai’ or ‘ghaplaa hai bhai ghaplaa’. It speaks of his agony.

Moving forward to the unforgettable TV serial ‘Mirza Ghalib’ and his various non filmy albums with Jagjit Singh.
His commentary while introducing Bhupen Da’s Hindi songs and also his doing the translation of them from the original Assamese songs, in the album ‘Main Aur Mera Saaya’, I can keep it listening again and again.

All this have become a part of my life.

And I am not going to list all of them, and instead I will directly come to the only point that is very close to my heart and that I have purposely selected for the day today.

His contribution for children films and various animated films!
The many beautiful lyrics he has penned for and that we call as ‘children songs’!
The work he has done for children more important too and this is one thing about him that I like the most and that I love him, and I am most fascinated with, other than his poetic excellence.

That is why I had said above that the relationship has grown younger and younger as the years passed by.
It is often heard that ‘everybody has a child in them’, but to keep him alive till the end is very difficult and very less people are able achieve this.
I can say that the child in me is very much alive and Gulzar Saab’s songs play a very very important role in this.

Just go through this simple and innocent lines ‘‘jungle jungle baat chali hai, pataa chalaa hai, arey chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai’
This is one of my favorite songs. Though I was already a grown up person and had got an employment when this serial was aired on Doordarshan. Still every Sunday I watched it for this beautiful title song.

He has given us many many special ‘children’ songs or i would put them as the evergreen songs for ever. i personally like children movies and their songs that are particularly penned by Gulzar saab.
Just go through these lyrics;
Bandar Bindaas Bandar
Shararatein hamaakatein
Hamaari aadatein
Ye khatti mithi uljhane hai
Aur aafate
Na koi gham hame
Na koi darr
Bandar bindaas Bandar
Bandar bindaas Bandar

Jeene ka tarika hai
Na koi kaaydaa hai
Waada hai iraada hai
Na koi faaydaa hai
Ha ha ha ha
Gend ki tarah uchhalke ham
Zindagi se khelte hain
Ha ha ha ha

(From my other all time favorite album ‘‘KARADI KATHA’
– 2000. All songs for this album are penned by Gulzar Saab.)

If you have still not gone through this, please immediately get it today and enjoy the pure heavenly innocence that flowed from the maestro’s words.

Thanks, Gulzar Saab, thank you very much, for keeping active the child in me, motivate the child in me, and for keeping alive the innocence in me.

Gulzar Saab loves children very much. He sincerely and seriously cares for them.
‘I am good mother, though I have not gone through the labor pains, I feel it very well‘
Said he, while speaking on the release of the’ third edition’ of his book Dyodhi at Pune in March this year.
‘We do not respect children!’
‘If a child is crossing a road the whole traffic should be stopped and let the child is allowed to cross the road safely and it would be better if one can help him in doing so’

Does he miss the innocence in our society?
And that’s why he tries to find them in children’s movies;

‘To an extent, yes’

Finally I would definitely wish to write about when I got the chance to see him, to talk him and to touch him.

During my stay at Kota-Rajasthan, in the winters of 1996 the whole crew of Maachis including Gulzar Saab was there at Kota.
They were staying at different hotels/guest houses in the city.
One of the Hotels where Om Puri, Kanwal Jeet Singh,Raj Zutshi and other members were staying was nearer to my place of residence and the hotel manager was my good friend.
So I was informed to grab this chance to see these bollywood personalities or meet them, and it can be either in early morning or late evening only.
I was interested to meet Om Puri and Kanwal Jeet Singh mainly. Because Tabbu and other lead actors were staying at different place far away from my place.
However I fail to match with the timings and could not see any one.
The next day morning, I was ready for the office and before that, I took my elder daughter who was then 7/8 months old for a morning walks (as usual then).
Walking on I came around this Hotel. And there was a pleasant surprise for me.
It was a cold morning so I was wearing a full sweater and my daughter also having all those cold preventing clothes.
And in front of the Hotel (this Hotel is on the main road of the city which is called as Kota-Jhalawar road) wearing a white starched ‘kurta pyjama’ and taking the sun bath was Gulzar Saab it was around between 08.00-08.30 in the morning. He was standing there alone and nobody could notice this. (The taste of the city is slightly different, people there could have thronged if there was Dharmendra or Raj Kumar standing like this).
I walked towards him, greet him with Namaskar.
‘Kaise hain Sir Aap’
‘Ji thhik hoon!’

You can judge my situation then, I was not expecting to meet Gulzar Saab, and so I could not understand what to do?
I could not believe what was happening then!
I was between the transition zone of dream and reality.

