Branches of trees shed in sun,
A family is together in sadness and fun,
With the flow of the rivers,
on the spines of the way,
Together it stands like a single sun-ray,
Blooming like flowers,
In flat open ground,
With butterflies and happiness around,
in path of difficulty it all stands one,
A family is together in sadness and fun.

One Reply to “FAMILY”

  1. ek justju thi ki kuchh to naya karun…
    par is zindgi ki aapadhapi mein jane kahan so gayi….
    mila jo tumse to wo fir karwat badalne lagi hai…..
    fir se ek baar mene use jine ki thani hai….
    aur is baar main use sone nahi dunga….
    ye mera wada hai tumse, meri “Prerna”.

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