सुहाना सफर …. Suhaanaa Safar

This is poem is dedicated to the magical blog – ‘atul’s bollywood song a day – with full lyrics’

Congratulating Atul ji and his team on reaching 10,000 songs on atulsongaday.me and wishing a very happy musical journey ahead …

गाडी आयी गाडी आयी
अतुल जी कि गाडी आयी
सात सुरों का सागर लायी
मन में उमंगें हज़ार लायी

इसका इंजन समय का पहिया
डिब्बे सारे बदलती घड़ियाँ
इन डिब्बों में कई कहानियां
यादों कि कई जिंदगानियाँ

सुख दुःख के खजाने से
गहरी समय कि धारा से
किस्से अनगिनत कलाकारों के
मनोरंजन,त्याग और तपस्या के

तेरे मेरे कितने सपने
बचपन के वो दिन सुहाने
जवानी के वो दिन दीवाने
गाएँ मिलकर जो तराने

अपना स्टेशन आये तो उतरना
देख मुसाफिर भूल न जाना
फिर इस गाडी में आना
प्यार हमारा साथ ले जाना

Gaadi aayi gaadi aayi
Atul ji ki gaadi aayi
Saat suron ka saagar laayi
Man mein umangen hazaar laayi

Iska Engine samay ka pahiyaa
Dibbe saare badalti ghadiyaan
In dibbon mein kayi kahaaniyaan
Yaadon ki kayi zindagaaniyaan

Sukh dukh ke khazaane se
Gehri samay ki dhaara se
Kisse angeenat kalaakaaron ke
Manoranjan, tyaag aur tapasyaa ke

Tere mere kitne sapne
Bachpan ke wo din suhaane
Jawaani ke wo din deewaane
Gaayen milkar jo takraane

Apna station aaye to utarna
Dekh musaafir bhool na jaana
Phir  is gaadi mein aana
Pyaar hamaara saath le jaana

Aaya hai mujhe phir yaad wo zaalim…Songs that bring back memories

He he he he he he
La la la la la la la la la la
Pyaar hua hai jabse

Whenever I listen to this song from ‘Abhilasha-1968’, I am thrilled, I get goose-bumps, its music makes me delighted and it takes back to me where I am kid and playing with an inflatable rainbow color beach ball, which my Father have brought for me…

That is how our mind starts relating memories with.

A strange feeling runs through my heart every time I hear Kishore Kumar’s
he he
he he
ha ha
hmm hmm
hmm hmm
aha ha
ha ha ha
ha ha
hmm hmm
(In the song -kora kaaghaz thha yeh man mera)

Then I just cannot escape this, it stirs my heart
Hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
he he he he
ho ho ho ho

(In phoolon ka taaron ka)

And in the same line an altogether different world starts calling me when I tune into these;

he he he
ha ha ha

(From mere sapnon ki raani kab aayegi tu)

Hai haan ..sachchaai chhup nahin sakti, banaawat ke asoolon se …

And this Lata-Kishore’s

o ho ho
ho ho ho
o ho ho
hmm hmm hmm

And just listen to this ‘hmm hmm hmm’ by Kishore Kumar and the pause before Lata takes of to ‘Karwatein badalte rahe’..

For years together this all have been very fascinating and it will be as long as we are there …


I believe that all of us, the ‘music lovers’ have our own reasons for being attached to ‘music’.
Some of us definitely have some specific reasons that keep us to be continuously in pursuit of ‘songs’, and some of us have some special memories to cherish with, and cherish those special moments with some sort of ‘musical memories’ attached with.

We always like to mention about the ‘songs that bring back memories’.

We fondly cherish and remember such songs and enjoy them and try to revive those memories.

Trying to find out these special songs, that I hear up while growing, was the main reason that I started to contributing lyrics of the songs that were still to be posted on Atul ji’s blog.
But when I noticed that many songs from my list of ‘Aaya hai mujhe phir yaad wo zaalim’ (title I thought to give to this compilation when I record them, and which now is the tilte for this post also) were still to make on this blog, I became uncomfortable and was eager to see these very special songs on the blog, because ultimately this was a ‘unique’ blog and the songs I mentioned definitely deserved place on the blog – since these were the songs from the very special period of the Hindi cinema – ‘the Seventies’….

In this post I have tried to find out those special songs, that I hear up while growing,.

This post is dedicated to those special songs that have indelible and permanent mark on our mind and have remain evergreen as well as immortal for us.

Now talking of the memories, that some songs triggers, we actually do not know how some songs remain constant in our mind and become the part of our life at various stages.

