May be…

I know it’s still the heart of mine,
That wishes for you to be around

I know its never gonna happen
That I will search for you near and you will be found

May be I am thinking too much at this time
May be you are the only one I need for now,
May be it’s the touch that brings me close,
May be it’s the feeling I don’t wanna lose anyhow,

Feels to be complete when near
Feels to be insecure when far
Feels like it won’t last for ever
But I still don’t want to fall apart…

Feels like I was nothing for you
But for me you really meant
I tried stopping you from going away
But you still left me and went…

Feels like I am going a step away from myself every time
And neither coming near to you
But just left far behind…

I know situations are not like
As I wanted them to be…

Maybe you were always around
Maybe I couldn’t ever see …..

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