Blessed …

Blessed are those to feel the pain
Blessed are those to be insane
Beyond the limits crazy
Beyond the rules gone,
Making self fashion proudly
With all the clothes torn
Dancing to rhythm of unheard beats
Smiling to the touch of slightest of Breeze
Blessed are those to love again,
Drinking the life and spilling the moments
And letting the heart get stained…
Blessed to laugh with lost teeths,
Blessed to walk bare feet,
Jumping climbing singing around,
Blessed to fall and roll on the ground
Blessed to feel the drops of rain,
Blessed are those who are loved again …


आँचल तेरा है समुन्दर से गहरा
किनारे की अहमियत ही कहाँ थी
तू जो है साथ मेरे माँ
मुझे बेगानों की ज़रुरत ही कहाँ थी

सपनों कि कमी न होने दी आपने
ख्वाहिशें हमारी की पूरी
खुदके सपनों से पहले देखि हमारी ख़ुशी
पापा आपके बिना ये सपनों की दुनिया है अधूरी

खुद पे यकीन करना सिखाया
उम्मीदों कि राह पे चलना सिखाया
सही और गलत में फर्क समझा के
गुरुजी अनजाने में आपने
हमें जीना सिखाया

माँ कि अहमियत जानी हर गुज़रते पल के साथ
पापा कि अहमियत जानी हर पुरे होते ख्वाब के साथ
गुरु कि अहमियत जानी जब हर नया मकाम हासिल हुआ
आप तीनों का आशीर्वाद सदा रहे हम पे
यही है हमारी दिल से दुआ …

(19.02.17, written for College day 2017)

With Him She Was …

With him she was a princess…
“The beauty queen” he used to say…
But without him she was just
A torn piece of paper that had already a story
Written on it…
The story which she regretted the most
The story which he accepted at any cost…
With closed eyes she walked with him
He took her to places she had never been…
He made the lights brighter which used to be dim,
He made her see love which she had never seen…
She promised not to let him down
To preserve his given precious crown…
Days passed by and she became free
All her chained feelings were set at once free…
She laughed a bit a more…
She cried a bit more…
Every day he touched her heart to its core…
She forgot a thing
That she never owned the crown…
It was given to her by him
And she was letting him down…
Taken for granted was what she was doing
And no sooner she realized this thing…
Miserable was all that she was
A complete mess…a girl full of flaws…
She loved him still
And forever she will…
But he was the one deserving a bit more
He deserved the ocean and all she could offer was
Just a sea shore…
She realized she failed him…
She didn’t made the lights bright
But rather just made them dim…

Falling apart!

Just wish not to be lost
In your eyes again,
Just wish not to be hurt
Don’t want to feel that pain

It’s true that I’m hurt
But I don’t want you to know,
It’s true that I still care
But I don’t want it to show,

I left you, not because,
It was hard for me to stay,
I left you because I knew,
What you wanted- but didn’t say…

That you wanted me to leave
That you wanted our love to end,
That you wanted to say to me
You want to be just a friend!

But you don’t know how it feels,
Maybe you won’t understand,
It’s hard for me now to leave
And even to be just a ‘friend’,
Dying hard inside to tell you that
I never wished to fall apart,
To tell you that may be unknowingly-
But you have really broke my heart,

And today you are here asking me that
Why the hell am I crying alone?

I hope you know that somewhere
You are the reason,
So just don’t act unknown,

How can it be like, that,
You have not felt the touch,
The love and care – I feel for you,
May be I was wrong,
That I knew you better,
While the reality was that I never knew you,

Now it’s hard for me to be free from love,
And even hard to say,

Can’t even hide the tears
And can’t even say …

… Your love

You can show me your love
You can give me your time,
You can tell me the things
That is going in your mind

You can share what you feel,
You can tell me your truth and lies,
Please tell me how you feel,
When I am away from you miles,

I won’t make you regret,
For all love that you give me!