Like, my parents told me that, when I was a child, my uncles and aunts tease me with the song ‘Wo pari kahaan se laaun – ye gangaram ki samajh mein naa aaye’ from the Manoj Kumar starrer ‘Pehchaan’
Given my physique at that time must have provoked them to give me this name ‘Gangaram’.
Then these songs ‘deewaana mujhsa nahin’, ‘baiyaan na dharo’, ‘duniya mein logon ko’, bring this ‘Gramohpone’ and ‘LP’ records to my mind.
Because my Uncle had brought this LP record player then, and these songs were regularly played on them and were favorites (I think so).

And I do not know how this song ‘teri galiyon mein ham aaye, dil armaanon bharaa laaye’ became part of my permanent memory, even though I have not watched this film ‘Minoo’ then and to till date. May be because, it was frequently played on the Radio then.

As far Memories related with the musical programmes on Radio is concerned, one is of the programme – ‘ Fauji bhaaiyon ke liye …’Jaimaala’ ‘ on Vividh Bharati, presented by Dharmendra. I remember this talking about that ‘main ek kisaan ka beta hoon’ and this song ‘apni kahaani chhod ja.. Mausam beeta jaaye’ I listened it first time then was taken over by this song.

Then there was ‘Bianca Geetmala’ the most favorite of film songs’ program of everybody in the family.
Listening the annual programs of ‘Binaca Geetmala’ was also an event which is a part of our beautiful memories.
One memory to share related with this is that on the annual program of 1979 I was given the responsibility to listen and note down the rankings and final results since my parents had to go for their ‘drama rehearsals’. That year ‘dafli waale dafli bajaa’ from ‘Sargam’ topped the charts.

From ‘All India Radio-Urdu Service’ programmes my favorites were ‘bheega bheega pyaar ka samaa bataa de tujhe jaana hai kahaan’, ‘raahi matwaale’ and ‘ham pyaar mein jalnewaalon ko’….

And if you are fortunate enough to have been fallen in love with someone at an early age,  may be a one sided crush and an unexpressed love (‘apun ki zindagi mein bhi ek ‘memsaab’ thi , kya ! aayen!) and if you are separated from this ‘childhood’ love for some reasons , you have plenty of songs in our Hindi films that we can relate to our real life situations and where one can fall and swim in the depth of the ‘poetic beauty’ of the lyrics.

Some songs trigger memories, while some real life situations sometimes spontaneously bring some songs to our lips…

‘Naao kaaghaz ki gehra hai paani, zindagi ki yahi hai nishaani,
phir bhi har haal mein muskuraake, duniyaadari padegi nibhaani…’

With the advent of new technologies have opened up a vast treasure for music lovers like us and I can list out the following from my experience of searching songs online; according to me this is how this ‘journey of life through songs’ takes place;

Some songs those get stored in our very early memory,
Some songs that trigger memories when we review the above category songs,
Some songs that are not in our memory but related to that period and hidden in our vague memory,
Songs that strike us on situational, seasonal basis, incident basis, on changing weather conditions, time, and/or our mental and physical condition given at a time.
Some songs are in our permanent memory and they live with us, they grow with us (here growing meaning the understanding of the verses, relating our emotions to it and the physical properties of the song i.e.its tune, its singing, its recording, its picturisation etc etc).
Some songs are that get stored in our sub-conscious memory and some carried over through our conscious day to day life experiences.
Our personal likings for some actors, actresses, stars, of any film personality,
And last but not the least is the ‘nostalgia’ that we all love – and looking for something that have been left back over the years,


Seasons and Festivals also trigger some musical memories, like;

During Ganesh festival this song ‘he gajvadan Ganesh ji , meri binti suniyo re’ keeps haunting me, and I searched it for many many years, finally thinking that it must be a NFS, I started searching that way. But later on came to know that this is from the film Pujarin when it was shared on Atul ji’s blog by our beloved Prakash ji.

Every Janmashtami I am automatically reminded of these songs;
Kanhaiyya kanhaiyaa tujhe aana padega (Maalik- 1972)
Shor mach gaya shor dekho aaya makhan chor (Badlaa-1974)
Krishna Krishna bolo Krishna (Naya Din Nayi Raat-1974)
Govind bolo hari gopal bolo (chhup chhup meera roye..- Johny Mera Naam-1970)

Every monsoon I am haunted by these song;
Saawan ka mahina aa gaya ho (Nehle Pe Dehla)
Jhoomta saawan dekho aaya (Do Khilaadi-1976)
Barkha raani zara jam ke barso(Sabak-1973)

Around Diwali festival, I used to get feeling of Diwali vacations that we enjoy during our childhood and these songs start haunting me;
Main na bhoolunga, Ye jo public hain, Ye hai mera premi

May be because I would have get to watch these films during Diwali festivals. Though here in the case of these films the above songs belong to they actually were released at the same time in the month of October, so must be around Diwali time as I could presumed.

