Silence Speaks ..!!

There is nothing to See
Nothing to Say
Just the Universal language
Speaks it Loud,
It says that there is a World
Far beyond

Beyond the Right and Wrong
Of this World,
A World which discriminates none
And takes all as One…

A World beyond the Real and Fake,
Where nothing needs to be Given and
Nothing to Take…

सपनों का भारत !!!

सपनों का भारत हमारे
कैसा हो
कैसा हो
चारों तरफ खुशहाली हो
और लहराता तिरंगा हो !!

सपने जो सब देखे थे
वीर अमर शहीदों ने
भगत, बापू,सुभाष ने
और सारे भारतवासियों ने
पूरा कर उन सपनों कों
अपना फ़र्ज़ निभाना हो !! १ !!

बदलाव जो देश में आया है
मौका सुनहरा लाया है
जोश फिजाओं में नया है
मौका नहीं ये गंवाना हाँ
सबक पुरानी गलतियों से लेकर
एक नया भारत बनाना हो !! २ !!

भेद-भाव, लूट-पाट,
जोर-ज़बरदस्ती और
फिरकापरस्ती कों,
पहचान लो गद्दारों कों
मिटा कर इन दुश्मनों कों
अत्याचारों को न सहना अब
नया सवेरा लाना हो !! ३ !!

सपनों का भारत हमारे
अब ऐसा ही हो के
चारों तरफ खुशहाली हो
और लहराता तिरंगा हो !!


‘किरमिच’ … ( ‘Canvas of Life’ )

समय कि कूंची चली है
यादों के दृश्य बिखरे है
जिंदगी के ‘किरमिच’ पर
आज कई रंग उभरे है

रंगीन कुछ
कुछ काले,
कुछ निखरे
कुछ धुन्धलाये
लेकिन सब ऐसे, जैसे
दिल खोल के जी आये

कई जज़्बात इनमे बोल रहे है
रिश्तों कि कहानियां कह रहे है
उम्र के पड़ाव इनमे झलक रहे है
हर दौर का हिसाब मांग रहे है

मेरे तब का मैं
और मेरे अब का मैं
दोनों आमने सामने है
सवाल भी मैं
और जवाब भी मैं
फिर भी उलझनें बाकी है

लगता है एक उम्र गुज़र गयी
कभी लगता है कि
अभी तो जिंदगी शुरू हुई,

या फिर कट चुकी है आधी
और बाकी है आधी,
टंगी हुई दीवार पर


पेंच उलझते जा रहे थे
मुश्किलें बढती जा रही थी
बर्दाश्तगी छटपटाने लगी थी
सांस घुंटने लगी थी
लगता था जैसे हर मोड पर
साज़िश शतरंज बिछाये है,

मैं दांव चल नहीं रहा था
और वो जीत कि ग़लतफहमी में थे
मैं गिरती इंसानियत देख रहा था
वो गुलाम कि अकड पर हैरान थे,

हाँ, आखिर, थे तो हम गुलाम ही ,

मैं मुट्ठी भर भर हिम्मत जुटा रहा था
सपने तिनका तिनका फिसल रहे थे
मैं परबत परबत हौसला जुटाने लगा
सपनों के महल डगमगाने लगे
मायूसी रोज़मर्रा हो गयी
बार बार जो वो मेरे वजूद कों ठुकराने लगे

लेकिन, यही वक्त था कि,
मैंने सीने में हौसला भर लिया
और ‘बगावत’ कर ली
उनकी मालिकियत ठुकरा के
अपनी जिंदगी, अपने नाम कर ली

The moment

In the Midst of chaos all over,
But somewhere the silence surrounds,
Making seem everything still,
Making each Moment for now to be drowned…
Drowned in the touch
That the soul felt before,
Drowned in the memories
Making feel alive each time more…

It’s like everything at this moment
Says a lot,
But got no word for now to speak,
It’s like the feelings are quite intense
Making the warmth around to be bleak…

The heartbeats are felt just too loud,
There is hollowness deep inside,
Making the silence grow deeper
Making feel as if the heart never cried…

Music and Life : Geet Gaataa Chal …

Music for all of us is a part of our life, or should I say it is ‘religion’ for all of us, or may be more than that.
It is also a positive force that keeps us going and a good healer too.

It may not be everything for us; still it is there with all aspects of our life.

