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About ‘Samajshilpi’
The journey of life has gone through years and during this journey I came to learn lot of things and still learning and exploring many, and trying to improve myself, so that I can contribute myself for a purpose.
I believe in God and Simplicity and proud to be an INDIAN.I have interests in reading, writing, listening music especially old Hindi film songs and semi-classical music, I like to collect books on various topics and self development/personal development and creativity and also like to collect old Hindi films’ songs as well. I like people who inspire others and set an example by contributing for the society and for the development of our country and care for our environment and those who spread positivity and motivate others to contribute for humanity as a whole.
During my journey to places I have come across lot of peoples and enjoyed the highs and lows of life with them. Many of these become close friends and many of them share close friendly relations with me. Due to my stay at various Project Sites I also got chance to travel a lot and this has given me new experience always and bring me closer to the vast cultural heritage we have in our country and how, though we share lot of diversities, still our soul is one that is ‘BHARAT’ – India.
I personally believe that there are ‘two’ kinds of people (irrespective of their religions, caste, creed, language, country or whatever) they are GOOD and BAD. We may find the majority and minority of Good and bad shifting for many reasons. I have come across a lot of people and met many good peoples and also came across ‘bad’ peoples and it left me hurt when I see people falling down to such an extent and, level of humanity going down and how these peoples continuously are damaging our social fabric and lives of many.
However, still we have to think positive and let the Good works be continued and the good among people can be brought forward and people should be inspired and motivated for GOOD. We as the human beings are precious and we should try to attain that Goodness and Godliness in our deeds and create a society where diversity of all kinds is respected and valued, where people believe in dialogue, peace and sharing, where no one has the sole key to the truth, where talent is recognized and accepted, respected and merit wins, where everyone come together for a good cause and share same platform whenever anything beneficial for all is to be done. I wish that people realized their unrealized potential and utilized it positively for the well-being of the humanity and to spread love and peace for all.
Lot of things happens around us and we try to react to them as per our capability. However at many times I feel that I should express myself and my views should reach people and by exchanging our thoughts we reach a consensus and conclusion for the betterment of the society. Or at least by reaching so many people I can share my views to them and the likeminded thoughts/views are spread over for the good and peace for all. And also Creativity is achieved with Social consciousness.
‘Samaj Shilpi’ is presently a bilingual website in English and Hindi. We shall try to add to it Marathi and Gujarati further.
Most of the works that shall be presented here relate to my personal experience with people, places, social and political, environmental conditions and professional life and general entertainment related topics.
I am confident that you enjoy visiting this blog and would like to see your feedback/suggestions so that we can improve further.
I would also like to mention a very very special thanks to my friends Shri.ASHISH TILAK who played a major role in designing and launching of this blog and constantly motivated me to take on writing, and to Shri.BHARAT BHATT who too constantly provide moral support and insisted me to take on writing which I had left years ago and a BIG thanks to my little daughter ASHWINI who is also the main contributor to this blog- my co-author and inspiration for all of us.
All materials including any images on ‘Samaj Shilpi’ are under Creative Common license. This means that you can copy them and use them only for non-commercial purposes by giving credit to ” – www.Samajshilpi.org” and by giving a link to the page from where you have taken the material or the image. This license does not allow for any modification of the text/images and you can’t use them for any website that involves any kind of monetary transactions or payments or donations.
I am Avinash Scrapwala and ‘Samajshilpi’ Webpages are my work. I am from Maharashtra and currently settled in KUTCH-GUJARAT (India). I work in private sector and my functional area of work is in Materials Management.
You can contact me at avi_abhang@yahoo.co.in; avinash.abhang12@gmail.com

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