Over the years I cannot escape the magic of ‘Sun jaa aa thhandi hawaa’ and ‘Jaadugar tere naina, dil jaayega bach ke kahaan’, ‘tum mile pyaar se mujhe jeena gawaara hua’ and ‘waada karo jaanam, na chhodoge ye daaman’, whenever I listen to it.

With ‘ya garmi yon ki raat jo purvaiyya chale, thhandi safed chaadaron pe jaage der tak’..  I try to find the ‘fursat ke raat dins of our ‘childhood’, in our today’s life wherein we get very less time to unwind ourselves.

And the all time favorite ‘zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo makaam’…. Whenever I feel like going back to the memories and places, which I have been and left behind later.

One born in that period of ‘seventies’ cannot forget these quawaalis, which also were the favorites in Orchestra programs;
Jhoom baraabar jhoom sharaabi, Raaz ki baat kehdoon to, ‘chadhta sooraj dheere dheere dhalta hain dhal jaayega’, ‘taarif teri nikli hain dil se’….

And I remember that almost all orchestras then compulsorily have these numbers;

O door ke musaafir hamko bhi saath le le re
Chhotisi umar mein hain lag gaya rog
Kuhu kuhu bole koyaliya
Mora nadaan baalma na jaane dil ki baat
Aap jaisa koyi meri zindagi mein aaye
Ishwar satya hain.. satyam shivam sundaram
Aapke shehar mein aayi hoon shauq se
Dariyaa kinaare ek bunglow ga pori
Mungda mungda main gud ki dalli
Jhoom baraabar jhoom sharaabi

From the mythological I cannot forget ‘manwa re manwa, jeewan hai sangram (Jai Barjrangbali-1976) and ‘yahaan wahaan jahaan tahaan mat puchho kahaan kahaan (Jai Santoshi Maa-1975) and ‘Janam janam ke phere (1957)


So when our beloved Atul ji  discussed this in his numerous posts about the ‘best age i.e. 8 to 14 yrs, of which the memories we carry with us,  piqued my interest and I thought to analyze this ‘science’ in my case.
And I would like to share the results here.

For this I decided to list out all the songs that straightway take to the nerves, whenever I get to listen to them, they touched my heart; a strange feeling of going back to those days brings goose bumps to me and left me in state of mind that cannot be expressed in words.

These are the songs which give me an altogether different feeling whenever I listen to them and they remind me of the special memorable time of our life i.e. childhood which will not come back again.

Looking back now it feels like that was a ‘different world’ altogether!

Just have a look at the following list of songs;

Aaya hai mujhe phir yaad wo zaalim – ‘Devar-1966’

Paayal ki jhankaar raste raste-Mere Lal-1966

Phool tumhe bheja hai khat mein-Saraswatichandra-1967

Aayi hain bahaaren mitey zulmo sitam-Ram Aur Shyam-1967

Pankh hote to ud aati re- Sehra-1963

Dheere dheere machal ae dile beqaraar-Anupama-1965

All these songs are from the films that belong to the period before I was born.

I do not know but these songs have captivated my mind since I was a child.

Also, while going through Atul ji’s post on the blog (for those songs already posted from the list) I find it interesting that many of these songs (in my list) are common favorites of both of us.
As Atul ji is elder to me by six years it would be interesting to know – what emotions and feelings he goes through listening the same songs.

The timeline in my case is from 1968 (I was born) to 1982.

I was also interested to find what exactly the results are in my case. And while I started with focusing on the prominent songs that bring back memories, I finished with listing all the songs, to get a better picture.(and later on I might add some more songs to the list, if I find that has been missed now).

The list of my Songs that bring back memories is here.

Out of these songs links for those already posted on Atul ji’s blog are given therein.
And for the balance ones they will be updated whenever these songs are posted on the blog.
Where I have multiple songs from the same film, I have considered only one for this analysis’s purpose. So from the total of 211 songs I have considered 174 only with one each from a film.
Now in many cases even the movies that these songs are from have not been watched by me. And I am trying to get these now like I watched ‘Pehchaan’ in 2007, ‘Abhilaasha’ in 2011 by getting their VCD/DVDs. I don’t know if now VCD/DVD for those movies that failed at the box-office, would be available or not.

