Deewaaron Ka Jungle – 2 – Nana Patekar

(Deewaaron ka Jungle-II)

Deewaaron ka Jungle-1

बहुत घुटन है कोई सूरते बयाँ निकले
अगर सदा न उठे, कम से कम फूगां निकले
–    साहिर लुधियानवी

As a human being we cannot remain isolated to what is happening in our surroundings and day to day life. Sometimes we are hurt, we are pained, we struggle, we fight back in our own individual way but we alone cannot make all right as we would like it to be.
We are confined to our comfort zone. And it is very difficult for us to come out of it.
Ultimately we are compelled to confine ourselves to our own priorities, we have our own personal problems and in our own way we are attached to it. Even if somehow we want to do something for a social cause we are unable to do so and we could not carry our fight for others for longer.

We cry, we weep, we keep wailing for some time and then back to square one we are back to the only cause of our ‘do joon ki roti’.

And then there is this ‘chhodo yaar, ae sab to chalta hi rahega, apne baap ka kya jaata hai’

But believe me, though not much may have gone of our Fathers but everything of our children is at ‘stake’.

Take for instance the ‘Nithari’ killings of innocent children years before… what has happened?
The ‘Satan of Patans’, the continuous rape in PTC college of Patan in Gujarat?
It is more heinous act than terrorism.
It is only who lost their near and dear ones those suffer.

And the others will continue to suffer some other day because we have all accepted it now as a routine and the ‘bench-mark’ has been set and achieving to ‘new heights’ of ‘heinousness’- thanks to the people of this country – because for rest of them it is all ‘sab chalta hai’, ‘chhod na yaar’, ‘apne baap ka kya jaata hai, ‘bhool ja ..’ , and happily the ‘republic’ goes on, moving further, marching to ‘mars’ and going down with ‘humanity, values, ethics, moral, civic sense, social commitment, social responsibility, and moral and social responsibility’;
(Yesterday there was news about a Son of Leader (of the party in power) in UP, beating a Ladies Officer on duty- where are the ‘woman rights activists’ or ‘human rights activists’ and so called NGOs?)

Deewaaron ke is jungle mein
Bhatak rahe insaan
Apne apne uljhe daaman
Jhatak rahe insaan
Apni vipadaa chhod ke aaye
Kaun kisi ke kaam

Here I would like to share with all what the great film personality Nana Patekar had said about in a interview with IBN Lokmat editor Mr.Nikhil Wagle few months back.
This discussion held then is very much in line with our topic of this article and hence I feel it is essential to share it with all of you (those it has been almost ten months now when this interview was held)

On 3rd march there was an interview of Nana Patekar on ‘IBN- Lokmat’ where the editor of the news channel Mr. Nikhil Wagle discussed about his latest film – the attacks of 26/11-and the prevailing socio-political situation in the country. I missed some earlier part of this discussion, but thanks to YT, it is available on it. Nana talks about many current socio-political issues in this talk and very less about his new film. As we know about Nana he is socially active and do many things ensuring that there is no ‘publicity’ about it.
Nana is worried about the current scenario, the way life has changed, that he watched through his journey of life from his childhood days to now.

‘Hamne ek dusre ke prati vishwas kho diya hain’

About the vulnerability of life nowadays he says ‘one cannot ensure that the person who left his house in the morning will be back in evening (as it is) to home or not?’
Nana also speaks on the deteriorating social values in our society.
But he is optimistic that the new generation will be able to shake up the current system and bring a change.
Something needs to be done. If I do not express I get suffocated. Cinema is the medium.

As mentioned above while watching this on 3rd March I had missed some earlier part, but very soon I find it on YT and please note what note it start –
Nana is walking in his farms followed by the editor and his crew, and the editor and what Nana said – ‘mumbai mein kuchh nahin hain, sirf ‘deewaarein’ hain! It’s suffocating in Mumbai behind the ‘four walls’.
(Deewaaron ka Jungle-II) …

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