Me and God

Once I asked my God that,
In situations of problems-
In my sad days,
What shall I do?
Where will be my ways?

God said to me;
Problems are there
In everyone’s life,
Some moments are worse,
But moments are nice,

God told me;
Live these Moments of
Happiness forever,
You will then remember
Those worse days never,

Again I asked God;
If I am confused,
And if I lost my way,
What will I do then?
You only say,

God told smilingly;
Your life is yours lesson,
Your moments – your solutions,
Your problems- your obstacles,
Those are to be solved- by those solutions

He told me;
Problems come to everyone
But with a ‘door’ open somewhere,
It is on you to find the ‘right’ door,
Problems will leave you from there,

I asked my God;
Will you be with me?
To show me my ways,
In my problems and
In my difficult days,

He said to me;
My child, I am always with you in your difficult days,
To help you out and,
To show you the right path and ways,

Be confident always and,
And never lose your hope,
Your problems are only,
Like a long rope,
To success and hope…..

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