This list of songs that I started writing down in 1994 (in my diary and separate notes prepared time to time) was there with me and it was last updated in 1998.

Getting back into it was very enjoyable and interesting.

I have put the total list and links here

And while doing the analysis I find years like 1974, 1976 having more songs that I like, so I have put them separately and spread over the age range in more categories and not covering all of them in one range of 8 to 14 yrs.

Age range    Up to 1967    1968-72    1973-1974    1975-1976    1977-1982    Total
0    12                    12
0-4 yrs        51                51
5-6 yrs            31            31
7-8 yrs                29        29
9-14 yrs                    51    51
12    51    31    29    51    174

The maximum numbers are from 1976-1982 – 68 songs (i.e. 39%), and the highest from a single year are 17 from 1974, 1976 & 1977, then 14 from 1973 and 12 each from 1975, 1971 and 1970 and 11 from 1978, making a total of 112 (from rest years the figure is less than 10).

So, enjoy this list and take a trip down memory lane in your childhood to find out your favorite songs and ‘songs that bring back memories’

(You can also enjoy this post with the beautiful song ‘tere mere yaraane ho’ from the 1976 film Naagin here)


कहते हैं कि ‘उम्मीद’ पे दुनिया कायम हैं,
इसलिए है उम्मीद तुझसे ही मेरी, कि जैसे है,
सृष्टि को नियम से,
नियम को परिश्रम से,
तपिश को ठंडक से,
रेगिस्तान को हरियाली से,
क्षुधा को खुराक की,
तृषा को जल से ,
लहर को किनारेसे,
निराशा को है आशा से,
धरती को सूरज से,
अग्नि को वायु से,
इंसान को इंसानियत से,
आत्मा को परमात्मा से,
और रिश्तों को ‘विश्वास’ की है उम्मीद !
यह रिश्ता टूट न जाये कभी,
बंधी रहे डोर पंचतत्व की इस जीवन से,
चलता रहे कारवां जिंदगी का यूँही,
यही सोचकर,
फिर ‘उम्मीद’ के ‘बादल’ घिर आये है,
और छायी है ‘घटा’ ‘विश्वास’ की,
लुटा दे हम पर तेरी ‘दया’ का ‘सागर’,
……… बरस जा अब तो !

(This poem was earlier posted on nai-aash.in and somehow it missed here, so re-blogged today with a hope that all these prayers reach to the God and he showers his blessing on us – on all of us)

इक ऋतू आये , इक ऋतू जाए …

मेरे अब तक के जीवन में शायद पहली बार ऐसा हुआ के सूखे कि आशंका से मैं काँप उठा. इससे पहले भी कभी बारिश कम हुई होगी या सूखा या अकाल पड़ा होगा, लेकिन तब भी मैं जिन जिन जगहों रहता पर था वहाँ पर बारिश ज़रूर हुई थी.
यह अलग बात हैं कि बारिश कम हुई होगी, और जब ज़रूरत थी तब नहीं होकर आगे पीछे हुई होगी. लेकिन बारिश होती थी. भयंकर गर्मी और तपिश के बाद बारिश ज़रूर होती थी !
लेकिन इस बार महसूस हो रहा हैं के हालात कितने खराब हैं.
एक दिन पहले बिलकुल ‘साफ़’ आसमान देखकर अचानक मेरा मन घबरा गया. बादलों का कोई नामोनिशान नहीं था. एकदम साफ़ आसमान!
क्या सचमुच बारिश नहीं होगी?

‘प्यासी बंजर धरती
किसका पेट भरे
भूखे प्यासे बच्चे
खेती कौन करे’

और गर्मी तो दिन ब दिन बढती ही जा रही है? कब इस तपिश से हमें राहत मिलेगी?
कब सूखी-बंजर-बिखरती ज़मीन कों बारिश कि बूँदें अपने प्यार से नहला देंगी?
मैं हर रोज ‘टक-टकी’ लगाए आसमान कों देखता रहता हूँ कि बादल आये और ‘उमड़-घुमड़’ कर बरस जाएँ. और हमें कईं मुश्किलों से बचाएं !
हो सकता हैं आज जो कुछ बादल इकठ्ठा हो रहे हैं कल वे बरसेंगे ज़रूर…
और बरसात के बाद जब माहोल खुशनुमा हो जाएगा उसकी अनुभूति कों कौन भूल सकता हैं भला?

