दिलकी बात कहते है सपने
दिलकी ख्वाइश दिखाते है सपने
कभी हँसी बिखेर जाते है सपने
कभी आंसू छोड़ जाए ये सपने
कभी सच हो जाए सपने
कभी टूट जाते है सपने
कभी खुश कर जाए सपने
कभी दुखी कर देते है सपने
हर दिन होते है अलग और निराले ये सपने
कभी बुरे तो कभी अच्छे होते है सपने..

7 Replies to “सपने”

  1. THis peom shows the reality of the life because dreams is a our iner most thought of heart and they do realise the reality of heart ,so belive your drems becuse this is a picture which made by god.

    Your peom is very nice ,i have no word ,you are 11 years old one day i hope you will be do your parents ka naam roshan karongi, bhagvaan tumko sada sadbusdhi dein aur kuch ais hi rachna rach jayon ki hum hsein aur jamna royein ,
    i am wishing you good fullfell youe all the wishes in future , Any type of dificulty u can mail me i can help you if it possible .

    1. Dear Shri.Rajesh,
      Latest post from Ashwini was on 25.09.2010.You will get new ones very shortly. Last post by Scrapwala is ‘Ganpati Bappa Maria’, and new post shall be coming soon.

  2. hi
    ashvini your poem is very funtastic about knowing dream .
    your poem is related to our dream’s king , i am much feel like dream on the basis f your poem, very much thank………..you for writing dream’s poem

    anil maurya

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