Life is here …!!!

Not at all alone
Not at all Sad
Happy with my closed ones,
Near and Dear

Not at all worried,
Not any kind of fear
Feel with your Heart
The ‘Happiness’ is here

A blink in the eyes,
A wish to fly,
A belief of reaching,
The Heights Superior

Unfold the mystery,
Make a History
Live it each moment,
The ‘Life is Here’

A Smile on lips,
The comfort in care
Feel the pain in
A little drop of Tear

Spread your Affection,
Spread a wave of Care
Listen, your soul says,
The ‘Love’ is here

The Calmness in Wind,
The Tenderness of Leaves,
A beautiful Touch,
The Nature wears

Let there be Humanity,
Let the Life be full of Love,
Look the Nature says,
The ‘Heaven’ is Here’

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