वैसे तो समय समय पर मैं अपनी कविताओं में ‘पर्यावरण परिवर्तन’ ( Climate Change ), प्रदुषण के दुष्परिणाम, बढते उद्योग – घटते संसाधन, ऋतू चक्र में परिवर्तन इत्यादि कि बातें करता आया हूँ.
लेकिन उम्मीद का दामन कभी नहीं छोड़ा. क्योंकि ‘प्रकृति’ अपना ‘समतोल’ बनाए रखती हैं और अभी तक यही एक ऐसा ‘चक्र’ था जिस पर विश्वास बना हुआ हैं और रहेगा.
पर इतना ज़रूर हैं कि अब आबोहवा बदल गयी हैं.

ऐसे में मुझे एक गीत कि ये पंक्तियाँ याद आयी ;

‘तक तक सूखे परबत
आँखें तरस गयीं
बादल तो न बरसे
आँखें बरस गयीं ‘ …
‘बरस बरस दुःख बढ़ता जाए’


संयोग से आज ही अपने देश का आम बजट पेश हुआ. टीवी पर जोर शोर से बजट के पक्ष और विपक्ष में चर्चाएं चल रही हैं .
किसको कितना फायदा हुआ यह तो कुछ समय पश्चात ही पता चल पायेगा.
लेकिन देश स्वतंत्र होने के बाद से लेकर अब तक, कितने – मौसम बदले – मतलब कितने बजट पेश हुए. लेकिन क्या बजट में किये गए वादे पुरे हुए?
क्या गरीबों के जीवन में कुछ सुधार हुआ.
क्या बरस दर बरस ‘दुःख’ कम हुआ या बढ़ता ही गया?
हमारी ‘समस्याएं’ कम हुई ?
जिन लोगों ने देश कों आज़ाद होते हुए देखा या जो आज़ादी के कुछ वर्षों बाद ही पैदा हुए थे, वे देश के हालात के बारें क्या राय रखते हैं? क्या, जो सपने उन्होंने देखें थे वो पुरे हुए?

क्या सचमुच मौसम बदला?
नसीब बदले?
या फिर …
‘प्यार न सीखा
नफरत करना सीख लिया
सब लोगों ने लड़ना मरना सीख लिया’
और अंत में हमें ये न कहना पड़ जाए कि ,
‘इक बजट आये, इक बजट जाए.. गरीबी मिटे ना ..
हाँ, मिट गए गरीब…’
(यहाँ पर ‘मुश्किलों’ का मतलब हमारी रोज़मर्रा कि समस्याएँ, और ‘रकीब’ हैं = हमारी ‘सिस्टम’या हमारी ‘व्यवस्था’…)


खैर आप भी सत्तर के दशक के इस हृदयस्पर्शी गीत का आनंद उठाईये और महसूस कीजिये कि क्या बदला और क्या नहीं.
आदरणीय अतुल जी के ब्लॉग पर इस गीत कि ये कड़ी आपके लिए प्रस्तुत हैं !

इक ऋतू आये

आनंद बक्षी साहब के शब्दों को किशोर कुमार ने बहुत ही दिल से गाया हैं और इसे स्वरबद्ध किया हैं मशहूर संगीतकार जोड़ी ‘लक्ष्मीकांत-प्यारेलाल’ जी ने !


‘A long way to go…..’

Celebrating 100th Post on Samajshilpi !

Congratulations to Samajshilpi! Congratulations to all associated with this blog!!

As we were approaching for the 100th post on Samajshilpi I was thinking of some special post and what would be the topic for this post.

However on a very perfect time I got this post from my daughter Ashwini and I am glad to post this as the 100th post on this blog, as she have been the other ‘main contributor’ on this blog.
Ashwini started writing when she was studying in VII Th, and with this blog she has also completed ‘Five’ years of ‘writing’.
The number of her posts gradually reduced due to her studies and in between her clearing out the board exam for X Th and now she has this another crucial year of XII th.

So, I cannot demand more from her, and over the years my tone has also changed from ‘is topic par likho or kuchh likhkar dena’ to ‘tumne kuchh likha kya?’ to ‘Kuchh likha ho to bataana’! (For keep continuing the posting new posts on the blog, as my posts were also reduced due to work priorities).

Though I have got at least 3 posts ready, there timing is to be matched with posts on my other networked blog.

I thank my friends Shri.Ashish Tilak and Shri.Bharat Bhatt for their continued support to me.
Also I thank Shri.Raja, Shri.Jigar Modi for their contribution and posts.

So, very happily presenting herewith this post and hope to see your comments and feedback thereof…

And thanking you all the readers, well wishers and supporters for appreciating this blog.
-    Avinash Scrapwala



‘ A Long Way To Go …’

Can’t figure out, what to say,
Can’t figure out to go which way,

The more I feel I’m through it all
Situation tend to be the same again,
The more I decide to be quite somehow
All my patience goes in vain!!