And above all it is‘worship’ for those who love music and those who are connected with it in some other way.

So, in our offerings of prayers to the goddess ‘Saraswati’ I sincerely wish that as long as I live and continue this journey of life, ‘music’ is there with me at every moment and the journey be eternal musical forever …


All of us love music and we are attached to it for various reasons. For me, it is an ongoing activity which rules my sub-conscious and conscious mind every time.
It motivates me a lot. It acts like an inspirational force for me.

It has been almost since my childhood that I was addicted to Radio for listening songs and as I grow, that continued and the addiction also grows more with collection of cassettes, now collection CDs, getting done recording of songs, searching for rare songs etc etc.

So, music is always there with me in my day to day life.


When I was a bachelor the ‘mono cassette recorder’ with me use to start early morning, in fact I used to rise from bed straight to put on a cassette to play (starting with ‘bhupaali’/devotionals, and then moving for brush and tea preparation.
Then, till I left for office it continued to play and when I came back from office I start the music till I go to bed. The cassette player has to be auto stopped (usually) as I go to sleep while listening to the songs/albums for that day.

Then, as I joined distance education and use to study and do assignments at home, I use to listen to music during breaks of my study or when I wish to take some jigs on my favorite songs. (To ‘unwind’ as they put up nowadays).


After getting active with Atul ji’s blog,  it has become my daily routine to share some songs either on daily basis. If not sharing, preparing for the songs to be shared, or searching for the songs that are in my memory since years back and while searching if I find something new (in our case the terminology is ‘old and rare’) then sharing them.
So music is continuously going on in my mind.

At work also whenever I get break or time to think during intervals I am thinking of songs that are yet to make to the blog.

Further in today’s stressful life we face many different situations time to time , a music lover like me always finds songs to face the situations, get out of it – if it is a troubled situation or enjoy and celebrate or cheer – if it something positive happening or getting succeeded in any assigned task (of work or of personal interest).


Few months back, we have to rush to a place about 475 kms away from my base station, as my elder daughter was hospitalized due to sudden illness. When she was hospitalized and her colleagues were with her (and she was out of danger), instead of starting instant, as it was already 9 PM, and I was still in travel back from my office, we decided to move on early morning next day. So I get time to take all my favorite albums with me.
However on the first day the ‘music system’ was under the control of by my younger daughter so we have to listen to mostly the newer songs.

The next two days were more hectic and there was no scope to listen the songs, though prayers were going on in our mind. After my elder daughter was discharged from hospital, my wife and younger daughter accompany her and stay at her Hostel room to give support.
When everything was settled we decided to visit a Aashram on the banks of Narmada River in Narmada district near Rajpipla. This is the place which we visit at least once in a year and I always wish that I get more chance to visit there and can spend a longer duration there. Well this time we were getting a night stay there and most importantly darshan of Swamiji.
Darshan of Swamiji is possible only few hours starting late night.

As my younger daughter stayed back to support her Didi at the hostel, me and my wife took up for the aashram.
Our travel has to be for at least 3 hours one side, so there was enough time for me to get on with my favorite songs too.
One of the albums that I carried with me was ‘Immortal melodies from Navketan Films: Vol.2-Philosophical’ (SA re ga ma – Bombay Talkies)
(Few years back I had got this one album from a famous online store)

As the playlist proceeds one by one this song appears!

‘Man ke mandir mein jalti rahe geet sangeet ki aarti,
Mujhko vardaan de, mujhko vardaan de Maata Saraswati …’

When the word by word fall on my ear I was relating it with our daily life, the daily activities that we perform and finally we search some time for leisure, some time to take us off from the hectic life, some to time to unwind ourselves…
But now it has become difficult, because, as far as I am concerned I get very less time to play my favorite CD/DVD’s, to listen all the cassettes that I have collected over these 29 years so far. Sometime I am angry with myself for the job I have taken and for the circumstances I have created myself which give very less time for me.

But none the less the songs are there playing all the time in my mind and what if I cannot hear the CDs or Cassettes, I can sing them I can keep humming different songs according to the changing situations whatever I faced and wherever I am. That way I remain connected to music every time all the time.