After he came,

So deeply did he touch her soul to it’s core
She felt loved all over again,
With each passing day he loved her more
He didn’t knew how heavenly
He was erasing her pain…

His words echoed in her heart
As he let them out gradually
He wiped away her tears apart
He made her fall in love slowly,

Longed for love all along,
All of a sudden she was getting it all
He gave her the world-served her love,
And slowly broke each painful wall,

Walls that she built around herself
To not to get hurt ever again,
But those were the walls which –
Restricted the love,

And all that was left was just the pain …

He entered through these walls into her heart
Even though there was no door to it …
He found her broken pieces, understood them
And stitched them again bit by bit,

No scars left
No pain found
How strong love can be
She only knew it now…

After he came!

Less a Body, More a Soul

There is this hurricane
Inside your mind and soul,
Which you can’t deal with
And which you can’t explain…

A feeling runs through
Like blood in your veins
Telling – you will never be whole
And you will have to feel the pain…

Some facts are worth denying
Some lies are meant to be gulped
It will make you choke
For like once in a while
But will prevent – the reality
From getting blurred …

You lose your bits
Along the path
It’s true that you will never be whole…

But the ‘end you’
At the end of the journey –
Will be less a body and more a Soul …


Void …

It’s neither Up nor Down
Just a straight line

Which is leading me to nowhere
And leaving me behind with just a ‘void’

Emptiness that teases me
With Memories of yours

Memories of the love that
I felt in my heart

And now it’s me who can neither cry nor smile
Because I don’t want to stop this love,
Neither I want it to start

I remember the way you smiled
And I looked in your eyes

The way you got tensed seeing me
going through all of my cries,

And all those days we loved
Without any of the lies..

Then I suddenly realized that
It was just a ‘matter’ of ‘time’,
Just a matter of time
And ‘the’ ‘past’ of mine,

Now, this void holds a place
In my heart

Where I don’t want anyone to let in
And neither detach you apart

Silence Speaks ..!!

There is nothing to See
Nothing to Say
Just the Universal language
Speaks it Loud,
It says that there is a World
Far beyond

Beyond the Right and Wrong
Of this World,
A World which discriminates none
And takes all as One…

A World beyond the Real and Fake,
Where nothing needs to be Given and
Nothing to Take…

‘A long way to go…..’

Celebrating 100th Post on Samajshilpi !

Congratulations to Samajshilpi! Congratulations to all associated with this blog!!

As we were approaching for the 100th post on Samajshilpi I was thinking of some special post and what would be the topic for this post.

However on a very perfect time I got this post from my daughter Ashwini and I am glad to post this as the 100th post on this blog, as she have been the other ‘main contributor’ on this blog.
Ashwini started writing when she was studying in VII Th, and with this blog she has also completed ‘Five’ years of ‘writing’.
The number of her posts gradually reduced due to her studies and in between her clearing out the board exam for X Th and now she has this another crucial year of XII th.

So, I cannot demand more from her, and over the years my tone has also changed from ‘is topic par likho or kuchh likhkar dena’ to ‘tumne kuchh likha kya?’ to ‘Kuchh likha ho to bataana’! (For keep continuing the posting new posts on the blog, as my posts were also reduced due to work priorities).

Though I have got at least 3 posts ready, there timing is to be matched with posts on my other networked blog.

I thank my friends Shri.Ashish Tilak and Shri.Bharat Bhatt for their continued support to me.
Also I thank Shri.Raja, Shri.Jigar Modi for their contribution and posts.

So, very happily presenting herewith this post and hope to see your comments and feedback thereof…

And thanking you all the readers, well wishers and supporters for appreciating this blog.
–    Avinash Scrapwala



‘ A Long Way To Go …’

Can’t figure out, what to say,
Can’t figure out to go which way,

The more I feel I’m through it all
Situation tend to be the same again,
The more I decide to be quite somehow
All my patience goes in vain!!

‘Why again me?’ is not what I’m asking
It’s not that I want to get rid anyway,
Blaming you-‘my life’, is not what I’ll do
But I’ll try to understand what you want to convey…

When it really feels I’ve unfolded the mystery
That’s the point where life takes a turn,
When I say to my life that I’ve learned what you taught me
That’s when life shows me I still have “so much to learn”!

Can’t figure out what to say
Because my feelings are what, I really don’t want to show,
Can’t figure out to go which way,
Because it is still ‘A very long way to go……’ !