So taking a via route and looking at my daughter I said, beta , Sampooran Singh ji se puchho ‘kaise hain aap?’,
(I had read about and know by then that his real name is Sampooran Singh)
He smiled and caresses my daughter and gives his ‘aashirwad’ to her!
This lovely moment i always remember and whenever he is there in news or on TV and my daughter is with me, I remind her that you have been very fortunate to have got his ‘aashirward’!

That day! That lovely morning!
I will cherish it forever as long as I live.


Phir Zindagi Ko Surilaa Banaa Diya

This poem is dedicated to – Atul ji, and the lovely blog ‘’, to all ‘team Atul members’, dedicated to all my seniors, fellow contributors on this blog, well wishers and supporters of the blog;

फिर जिंदगी को सुरीला बना दिया…

आपने पनाह देकर
अपनी सोहबत में कर लिया
जिंदगी को मेरी और
बड़ा कर दिया

सोयीं हुयी यादों को
फिर से जगा दिया
खोये हुए बचपन को
फिर से हँसा दिया

कितने लम्हे जी लिए मैंने,
जिंदगी के गीत में –
जो तुमने सरगम को
मिला दिया,
कई अरमान थिरक उठे
साँसों मे मेरी जो आपने
संगीत को घोल दिया,

गम और खुशी के सब फ़साने
लगे गुनगुनाने,
ऐ दोस्त,
जिंदादिली को मेरी फिर से
ज़िंदा कर दिया,

बन गए तुम जो
मेरे रहनुमा,
मेरे हमसफ़र,
मेरे राजदार,
बहारों कि तो मैं क्या कहूँ
खिजाओं को भी आपने
हसीन बना दिया ..

कर रहा था ‘हिसाब’ मैं, कि,
बीत रही बेला ‘मध्यांतर’ कि भी
और ‘हासिल’ ऐ दिल तुमने क्या किया,
लेकिन छोड़ दिया अब ये ख़याल मैंने,
जिंदगी में ‘तरानों’ का ‘तूफ़ान’ भर लिया,
आज से फिर एक नया ‘आगाज़’ कर दिया !!


Phir Zindagi Ko Surilaa Banaa Diya

Aapne panaah dekar
Apni sohbat mein kar liya
Zindagi ko meri aur
Badaa kar diya

Soyi huyee yaadon ko
Phir se jagaa diya
Khoye hue bachpan ko
Phir se hansaa diya

Kitne lamhe jee liye maine,
Zindgai ke geet mein-
Jo tumne sargam ko milaa diya,
Kayi armaan thhirakk uthhe
Saanson mein meri jo aapne
Sangeet ko ghol diya,

Gam aur khushi ke sab fasaane
Lage gungunaane,
Aye dost,
Zindaadili ko meri phir se
Zindaa kar diya,

Ban gaye tum jo
Mere rehnooma,
Mere hamsafar,
Mere raazdaar,
Bahaaron ki to main kya kahoon,
Khizaaon ko bhi aapne
Haseen banaa diya…

Kar rahaa thha ‘hisaab’ main, ki,
Beet rahi bela ‘madhyaantar’ ki bhi,
Aur ‘haasil’ aye dil tumne kya kiya,
Lekin chhod diya ab ye khayaal maine,
Zindagi mein ‘taraanon’ ka ‘toofan’ bhar liya,
Aaj se phir ‘ek nayaa aaghaaz’ kar diya!!!

‘Hamaara Paryaavaran- Hamaara Jeewan’

Hare Ped
Shuddh Jal Vaayu
Paawan Van-Upvan
Inse Hain Banaa
Prakriti ka Santulan

Karo Inkaa Jatan
To Rahe Prasann
Chitt Apna Aur,
Pavitra Mann
Sadaa Rahe Prafullit
Yah Sundar Paryaavaran

Ye Hi To Hain Srot
Prerna Aur Utprerna Ka
Bal Ka Saadhan
Jeene Ka Sansaadhan
Urjaa Apne Kartavya Ki,
Apne ‘Jeewan’ ka


‘हमारा पर्यावरण – हमारा जीवन’

हरे पेड
शुद्ध जल वायु
पावन वन-उपवन
इनसे हैं बना
प्रकृति का संतुलन

करो इनका जतन
तो रहे प्रसन्न
‘चित’ अपना और
पवित्र मन ,
सदा रहे प्रफुल्लित
यह सुंदर पर्यावरण

ये ही तो हैं
स्रोत प्रेरणा और
उत्प्रेरणा का ,
बल का साधन ,
जीने का संसाधन
उर्जा अपने कर्त्तव्य की
अपने ‘जीवन’ का