The song under discussion today says it all for me. All I can pray to God that ‘sukh dukh mein aap sadaa hamaare saath rehna, aur man ke mandir mein sangeet ki jyot jalaaye rakhna’ (I remember the very first time when I meet Swamiji he aksed me what I wish from the Gods as he has already given me a ‘happy life’, so he advised me that whenever I pray to God I should only asked him to ‘be with us in our ‘hard times’ as well ‘when we are sailing smooth’)

Haath bhi nahin jab hil sake
Saaz bhi jab nahin paas ho

Maut bhi ho saamne khadi
Mushkil aur har saans ho

Man ke mandir mein jalti rahe
Geet sangeet ki aarti
Mujhko vardaan de
Maata Saraswati

How true it is, because going through hard times also we were connected to the divine form of Music – listening, singing and praying Prarthanaa, Bhajans at the ‘Aashram’

‘Man ke mandir mein jalti rahe – Geet Sangeet ki Aarti’…


Cleanliness Pledge

स्वच्छता शपथ
( स्वच्छ भारत – एक कदम स्वच्छता की ओर )

महात्मा गांधी ने जिस भारत का सपना देखा था उसमे सिर्फ राजनैतिक आज़ादी ही नहीं थी, बल्कि एक स्वच्छ एवं विकसित देश कि कल्पना भी थी !

महात्मा गांधी ने गुलामी कि जंजीरों कों तोड़कर माँ भारती कों आज़ाद कराया !

अब हमारा कर्तव्य है कि गंदगी कों दूर करके भारत माता कि सेवा करें !

मैं शपथ लेता हूँ कि मैं स्वयं स्वच्छता के प्रति सजग रहूँगा और उसके लिए समय दूंगा !

हर वर्ष १०० घंटे यानी हर सप्ताह २ घंटे श्रमदान करके स्वच्छता के इस संकल्प कों चरितार्थ करूँगा !

मैं न गंदगी करूँगा न किसी और कों करने दूंगा !

सबसे पहले मैं स्वयं से, मेरे परिवार से , मेरे मुहल्ले से, मेरे गाँव से एवं मेरे कार्यस्थल से शुरुआत करूँगा !
मैं यह मानता हूँ कि दुनिया के जो भी देश स्वच्छ दिखतें हैं उसका कारण यह है कि वहाँ के नागरिक गंदगी नहीं करते और न ही होने देते हैं !

इस विचार के साथ मैं गाँव-गाँव और गली-गली स्वच्छ भारत मिशन का प्रचार करूँगा !

मैं आज जो शपथ ले रहा हूँ, वह अन्य १०० व्यक्तियों से भी करवाऊंगा !

वे भी मेरी तरह स्वच्छता के लिए १०० घंटे दें, इसके लिए प्रयास करूँगा !

मुझे मालूम हैं कि स्वच्छता कि तरफ बढ़ाया गया मेरा एक कदम पूरे भारत देश कों स्वच्छ बनाने में मदद करेगा !

Cleanliness Pledge

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Jan Gan Mangal Daayak Yaan _ जन गण मंगल दायक यान

(Sharing herewith my thoughts on India’s successful Mars Orbit Mission (MOM) on 24.09.2014)

जन गण मंगल दायक यान
मंगल पर है अपना यान
मंगल यान
अमंगल हरता मंगल यान
जन गण मंगल दायक यान
मंगल पर है अपना यान

जग को दिया शून्य का ज्ञान
धन्य है भारत का विज्ञान
पूर्वजों का है वरदान
अंतरिक्ष कि दूरी आसान
मंगल कक्षा में मंगल यान
मंगल बेला में किया प्रयाण
जय जय जय हो मंगल यान
मंगल यान

जय जवान और जय किसान
जय जय जय जय जय विज्ञान
अंतरिक्ष में ली है उड़ान
लहराया है तिरंगा महान
लाल ग्रह पर अपने निशान
मंगल भुवन है मंगल यान

पुरुषार्थ का इनको है मान
अपने देश कि है ये शान
बढ़ाया भारत का सम्मान
कर्तव्य पूर्ति का है अभिमान
जन जन जिनका ऋणी हैं
ऐसे वैज्ञानिक महान
जन जन का ये स्वाभिमान

जन गण मंगल दायक यान
मंगल पर है अपना यान
मंगल यान


Jan Gan Mangal Daayak Yaan
Mangal par hain apna Yaan
Mangal Yaan
‘Amangal’ hartaa mangal yaan
Jan Gan Mangal Daayak Yaan
Mangal par hain apna Yaan

