Ever since I started this blog, I wish that I can share my experiences of workplace and relate them with respect to the situations and/or problems that we face in our daily social life.

For example, when I started dealing in Scrap materials and Hazardous waste at my work place, I use to think, does all garbage really gets disposed in the right way and right earnest as it needs to be?
What about the waste that we cannot recycle or which have no commercial value and hence not being sold?
What about the waste that is not collected and is left balance and the waste which is not biodegradable also?

Does all the effluent, even if they are treated and released in the water or to the land, are purely unharmful, or do they may be on small scale make damage to the natural resources?

Coming to the hazardous materials, I tend to relate them with peoples in our society, like there are ‘people’ of different kinds, some positive, some negative, some even hazardous who do antisocial activities, who are involved in crime etc etc
Now some hazardous waste are treated and recycled.
Yes! We do have jails for the criminals, but as for some hazardous wastes which could not be recycled are incinerated, I wish there could be such facilities for the peoples like those involved in the various Rape cases or other heinous crimes, so that there could be justice faster and more appropriate.

Well, I could keep on adding the thoughts as they have been going in my mind regularly which I will be sharing in this column.
Most of the companies now work with ISO certification – Quality Management System and some also follow other systems like ‘Safety Management System’ and ‘Environment Management System’.
I got an opportunity to work in this culture for the last 10 years so far and I got to learn many things and still learning and exploring further. So, I can also share my thoughts vis-à-vis various management systems and some of the terms that are buzzwords in our professional life.

As it happens with me every time I want to start a new thing, I try to make it start on a special day or a special occasion or considering my favorite numeric numbers.
That happen in this case also and this keep on shifting. In between there was some outstation tour on work front, due to which this was delayed.

But finally it take-off today, which happens to be the birthday of a very special person who is at the helm of affairs of state I have been staying for the last 09 years now- GUJARAT.

I will also be discussing my thoughts about him in the posts to follow.

And the very First Post to follow this one is a Guest Post from a very special person to me.

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