‘Why again me?’ is not what I’m asking
It’s not that I want to get rid anyway,
Blaming you-‘my life’, is not what I’ll do
But I’ll try to understand what you want to convey…

When it really feels I’ve unfolded the mystery
That’s the point where life takes a turn,
When I say to my life that I’ve learned what you taught me
That’s when life shows me I still have “so much to learn”!

Can’t figure out what to say
Because my feelings are what, I really don’t want to show,
Can’t figure out to go which way,
Because it is still ‘A very long way to go……’ !



टक टकी …

क्यों हमसे इस कदर रूठा है तू भला,
और फेर ली है हमसे निगाहें अपनी,
क्या नहीं है परवाह तुझे उन मासूमों की भी,
जिन्होंने अभी अभी होश संभाला है,
और वे जिन्हें, तेरे होने पर -
तुझसे भी ज्यादा ‘यकीन’ है,

माना कि, की है बेवफाई हमने,
तेरे उसूलों से, और,
भटक गए हैं तेरी बताई हुई राह से हम,
फेर लिया है मुंह कुछ इस तरह से हमने ,
कि ‘जानकर’ बन गए है ’अनजान’
अपने ‘अंजाम’ से हम,

पर हम बेबसों कि तू सुनता रहा है सदा,
लगाये बैठे हैं टक टकी तेरी ओर,
हे परवर दिगार तुम दयालु ‘सरकार’
तेरा ही चलता रहा हुक्म हर बार,
तेरे बस में हैं सब भंडार
सूखी,बंजर,बिखरती ज़मीन को
तेरे ‘रहमो-करम’ का है इंतज़ार

‘Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke’… ‘ जीयो और जीने दो’ !

‘Neela aasmaan’ ‘Dharti’ ‘Saagar’
‘Baadal aur Bijli’
‘Saanjh aur savera’
‘Dhoop Chhaaon’
‘Raat aur Din’
‘Geet gaaya patthharone’
‘Mitti mein Sona’
‘Karishma kudrat ka’
‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’

‘Nadiya Ke Paar’
‘Himalay se ooncha’
‘Prem Parbat’
‘Door gagan ki chhaaon mein’
‘Hariyali aur Raasta’
‘Jaanwar aur Insaan’
‘Jungle ki pukaar’ ‘Safed haathi’
‘Haathi mere saathi’
‘Ham panchhi ek daal ke’
‘Mamta ki chhaaon mein’
‘Phool khile hain gulshan gulshan’

‘Naya Daur’
‘Naya Zamaana’

‘Laalach’ ‘Lootmaar’
B’e reham’ ‘Duniya’
‘Zehreela insaan’
‘Gunde’ ‘Lootere’
‘Insaaniyat ke dushman’
‘Shaitaan Mujrim’
‘Kaalaa dhandaa gorey log’
‘Meetha zehar’ ‘Dhan Daulat’
‘Acid Factory’
‘Chimani Ka Dhuaan’

‘Garm Hawaa’
‘Kabhi andhera kabhi ujaala’
‘Shor’ ‘Mausam’
‘Bin baadal barsaat’
‘Aag ka dariyaa’
‘Kaalaa samundar’
‘Pighalta Aasmaan’
‘Sehra’ ‘Pyaasi Nadi’
‘Aandhi aur toofan’
‘Kaala paani’
‘Ram teri ganga maili’

‘Do beegha zameen’
‘Dharti Maata’
‘Kisaan’ ‘Armaan’
‘Ek mutthi aasmaan’
‘Toote khilaune’
‘Swarg Se Sundar’
‘Ye Gulistaan Hamara’

‘Tere Dwaar Khade Bhagwaan’
‘Dharti Kahe Pukaar Ke’
‘Samaaj ko badal daalo’
‘Mujhe jeene do’
‘Jiyo aur jeene do’


( In Devnagri Script)

‘नीला आसमान’ ‘धरती’ ‘सागर’
‘बादल और बिजली’
‘सांझ और सवेरा’
‘धुप छाँव’
‘रात और दिन’
‘गीत गाया पत्थरोने’
‘मिटटी में सोना’
‘करिश्मा कुदरत का’
‘सत्यम शिवम सुन्दरम’

‘नदिया के पार’
‘हिमालय से ऊंचा’
‘प्रेम परबत’
‘दूर गगन कि छाँव में’
‘हरियाली और रास्ता’
‘जानवर और इंसान’
‘जंगल कि पुकार’ ‘सफ़ेद हाथी’
‘हाथी मेरे साथी’
‘हम पंछी एक ड़ाल के’
‘ममता कि छाँव में’
‘फूल खिले हैं गुलशन गुलशन’

