‘Aapnu Mundra – Aapnu Kachhh’

by Scrapwala

Few days back we face Nature’s fury when there were heavy rains in parts of Saurashtra and Kutch. These unseasonal rains damage the Rabi Crops and bring losses to farmers. In a small town Hatdi near Bhardreshwar (Mundra –Kachchh) the falling of hailstones with rains and strong winds surprised everybody. Nobody could expect this type of weather in Kutch. People try to find the reasons behind such an abnormal weather conditions. During my daily travel from Mundra to Adipur in ST Bus two villagers were talking about this and  finding the reason for this abnormal weather they concluded that ;’ aa to badha kudrat no prakop che bhai’, ae ma koino guno nathi’ , that makes me to think ‘ Is it true?  Is no body responsible for this?

The ‘climate change we see everywhere has been in between striking in some other way and damaging the crops and playing havoc whether it is property loss or loss of life . The ‘global warming’ is taking its toll and Nature is balancing itself by maintaining its equilibrium and while it balances itself it is causing floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and various disorders.
 The industrial development by human being and the enormous amount of pollution is also causing severe damage to the Nature cycle. We ‘humans’ are certainly responsible for this. ‘Guno to manas naj thai !
 We still behave ourselves to be as irresponsible as we can and forget our duty towards mother ‘Earth’.
Let’s wake up and start preserving the nature and save environment from further degradation.
We already see ‘garbage’ and ‘garbage’ lying around our areas causing dirt and stink everywhere.
Pollution is increasing day by day and the damage has already been done. We have already started paying the ‘price’, let us try to give a better tomorrow to our future generations. Let us all take the ownership for the environment we live in, we have to protect it, preserve it and conserve it! Order Generic Valtrex Online. Purchase 30 Pills per pack Cialis and online prescription , buy Cialis Professional essay writers online – Drug store, lowest prices. cialis help of difference between viagra and cialis soft tabs buy viagra what causesВ  cheap Valtrex 500MG . Low Prices Guarantee!

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