May be…

I know it’s still the heart of mine,
That wishes for you to be around

I know its never gonna happen
That I will search for you near and you will be found

May be I am thinking too much at this time
May be you are the only one I need for now,
May be it’s the touch that brings me close,
May be it’s the feeling I don’t wanna lose anyhow,

Feels to be complete when near
Feels to be insecure when far
Feels like it won’t last for ever
But I still don’t want to fall apart…

Feels like I was nothing for you
But for me you really meant
I tried stopping you from going away
But you still left me and went…

Feels like I am going a step away from myself every time
And neither coming near to you
But just left far behind…

I know situations are not like
As I wanted them to be…

Maybe you were always around
Maybe I couldn’t ever see …..

Silence Speaks ..!!

There is nothing to See
Nothing to Say
Just the Universal language
Speaks it Loud,
It says that there is a World
Far beyond

Beyond the Right and Wrong
Of this World,
A World which discriminates none
And takes all as One…

A World beyond the Real and Fake,
Where nothing needs to be Given and
Nothing to Take…

The moment

In the Midst of chaos all over,
But somewhere the silence surrounds,
Making seem everything still,
Making each Moment for now to be drowned…
Drowned in the touch
That the soul felt before,
Drowned in the memories
Making feel alive each time more…

It’s like everything at this moment
Says a lot,
But got no word for now to speak,
It’s like the feelings are quite intense
Making the warmth around to be bleak…

The heartbeats are felt just too loud,
There is hollowness deep inside,
Making the silence grow deeper
Making feel as if the heart never cried…

‘A long way to go…..’

Celebrating 100th Post on Samajshilpi !

Congratulations to Samajshilpi! Congratulations to all associated with this blog!!

As we were approaching for the 100th post on Samajshilpi I was thinking of some special post and what would be the topic for this post.

However on a very perfect time I got this post from my daughter Ashwini and I am glad to post this as the 100th post on this blog, as she have been the other ‘main contributor’ on this blog.
Ashwini started writing when she was studying in VII Th, and with this blog she has also completed ‘Five’ years of ‘writing’.
The number of her posts gradually reduced due to her studies and in between her clearing out the board exam for X Th and now she has this another crucial year of XII th.

So, I cannot demand more from her, and over the years my tone has also changed from ‘is topic par likho or kuchh likhkar dena’ to ‘tumne kuchh likha kya?’ to ‘Kuchh likha ho to bataana’! (For keep continuing the posting new posts on the blog, as my posts were also reduced due to work priorities).

Though I have got at least 3 posts ready, there timing is to be matched with posts on my other networked blog.

I thank my friends Shri.Ashish Tilak and Shri.Bharat Bhatt for their continued support to me.
Also I thank Shri.Raja, Shri.Jigar Modi for their contribution and posts.

So, very happily presenting herewith this post and hope to see your comments and feedback thereof…

And thanking you all the readers, well wishers and supporters for appreciating this blog.
–    Avinash Scrapwala



‘ A Long Way To Go …’

Can’t figure out, what to say,
Can’t figure out to go which way,

The more I feel I’m through it all
Situation tend to be the same again,
The more I decide to be quite somehow
All my patience goes in vain!!

‘Why again me?’ is not what I’m asking
It’s not that I want to get rid anyway,
Blaming you-‘my life’, is not what I’ll do
But I’ll try to understand what you want to convey…

When it really feels I’ve unfolded the mystery
That’s the point where life takes a turn,
When I say to my life that I’ve learned what you taught me
That’s when life shows me I still have “so much to learn”!

Can’t figure out what to say
Because my feelings are what, I really don’t want to show,
Can’t figure out to go which way,
Because it is still ‘A very long way to go……’ !



From ‘Wishes’ to ‘Reality’ …

Not getting ‘words’ but
A lot to ‘speak’
Not getting ‘hurt’ still
A lot to ‘heal’
Have fear of being left ‘lonely’
But want to be ‘alone’
‘Known’ by many but
Wish to be ‘unknown’
‘Moving’ ahead every moment
But just wish to ‘stay’ forever
Wish to ‘cry’ but ‘smiling’ like
Nothing happened to me ever
Want to be ‘strong’ but
Deep ‘broken’ inside,
Want to ‘show’ feelings but
Can do nothing except to ‘hide’
Wish to be ‘real’ but
Still acting ‘fake’
Wish to ‘continue’ but
Still need a ‘break’….

Life is here …!!!