‘नया दौर’
‘नया ज़माना’

‘लालच’ ‘लूटमार’
‘ज़हरिला इंसान’
‘गुंडे’ ‘लूटेरे’
‘इंसानियत के दुश्मन’
‘शैतान मुजरिम’
‘काला धंदा गोरे लोग’
‘मीठा जेहर’ ‘धन दौलत’
‘एसिड फैक्ट्री’
‘चिमनी का धुंआ’

‘गर्म हवा’
‘कभी अँधेरा कभी उजाला’
‘शोर’ ‘मौसम’
‘बिन बादल बरसात’
‘आग का दरिया’
‘काला समुन्दर’
‘पिघलता आसमान’
‘सेहरा’ ‘प्यासी नदी’
‘आंधी और तूफ़ान’
‘काला पानी’
‘राम तेरी गंगा मैली’

‘दो बीघा ज़मीन’
‘धरती माता’
‘किसान’ ‘अरमान’
‘एक मुट्ठी आसमान’
‘टूटे खिलौने’
‘स्वर्ग से सुन्दर’
‘ये गुलिस्तान हमारा’

‘तेरे द्वार खड़े भगवान’
‘धरती कहे पुकार के’
‘समाज को बदल डालो’
‘मुझे जीने दो’
‘जीयो और जीने दो’


जनसंख्या विस्फोट

आज विश्व पर्यावरण दिवस पर जन्मे समाजशिल्पी को ढेर सारी शुभकामनायें…
पर्यावरण प्रदुषण और उससे जुडी सारी समस्याओं का मुख्य कारण जनसँख्यामें हुई वृद्धि है. आज हमने अपने जीवन को सुखी बनाने के लिए भौतिक सुविधा के साधन जुटा रखे है. पर इसमें हमने प्रकृति के नैसर्गिक तंत्र को खतरा पहुँचाया है. मनुष्य की आबादी बढ़ने के साथ साथ प्राकृतिक संसाधनों की कमी बढती जा रही है. आज हम प्रकृति के कितने करीब है ये याद दिलाने के लिए कुछ प्रश्न लिखे है:


कब यह सब महसूस किया था साथी जीवन में तुमने?
प्यार प्रकृति का पाकर कब जीवन धन्य किया तुमने?

सुबह सवेरे मुर्गे की कब बांग सुनी थी? बचपन में?
चहकती चिड़िया को सुनकर कब महक उठे थे मधुबन में?
बना ही रहता बड़ी देर तक मुह में कड़वापन सारा,
ऐसे बता कब होंठ तले दातुन दबाया था तुमने?

तृप्त हुआ कब चक्की के आटे की वह रोटी खाकर?
या फिर घर के पिछवाड़े की ताज़ी सब्जियाँ बनवाकर?
आज जो कुछ खाया उसको बोते, उगते, बढते देखा?
या फसलों को काटके ले जाते कब देखा था तुमने?

कब देखा था आसमान उस रात निराला – तारों भरा?
या देखा ढलते सूरज को? लहलहाता घास हरा?
चाँद चौदवीं का वह देख के साथ लिए और पहला प्यार
पार चलें इस दुनिया के कब ऐसा सोचा था तुमने?

छैल छबीले यारों के संग उड़ता होली का वह रंग,
या हो दीवाली की खुशियों में जब पुरे परिवारका संग,
कभी अष्टमी, ईद कभी तो, सारे मनाये मिलजुल कर,
कौन सा धर्म है, क्या है जाति, कब ऐसा पूछा तुमने?

आज प्रदुषण फैलाता है, और शांति का भंग करे,
औद्योगिक कचरे फैलाकर, वनसंपति का नाश करे,
और अस्तित्व के संघर्ष में तु नैतिकता को भूल चूका,
जनसंख्या विस्फोट का क्या होगा अंजाम सोचा तुमने?


आज पर्यावरण दिन पर इस जनविस्फोट के प्रदुषण की भौतिक सुविधाओं को तुष्ट के बजाए आबादी को नियंत्रित करने का संकल्प करें और आने वाली पीढ़ी को पर्यावरण की छाया का सुख प्रदान करें.

From ‘Secular’ with Love

Dear World Encyclopedia,

Most painfully I would like to request you to ‘ban’ my use by ‘all Politicians’ in India with immediate effect.

This is the only country where my true meaning and dignity have been reduced to a ‘mockery’ the Politicians in India.

