A small little flower…

There was a flower
In a big ground little butterflies were it’s around

Small drops of water on its leaf when i saw it i get the relief
Pink were the petals, green were the leaves
Blowing with the air of the cold wind breeze

Other were big but it was the small
Thus it was a small little flower

Childhood Days

Short of problems,
Long happy days,

These are passing years of childhood days,
Going to school and coming back home,

Every day is to just roam
Making friends and learning new things,
Some to watch and some to do something,

To do mischief – in many other ways,
These are passing years of childhood days..

Fine day

A beautiful morning a sweet fine day,
new feelings and thinking a new way,

Refreshing our memories, dreaming new dreams,
things are many- look how they seem,

Listening sweet sound, in the flat open ground,
Roaming inside atmosphere silent around,

‘To do things in different way’, A beautiful morning a sweet ‘fine day’


Sunshine is there when in the sky,
we feel just to jump and fly,

Beautiful flowers in the ground,
the atmosphere silent around,

Birds chirping on the trees,
grasshopper eating foods of leaves,

Don’t think to be rude and to lie,
Sunshine is there when in the sky…


Life is always playing some game,
On every path it is not almost the same,
Different levels on the every stage of life,
From a young child to a grown-up elder’s life,

Facing tricky challenges, playing different modes,
Sometimes it is light; sometimes it is heavy load,

Sometimes ‘happy’, sometimes ‘sad’,
When you will know- how the life is? , then you will be very glad,

Sometimes it is’ hot’ and sometimes’ cold’,
from different interiors of the earth- we always not find gold,

Sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is funny,
Every season and climate is not always sunny,

Sometimes it is curious and sometimes it is brave,

Life is a tricky puzzle – playing always a ‘game’


Different things and different ways, there are many different days.

Every day is a new ‘play’, different role and different ways,
Playing with mud and different clays,
Everyday is to visit a new place,
So enjoy by passing different days,
Different things and different ways

Brilliant Day

It was a brilliant day of my life,
When I was in my dream at night

It was like dreams when my exams gone
As the time runs in the day light

It was nervousness on my face quiet side,
But by seeing the question paper it flew away like a ride,
Such a brilliant day it was of my life,
When I was also flying like a kite


Move always towards your aim,
Then also if anyone keep you to blame,
Just listen what your mind says-
Automatically you will find your ways.

And just try different of the same –
Move-and-move towards your aim


The moon, the stars, the dark at night,
The Sun, the clouds, the spark of day light

The orange, the pink the yellowish in the evening,
The blue, the black at night of the lightening,

These are the beautiful shades of the nature,
All of these are the God’s creations,

So, Be like the stars of the sky at night and
Spark like a Sun in the light of – Day light. 

How to Live

The birds the trees the beautiful seas,

Sceneries fresh breath and greenery leaves,

Just peep in and fulfill your dream,

This is the way to live and let live

~ Ashwini