Jag ko diya shoonya ka gyaan
Dhanya hai Bharat ka vigyaan
Purvajon ka hai vardaan
Antariksh ki doori aasaan
Mangal kaksha mein Mangal yaan
Mangal bela mein kiya prayaan
Jai jai jai ho Mangal yaan
Mangal Yaan

Jai jawaan aur jai kisaan
Jai jai jai jai jai vigyaan
Antariksh mein lee hai udaan
Lehraaya hai tirangaa mahaan
Laal grah par apne nishaan
Mangal bhuwan hai Mangal yaan

Purushaarth ka inko hai maan
Apne desh ki ye hai shaan
Badhaaya Bharat ka sammaan
Kartavya purti ka hai abhimaan
Jan jan jink wruni hain
Aise vaigyanik mahaan
Jan jan ka ye swaabhimaan

Aah! Those days….. Memories forever

(This post is by Jeegar Modi)

Where are those days, the happiness, the joy, the sorrow, the good times and the bad times, they are stored as beautiful memories of our life.
At times it becomes just dark memories as the time passes, where there is lack of light to see them.
Those spark of light that just flashes for a moment and goes back and does not return for a long time. And those moments which don’t return again forever throughout the life time.

It is because of the busy life, people are busy making money and busy looking of temporary happiness which does not create conceit memories of our life. We look out for happiness in bigger things, than looking out for happiness in small little things which is always around us.
To achieve those bigger things of life people go mad with their life forgetting the importance of humanity. It is hard to live in such an environment.
It is also hard to forget those people in our life who have given us beautiful memories to keep it with us safely. Some memories are forgotten after a period of time, but some stay with us forever.
Those forever memories can be recalled during the hard times of life, when life is full of darkness and sorrow. Those peoples may be alive or dead but they are always alive in our memories.

At times we may have bad memories in our life which helps us to understand our difficulties and to change our self accordingly. They teach us what life is, they show us our strengths and weaknesses. They even help us to realize our mistakes and they also help us to correct it.
They transform us to a new being. But not everyone does it in such a way because they don’t make efforts to correct it or they don’t reason it out. Once they do it life takes a turn towards happiness and goodness. They transform you to a good being.
This makes you different from others. Some kill their good memories due to hate rate. But some keep them alive no matter whatever happens.

Memories of our own mistakes make us laugh at our own self, some memories makes us cry due to the previous people who where there whenever we needed them but now they are no more. They just live in our memories and our heart.
Their teachings always flashes when we make a mistake or when we are about to make a mistake, their laughter or smile flashes whenever we are sad or sorrow. We feel their presence whenever we feel lonely. These are memories which keep us alive…

बाज़ार, व्यापार और गणतंत्र !

हम एक ‘गणतंत्र’ है
हमारा ‘अपना’ एक ‘मंत्र’ है,
हमारी अपनी ‘संस्थाओं’ के प्रति
हमारी ‘बेरूखी’ ‘अनोखी’ है,
इसीलिए देश में जो कुछ होता है
उसमे ‘अपने बाप का क्या जाता है’
‘होने दो जो होता है’
‘कौन किसके लिए रोता हैं’
‘यार सब चलता हैं’…

‘आबादी’ बढती है
‘नए शहर’ ‘पैदा’ होते हैं
‘ज़मीन’ के भाव कुलांचे मारते है
‘कंक्रीट-जंगल’ के दलाल खुश होते है,
‘रंग-बिरंगी’ सपने और
‘खोखली-जगमगाहट’ के ‘काम्प्लेक्स’ में
‘पर्यावरण’ और ‘प्रदुषण’ जैसे मुद्दे
‘फाइलों’ कि तरह गायब हो जाते है,
‘राजनीति’ इसीको ‘विकास’ कहती है

पर ‘कुदरत’ कहाँ
‘भेद’ करती है,
‘आपदा’ आती है
‘शहर’ डूब जाते हैं
‘इंसानियत’ ढूँढने से नहीं मिलती और
‘नीति-मूल्यों’ कि रूहें कांपती है,
‘लाचारी’ कों ‘बाज़ार’ निगलता है
रोते-बिलखते ‘मासूम’ ‘बिसात’ पर है
‘जिंदगी’ दम तोड़ रही है,
‘शेयर-बाजार’ में ‘सूचकांक’ बढ़ रहा है …