‘Secularism’ in India means ‘equal treatment of all religions by the State’.

However in real practice people are using it for their own political benefit mostly, and to divide and rule the common man in this country.
Vested interests are misleading uneducated, poor and helpless people to satisfy their own political ambitions.
These vested political interests do not want development in their country and fear that if people get educated and developed, they will not be able to divide them over communal and religious lines.
These vested interests and power hungry groups have reduced me to a ‘controversial topic’. For years now I am feeling hurt and tortured in this country. The suffocation has become unbearable for me now.

I feel very proud, when years ago, in 1976 I was included in the ‘Preamble’ of the ‘Constitution of India’ by the 42nd amendment in the constitution.

But sad to say that, thereafter, I have been misused largely by the ‘Politicians’ there, though People of this country have maintained the spirit and have always make me proud.

For the young people of India I would request them to give me a understanding at Secularism in India.

People can learn more about me at Secularism

Those who wish to understand me better can visit Secular – Definition at Free dictionary

I know that the young generation in India is eager to understand my meaning in Hindi also. Here it is at Hinkhoj.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

भारत नमो नमः !

जब कहीं ‘नयी सड़क’ बनती है,
मुझे ‘गतिशील भारत’ नज़र आता है,
जब कही ‘नया पूल’ बनता हैं
मुझे ‘अवरोध मुक्त जीवन’ कि
आशा बंधने लगती है,
जल-भराव होने वाली जगहों पर
जब नए नए ‘काज-वे’ बनते है,
मुझे बाढ़ में फंसे हुए मुसाफिर को
राहत मिलती दिखती है,
इस देश का विकास मेरा ‘जीवन-यज्ञ’ बन गया है,

जब कहीं नया उद्द्योग आकार लेता हैं,
मुझे ‘बेकारी’ की समस्या कुछ कम होने कि खुशी होती ,
जब नयी कोई परियोजना ‘मंजूर’ होती हैं ,
तो मुझे विकास कि तरफ ‘दौडता हुआ ‘भारत’ नजर आता है,
लोगों की क्रय शक्ति बढ़ने से मुझे सुख की अनुभूति होती है,
मुझे नव निर्माण से नयी ‘प्रेरणा’ मिलती है,
मुझे उद्योग्शील समाज से नव ‘चेतना’ मिलती है,
इस देश के संसाधनों में मेरी श्रद्धा है,

अंतरिक्ष में जब भारत नयी नयी खोज करता है,
और नए नए मक़ाम हासिल करता है,
मुझे सारा आकाश तिरंगा नज़र आता है,
बादलों के पार लगता है तिरंगा लहरा रहा हो जैसे,
गूँज रहा है नाद ‘जय हिंद’ का चारों ओर ,
मिट्टी के कण कण से उठ रही हैं ‘सुनामी’ समृद्धि की,
देश की समर्थता में मुझे विश्वास हैं,
चहूँ-ओर मुझे भारत कि पताका लहराती नजर आती है

विकास मेरे दिल कि धडकन बन गया है,
प्रगति मेरी सांस में बस गयी है,
गुजरात मेरी शिराओं में दौडता है,
और शक्तिशाली भारत मुझे दौडाता हैं,
मैं हिंदुस्तान को जीता हूँ,
मैं उठता हूँ तो इस देश की मिटटी की ताकत के साथ,
और सोता हूँ तो लेकर सपने -
समृध्दशाली, सुखी और प्रगतिशील भारत के,
सद्भावना मेरी पहचान बन गयी है,
इस देश की आन मेरी ‘जान’ बन गयी हैं,

देश के पर्यावरण कि रक्षा,
कर्त्तव्य मेरा प्रथम है,
प्रकृति में मौजूद ईश्वरीय शक्ति को
मेरा बार बार नमन है,
मुझे उत्तुंग पर्वत शिखर और अथाह सागर में
कई जन्म जीने का अनुभव होता है,
और जब नर्मदा का जल कच्छ में आता हैं
मुझे ‘भागीरथ-प्रयास’ का अर्थ समझ में आने लगता हैं,
जहां भी कोई अच्छी बात होती है
या सकारात्मकता आकार लेती है
मुझे जीवन का मर्म समझ आता है
‘मेरा जीवन’ अब ‘भारत’ है,
‘भारत’ ही अब ‘मेरा जीवन’ है !!!

(यह कविता श्री.नरेन्द्र दामोदरदास मोदी जी से प्रेरित है, और उनके व्यक्तितत्व, उनके विचार और उनके कार्य को समर्पित है)