Fine day

A beautiful morning a sweet fine day,
new feelings and thinking a new way,

Refreshing our memories, dreaming new dreams,
things are many- look how they seem,

Listening sweet sound, in the flat open ground,
Roaming inside atmosphere silent around,

‘To do things in different way’, A beautiful morning a sweet ‘fine day’

Shame on you Mr.Politician

Shame on you Mr.Politician,

The reply given by the Ex-Chief Minister Haryana Mr.Omprakash Chautala in reply to the Ruchika case verdict today on camera, clearly indicates how politicians are unsentimental to the people who elect them.’In muddon ke liye hamare pass time nahi hai’ was the reply of the Ex-CM.

For what matters has he time? Or for that case take our other politicians what are they for?
Do they take ownership for their people? Do they feel as cheated, raped, ransomed, looted, ragged and even murdered as the common citizen feels in his day to day life?

This particular mentality and apathy to the people is the root-cause for many problems we as the people faced in our daily life. That is why we see the crime-graph going up everyday and we ‘the people of India’ suffer and suffer.

Think over the tragedy and trauma the girl has to go and commit suicide, and what punishment did the DGP get for this heinous crime. Yes I repeat this is more than heinous crime and persons who commit such crimes should be treated as equal to the terrorists. Nobody can return back the dignity to the girl harassed and sexually assaulted, the trauma the helplessness the frustration they feel is more than the bullet shot at by a ‘terrorists’, and then our great ‘tolerance’ further allow such criminals to easily smile and continue their dirty-doings cheerfully forever!

And reminding us that we are still to wake-up…………………..respond the call and respond  unitedly.
We can congratulate Aradhana the friend of Ruchika to fight her case and fight for justice, but her fight will be more fruitful if all of us join her and contribute as we can and contribute wherever we can to bring to books the hidden insider terrorists in our country.


धरती की आखिरी सीमा है उपर जाने की आशा
हर घडी हर पल है कुछ कर दिखाने की आशा |
सीखनी है दुनिया की हर एक अलग भाषा
पता करना है हर एक कोने से भारत का नकशा |
जीना है तो जीयो लेकर नयी नयी आशा ||


Sunshine is there when in the sky,
we feel just to jump and fly,

Beautiful flowers in the ground,
the atmosphere silent around,

Birds chirping on the trees,
grasshopper eating foods of leaves,

Don’t think to be rude and to lie,
Sunshine is there when in the sky…


तीतली का जो है फूलो से नाता,
है ऐसा ही तेरा मेरा प्यार |
होता है झगडा फिर भी लगता है,
कि है हमारा जनमो का साथ |
दीदी तुम्हारे बीना,
नही लगता कही मन |
तुम साथ होती हो तो लगता है की,
आ गये किसी सुंदर वन ||


Life is always playing some game,
On every path it is not almost the same,
Different levels on the every stage of life,
From a young child to a grown-up elder’s life,

Facing tricky challenges, playing different modes,
Sometimes it is light; sometimes it is heavy load,

Sometimes ‘happy’, sometimes ‘sad’,
When you will know- how the life is? , then you will be very glad,

Sometimes it is’ hot’ and sometimes’ cold’,
from different interiors of the earth- we always not find gold,

Sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is funny,
Every season and climate is not always sunny,

Sometimes it is curious and sometimes it is brave,

Life is a tricky puzzle – playing always a ‘game’


होती है जिसमे सुबह हमारी,
लगती है दुनिया जिससे प्यारी प्यारी,
जो देते है हमे जीवन दान,
हम गाते है जिसके हमेशा गुण गान |
नही हो सकता जिससे हमारा मरण
ऐसा ही होता है पर्यावरण |


Different things and different ways, there are many different days.

Every day is a new ‘play’, different role and different ways,
Playing with mud and different clays,
Everyday is to visit a new place,
So enjoy by passing different days,
Different things and different ways


रंग रूप तो है कहने की बात
क्या दे इसमे लोगो की दाद |

मै भी थी फंसी इस अंजान भँवर में
लगताथा कि आ गइ किसी सुनसान डगर पे |

कहते है लोग की भगवान ने बनाया सबको
और कहतेहै की सब है एक जैसे |

तो क्या होता है रंग रूप, जो होता नही एक जैसा सबके पास,
जाने क्यों है ये जीवन खास |