About Ashwini

The section “Ashwini Uvach” of this site contains poems written by my daughter Ashwini.

She loves drawing, crafts and watching various ‘cartoon’ shows on TV and writing her diary regularly is her habit. In her diary she had been writing her daily thoughts, poems, personal matters, school activities, and her friends and expressing her feelings through it. The poems presented here have been taken from her diary and written during the past seven years. When she started writing she was studying in Standard VIIth in 2010 and continued the same while continuing her studies further now.

I would like to mention a very very special thanks to my friends Shri.Ashish Tilak and Shri.Bharat Bhatt without whom this could not have been possible. Their inspiration helps me to discover the potential my little daughter had and this further leads to us to go online at http://samajshilpi.org (my blog).

In launching of this blog and designing the same, Shri.Ashish Tilak had a very very important role and without him this could not have been possible.

Sh.Bharat Bhatt has same way contributed in designing and releasing of these poems in a booklet form. Without their support and active contribution this could not have been possible.

I am sure all of you will enjoy these lovely poems as each poem has its own mood and you can’t stop yourselves loving it.

-Avinash Scrapwala

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    1. महेश जी , आपका बहोत बहोत धन्यवाद, कृपया अपने सुझावोंसे हमें अवगत करते रहिएगा !!!

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