Not at all alone
Not at all Sad
Happy with my closed ones,
Near and Dear

Not at all worried,
Not any kind of fear
Feel with your Heart
The ‘Happiness’ is here

A blink in the eyes,
A wish to fly,
A belief of reaching,
The Heights Superior

Unfold the mystery,
Make a History
Live it each moment,
The ‘Life is Here’

A Smile on lips,
The comfort in care
Feel the pain in
A little drop of Tear

Spread your Affection,
Spread a wave of Care
Listen, your soul says,
The ‘Love’ is here

The Calmness in Wind,
The Tenderness of Leaves,
A beautiful Touch,
The Nature wears

Let there be Humanity,
Let the Life be full of Love,
Look the Nature says,
The ‘Heaven’ is Here’


Har pal ek nayaa mod hain zindagi
Har Subah ki ek nayi kiran hain zindagi
Samundar mein behti lehron ki tarah
Behti huyee ek lehar hain zindagi

Deti hain kayee jakhm ye
Aur unhi jakhmon ko sina sikhaati hain
Tute huye rishte, bikhre huye palon ke saath
Unhe samet kar aage badhna sikhaati hain

Har pyaari muskaan mein basi hain zindagi
Har nazar ke liye alag hoti hain zindagi
Haath se fisalti ret ki tarah
Mehsoos hoti wo ret hain zindagi

Har pal ek nayaa mod hain zindagi
Har subah ki ek nayi kiran hain zindagi


हर पल एक नया मोड हैं जिंदगी
हर सुबह कि एक नयी किरण हैं जिंदगी
समंदर में बहती लहरों कि तरह
बहती हुयी एक लहर हैं जिंदगी

देती हैं कई जख्म ये
और उन्ही जख्मों को सीना सिखाती है
टूटे हुए रिश्ते,
बिखरे हुए पलों के साथ,
उन्हें समेट कर आगे बढ़ना सिखाती हैं

हर प्यारी मुस्कान में बसी हैं जिंदगी
हर नज़र के लिए अलग होती हैं जिंदगी
हाथ से फिसलती रेत कि तरह
महसूस होती वो रेत हैं जिंदगी
हर पल एक नया मोड हैं जिंदगी
हर सुबह कि एक नयी किरण हैं जिंदगी

You Are Not Alone…


In Hard times of your life
When you feel depressed and lost,
You are only the one who will
Never leave yourself at any cost

Trust yourself, build up your hope
The candle of happiness is not yet blown,
Remember that in your very hard times,
You are not alone..

Don’t just give up,
Do not quit,
Listen to your own inner voice,
This tells that – all the ways are not yet blocked,
There is still a second choice

The bad times have passed away
Still the future has not yet gone,
Look forward, your coming ‘happiness’ says,
You are not alone..

Don’t Know Why

Small I was and I was shy
I never talked with anyone
Don’t know why …

Then I talked and made
New friends,
I stepped in the world
Where struggle never ends…

Every person I met in my life
Promised me forever
To help me out through all my strife

But then I found that
The world is so cruel
When I explained my side
That I was fair

Then a time come when no one
Trusted me..
The one whom I hoped
Too stood against me..

Now, when I look my all around
I find myself with my thoughts
In an empty ground

Now I just want to forget
And let my past go by
With my untold feelings
Don’t know why??

कर यकीन!

Today 27 th March is the Birthday of our beloved Guru ji Shri.Rooshikumar Pandya Sir!
It has been almost three years now when i got to know about him and his life and also got an opportunity to meet him in person and interact with him.
My father has been a great fan of him ever since he got to know about him and listen to his various audio-visuals, the first being ‘ Do What you want , But Excel!’.
Watching my father watching the audio-visuals of Rooshi Sir, i do keenly listen to his teachings and thereafter i also watch all his DVD/VCDs published till date.
It is not easy to express in ‘words’ , how life has changed for all of us after coming in contact with Rooshi Sir. And yes, i shall never ever forget the day 20th Augugst 2011 when i got a chance to meet him in person for the first time at Vadodara.
I have tried to put up in the following poem what i have learned from his teachings and listening to his lectures.
With due respect and admiration for Shri.Rooshi Sir, i dedicate this poem to Shri.Rooshikumar Pandya Sir. Thanking him for being the source of inspiration for us and wishing him a Very Happy Birthday today!!!

खुद पर कर यकीन,
न शक कर यूं,
न सोच है कमी,
कोई तुझमे कहीं,

थक कर हार न जाना राह में कभी,
तू भी अपनी मंजिल पा सकता है,
मत भूल कि अभी भी,
एक रास्ता है बाकि,
जो ले जाएगा तुझे
अपनी मंजिल के करीब

जाना न कोई इस दुनिया को यहाँ,
कठिन जरुर है डगर,
पर मंजिल पाना,
नामुमकिन नहीं,
तू भी पहुंचेगा एक दिन वहाँ,
जो लगता हैं तुझे के मुमकिन नहीं,

आसमान से परे है,
तेरे ये ख्वाब,
जिनका कोई किनारा नहीं,
हिम्मत न हार लेकिन,
क्या हुआ जो तेरा कोई सहारा नहीं,

आयेंगे ऐसे मोड जहाँ,
न साथ तेरा देगा कोई,
पर मत छोड़ यकीन,
कि तू मंजिल पायेगा,
जीत तेरे सामने होगी
ऐसा दिन आएगा,

खुद से मिल और खुद को पहचान तू,
तेरे जिंदगी के इन प्यारे ख्वाबों को जान तू,

फिर न खोना,
तू खुद को कभी,
मत सोच है कमी,
तुझमे कहीं कोई ….